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Bigger Yard!

August 12th 2011 3:14 pm
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When mom, dad and Turner moved here I was still in Texas. Mom and dad put up a small fenced in area because Turner could go off lead on the property. Then mom and dad had me flown up with Pilots N Paws in September. Mom wanted to enlarge the yard because I couldn't go off lead as much. Then winter hit - hard, fast and long! So when spring got here mom wanted to make the yard bigger. Then Turner got sick and died. Mom has been in a bad funk since Turner died but knew I still needed a bigger yard.

Well, I'm happy to announce that my yard is huge!! It's like 50x140 feet! There's a small hill on it that I chased mom on! Yup, I chased mom around when she got home last night!

And now mom and dad are telling me that the new pup will be here tommorrow morning! I can't wait! Bigger yard and a new friend! Life is pretty darn good!


Life on Prozac

August 10th 2011 7:13 pm
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I tried to enter this entry the other day and apparently it didn't take. Soooo, we'll try again...

I've been thinking of the changes to Darcy in the 6 weeks she's been on Prozac.

First and foremost is this. When I come home from work, Darcy comes through the doggie door and greets me. Once she sees it's me she bows and then the most amazing thing has been happening. Her tail is wagging! Ya'll just don't know how much that means to me! She's acknowledging me and happy about it!

Second, when I get home I put my bag on the step and go to the dog yard. There Darcy will give me another great thing, a playbow! She actually engages ME in play! We play for a bit, then I come in to get changed.

She seems to be enjoying her walks more and more. Her head is high and her tail is up. Some days she will spend more time sniffing than walking!

I've got some boxes and I'm going to try some nosework with her. I don't know if she'll do it in front of me. I may have to leave the boxes out when I go to work. We'll see.

I took Darcy to the vet on Tuesday. She even acted better at the vets than last time. I put on her calming cap. She was nervous but still curious to look around, not just bury her head. Then the vet came in and sat on the floor with us. She was sooooooo please at Darcy's progress! The vet told me something that just made me feel wonderful. She stated that about 80% of the shut-down dogs she's dealt with on Prozac end up being fear biters. She said, I don't know exactly what you're doing but it's working! Boy did my head swell on that one! :)

We got Darcy's bloodwork back today and she's alright. So we're going to continue the Prozac treatment with a follow-up in 6 months! How awesome is that!?

We're also in countdown mode. On Saturday, August 13th, Darcy will be getting a new brother. We're extremely excited. The dog yard construction is completed and we're ready for baby boy! Darcy knows something is up. We can't wait for her to meet him!


smiles.... :)

July 31st 2011 1:36 pm
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I got home from work last night and there she was, my goofy, silly, bucking boxer dog! It was nice and cool out and boy did she want to play! So of course we did!

Got up this morning, gave Darcy a treat, she gave me the stink eye. Like, mom I'm soooo comfortable. So I let her be. We went for a walk and on the way back a neighbor was walking towards us. She's and older lady and very nice. Well we started talking and she turned and walked back with us. Let me tell you how wonderful Darcy did! Darcy at first looked at her, but the neighbor didn't pay her any attention. Darcy actually walked slightly in front of me the whole time! This is wonderful! Usually if she's scared, she will walk behind and constantly watch the person who scares her. We got back to the house and she wanted to play again. So we did. Then I had to get my housework done.

Karl is working on the fencing and the polebarn is done. Darcy has 2 raised beds out there in the shade. We are on top of the mountain and she loves it. She lays on her bed and overlooks the scenery and occassional car below.


D.A.P. Collar

July 30th 2011 2:13 pm
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When I gave Darcy a bath the other day I removed her DAP collar. It had been on for almost 5 weeks. I didn't have a replacement and she's been a little skittish. So today I ordered 6 more collars. They should be here in a couple of days. Poor baby. She even had a hard time with me touching her again. It's alright though, she had her peanut butter and crackers (plus a pill) today and took a few treats. It'll be quiet tonight. Hubby is going shopping and won't be making noise with the fence tonight.


I feel clean...

July 29th 2011 9:14 am
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Mom got up and hit the ground running!! She's been doing laundry, used the Rug Doctor and cleaned the rugs, took me for a walk and then gave me a bath! Wow! After my bath I went outside and had a good roll in the grass!! Yippee!! Then mom and I played for a bit. I gave her my best silly faces, even snuck her out a few times with a sideways playbow!

Now I'm on one of my raised beds outside enjoying the breeze and the view. It's a muggy day, but I feel clean..


Gloomy day to make you smile..

July 28th 2011 9:38 am
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Got up this morning and it is gray and gloomy. Started off my day and went outside to pick up the poop. As I was walking back to the house I hear an exhale of air from Darcy. Turned and she was giving me the eye. You know - the goofy boxer eye. Did a playbow and we were off playing! She instigated the playtime! :) So, of course, I agreed to play for about 15 minutes.

Last night me, Karl and Darcy went for a walk. Turns out some neighbors were up from Florida (there are a bunch of hunting cabins here). We decided to walk down and chit chat with them for a bit. Of course Darcy was scared, but they are dog people and understood not making eye contact with her. Darcy stood behind me (her safe area) and shook for a bit. Then she settled down and sat (!) for a bit. I gave her a chest rub when she sat and told her she was a good girl. She stood and sat (each time sitting got a chest rub and praise) a couple of times before we left. She did really well! :)

Our walk this morning had some obstacles in for her to concentrate on, this always helps her focus on what she is doing instead of being scared. It helps alot. We've almost got the fence project done, should be done in another week or so then I'm going to make some jumps for her. These will be loads of fun and we can't wait!


Mom, I'll let you pet me if...

July 23rd 2011 1:47 pm
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You don't stop. I was hands on Darcy, at her request, for almost 2 stright hours today! I sat on the floor and she came up to me. She started to hesitate and I told her come on and she did! I would stop and she would move closer and closer to me. This is fantastic!! She even went as far as to smell my whole face while I checked out the floor! Wow!!

Karl came home later and I tethered her to me. She sat on the sofa and I stroked her chest. She was pretty calm. Calm enough to take a treat from Karl. :)

Today was a good day. We enjoy them when we get them...


I'm Home in the A/C...whew!

July 22nd 2011 8:36 am
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Mom picked me up this morning from my week of playtime. Boy did I have a blast!! I played and played like crazy!! It's been stinkin hot this week, I thought I was back in Texas! Mom had the A/C on in the truck - I have my own vents where my crate is! :) We got home and now I'm laying in the sun for a bit.

Mom has been busy while I was gone. There is another crate in the livingroom. It's smaller than mine, has a pillow, toy and small nylabone inside. hmmmmmm..... Mom said in a couple of weeks I'm getting a new brother... What does that mean? She says he's not as big as Blaze and that I get to train him... Interesting...


Social Time

July 18th 2011 3:12 pm
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Darcy went to Rainy Day Farms today for a few days of play at their kennel. She loves that place to pieces!! They're not real busy during the week, but had a few dogs for her to pal around with. When I got home boy was the house quiet! But I know she's having fun and that's all that matters!


The Lake

July 13th 2011 6:59 pm
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Took Darcy to town. Got to the lake and got her out of the truck - it was low-lighting so I didn't use the calming cap. But there were some kids there. So we walked to a picnic table away from everyone. I sat and just let her look around and take it all in. We didn't do much in the way of walk. I wanted her to see things and realize they won't hurt her. She did alright. She yawned alot (nervousness) and then eventually sat down. But her ears and eyes were on full alert.

Came back home and took her for a walk to the cemetary. She really enjoys that walk and is the most relaxed when we head towards the cemetary...

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