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Whadda ya mean snow?

October 4th 2011 10:25 am
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Yup, it snowed near here. Where mom works is about 20 miles from here. And at a much higher elevation. Apparently on Sunday there was slushy snow on the ground. It made the paper! Mom's cutting it out to show everyone she knows!



October 3rd 2011 2:34 pm
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Dad held my leash and mom used the grinder on my nails. I think I've had this done before. I didn't move at all! Mom tried to treat me but I was still a little freaked out. I went into my room and mom came in and sat with me. She gave me a treat and I took it. Thanks mom!

This morning we all slept in. When we went outside the sun was shining. I went to do my business and mom came out before I was done... Hmmm. Then she picked up my poo and said Good I need a sample for your re-check.. Humans can be soo weird! Mom took Grunt with her to the vet. He's getting bigger every day! I stayed home and snooped around the house. Found something interesting to chew on and headed outside.

When mom came home I gave her by big goofy boxer hops and spins. Then she noticed why I was so goofy. Turns out what I decided to chew on was a new slipper that she bought yesterday! I like chewing the velcro strap on them. I ate a few in Texas! Guess mom didn't learn her lesson! Close the door silly!


Dad is the Man!

September 29th 2011 8:18 pm
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Dad came home from work and the sun was shining. He's the best! He cut the grass in the dog yard.!! Yippee! Me and Grunt were so happy that we chased and played for a bit! Dad got to watch the show! He sent mom a text saying the yard was cut and that me and Grunt had green martian feet! All the fresh cut grass turned our white paws green! :)


Whoop, whoop, got picked again!! :)

September 29th 2011 8:16 pm
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Thanks everyone for reading my diary! Mom tries to keep it up in case anyone ever has a shutdown dog like me and can try things that she's tried.

Whoop, whoop! I got picked again!! :)


Back on track

September 29th 2011 1:33 pm
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So mom laid down the law with dad about feeding Darcy. Next time you decide to feed her leave a note! DUH!!

I didn't feel like eating last night so mom fed me this morning. I ate everything and my pill. :)

Crapp day today. Mom took me and Grunt for a walk. On the way back it started to rain. Geez! We took the short cut up the yard and went in the house through the basement. Grunt was feeling frisky and went bounding up the stairs. Me, I was wet and cold and took my time. Mom dried us off and I slept most of the day.

Everytime mom would go outside to try and cut the grass, which is super high, it would start raining. Geez...

Now mom is at work and the sun is shining - betcha she's mad!



September 28th 2011 6:18 pm
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Mom came home from work last night and I didn't eat. I really didn't want to eat my happy pill. Hmmmmmm. What gives... Well finally I ate something and we all went to bed. Then this morning dad tells mom that he fed me and gave me my happy pill. Interesting! I got a double dose of happy meds.... hmmmmm....


2 Days In A Row!

September 22nd 2011 8:51 am
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I rock!! I got picked for Diary of the Day again! Whooohoooo!!

Mom took us for a walk this morning. Some kid on a scooter was flying down the street - rude! I just stood there watching. Grunt was like hey! How are ya! Zoooom, he flew by! Creep! We walked to the cemetary and back today. Grunt decided to sit and watch the mini-horses. He so goofy!

When we got back mom brought us up the front deck steps. Came in the house and she took of Grunts collar and lead. But left mine on. Hmmmm.. Then we went to the bathroom and I knew I was hit.

Mom gave me a bath today. I stand so good. Hard to believe the first time I was in a tub mom sat with me for 30-40 minutes until I calmed down. Now I just stand there!

So I'm all clean and Grunt and I are outside playing! The sun is peeking in and out and I hope to get my sun time in today!

Have a great day everyone! Thanks again HQ!


A year ago today...

September 21st 2011 8:14 am
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I was on an airplane, little one, not one of those big ones. A group called Pilots-N-Paws was bringing me to an unknown destination that was going to be my new home! Well the plane landed early and my new family wasn't there. Oh no! Then I saw her! A SUV pulled up and I knew that person! That was my foster mom from Texas. She wanted me forever! She told me when she left me in Texas that she would get me and she did! Yippeee!!

There has been so many wonderful things that have happened. I'm calmer now than I've ever been. I love my new home and feel safe. My furbrother Turner got sick and died and I was so sad. But mom and dad got my vibes and brought home Grunt. Now we play and play!

Then to top my best day off, I got picked for Diary of the Day! Yippeee!!! :)

Yup, one year ago today my life changed forever - for goooooooooooooood! :)



September 19th 2011 6:37 am
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So the weather is getting cooler here in the mountains. Mom and dad were out all day yesterday and the sun was shining. I spend alot of time outside. Mom doesn't mind because soon enough we'll all be stuck in the house for 4-5 months again.

Mom's been giving me my medicine for Giardia and I keep telling her I'm fine. She won't listen though! Oh well!

Mom and dad have been taking us for walks every day. Dad went back to day shift which is good. That means someone will be home all of the time now.

Grunt definately is not a handful. He's pretty easy going, until he decides to pounce on me. He growls and barks when we play, but mom took a video of him. He never bites, just makes loads of noise! Silly boy! When he get out of line I check him. Either I box him down or growl and he backs right off. Smart boy! :)


I've got WHAT?

September 17th 2011 1:20 pm
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Mom got a call from the vet last night. She's had to pick up medicine for me today. I've got Giardia. This is upsetting. It's basically drinking contaminated water. Mom gets our water (for the puppers) from a spring on the way home from work. She doesn't know if it's from that spring or if it was water runnoff that runs through the dog yard. Luckily Grunt doesn't have it.

Next year mom and dad are going to run drainage pipes around our dog yard. And mom isn't sure if I drank water from the ground, which I'm known to do. Aaaaaggg... this is frustrating. I've got to get my poop checked in 4 weeks. Mom is dropping a sample from both me and Grunt in 3 weeks. We're all going on vacation.

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