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Keep me safe......

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Over so soon? Awwwww.....

December 16th 2011 5:15 pm
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I was sleeping in my kennel at Rainy Day and I "felt" someone watching me. I looked up and there was mom looking through the door. I got up, did a yawn and good stretch. Yup it was mom. Guess it's time to leave my favorite kennel...... waahhhhh.....

It was nice having other dogs to play with. I kept a close eye on Grunt and he did a pretty good job at playing with everyone. I even started to eat once in the am and once at night. No crazy orange people to scare me!

Once we got home Grunt and I did laps around the yard. Yesss!! That felt good! Maybe it's not so bad being home afterall. Mom gave us some yummie cookies that we never had before - score! Grunt decided he wanted to play more so mom stepped in and played with him for an hour or so. I went to sleep on mom's bed - aaaaaahhh, so comfy.... good to be home...


I'm on Vacation.. I'm on Vacation

December 13th 2011 7:15 am
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Yesterday mom got up and loaded me and Grunt into the truck. I sat in the back panting, I was nervous. Grunt was his usually happy self - but was confused as to why I was in the truck with him. When we made the turn I knew where I was and sat up. We're going to Rainy Day Kennels! Yippeee!! I L-O-V-E that place! I have the best time, get to meet, greet and play with other dogs. I haven't been here since October and me and Grunt were kept away from the other pups because we had giardia.

Mom and dad aren't going anywhere, they just wanted us to have playtime with other pups. Aren't they awesome! :)

The weather is going to be pretty nice and we'll have plenty of playtime. Yippeee!! I'll have mom write back when we get home - we've got 5 days here! Yaaahooooo!!!


Diary Pick of the Day! Woot Woot!!

December 4th 2011 3:15 pm
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Yea I got Diary Pick of the Day! Not much going on today. It's warm for December! This time last year we had like 2 feet of snow! I'm not complaining though! Grunt and I got to play all day. Mom, dad and grandpa went to go see the elk in Benezette. Grunt and I got to have a house party while they were gone! Alright, maybe not a house party, but we did play and then take a peaceful nappie!!

Grandpa is heading home tomorrow. Hunting has been off this year, too warm, no snow. Not that I'm complaining. I like to watch the deer. One more week of guns shooting and then I can settle down.

Mom scheduled me and Grunt some playtime at Rainy Day Kennel in 2 weeks. Me and Grunt are going to play with other dogs. Mom says it'll be good for us and she's right. Last time we were quarantined because of the giardia. Now we're both healthy and ready to play!!

Have a great day all! :)


Hunters.... yuck...

November 29th 2011 4:51 pm
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So these 6 guys show up at the house and are staying in the basement for a couple of days. Turns out they are hunters, you know they guys in orange. Yuck!!

Turns out they aren't too bad. They laugh and talk downstairs and that gets me a bit nervous. BUT, when mom and Grunt go downstairs I stand on the landing watching. That's pretty good right?

One of the hunters shot a buck. They hung it from the porch and mom let me smell it. I was pretty curious about the buck, but more interested in sniffing where the men had left their scent.

It rained the last few days, mom says it's supposed to snow a few inches tomorrow - we'll see....


Magic Turkey? Maybe..

November 25th 2011 3:11 pm
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When mom got home last night dad said there was another break through with me. Mom thought it was going to be something bad. Then dad said that while he was in the computer room that I sat next to him and actually leaned against him so he would pet me. He rubbed my chest and shoulders and it felt wonderful! Mom said there must've been magic in the turkey and gravey...

Then this morning we all went for a walk. When we got home I went to my room. Not knowing that mom and Grunt left and dad left. I was all alone in the house.... Aaaaaaaa the peace and quiet!!

When mom and Grunt got home I ran outside and hopped and barked! Giving mom a good piece of my mind! :) Mom and Grunt greeted me and mom went into the house. Well I flew in through the doggie door and ran and skipped around mom. My tail just a waggin! I actually jumped up to greet mom and touched her. She didn't get mad either! She smiled and gave me some good rubs!

Hmmmm,, maybe there is a magic in the turkey...


Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

November 24th 2011 8:15 pm
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Mom gave me and Grunt some gravy and Turkey with our food. OMG! It was sooooooo goood! I'm pretty lucky to have such a wonderful home with a mom, dad and furbrother that love me so much!

Mom took us for a walk this morning after the mourning parade of 30+ turkeys and a gobbler walked the front yard. The smells were yummy!!


Bath day,,, beat up Grunt Day

November 21st 2011 8:08 pm
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So after our walk mom didn't take off my collar and lead. Uh oh! She trimmed my nails and then took me into the bathroom and gave me a bath. I really don't mind them too much. Except Grunt was there bothering me! Finally dad came in and took Grunt out and closed the door. I calmed right down. Lord he is such a puppy! :)

After my bath mom dried me off and gave me a cookie. Yummy! Mom put on my sweatshirt because it was cold outside. Then mom got Grunt and gave him a bath. That gave me time to go outside and have the zoomies without being chased! Yippeeee! :)

Well after Grunt got his bath we played and played! Mom and dad were burning stuff out front and mom heard a yelp. Dad said, sounds like that one hurt. What they didn't know was I had to teach Grunt a lesson. How to NOT bite sometimes. I nipped him on the mouth and left a mark. He settled right down and played nice after that!

Dad gets concerned with Grunt growling and chasing. I think dad found out today I can handle business when I need to! :):)


You've come so far...

November 16th 2011 2:10 pm
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Ya know, I've been thinking about how far you've come since last September. There are things that you do now that you would never do before and I'm so proud. When I come home at night you greet me outside, barking and wagging that beautiful tail high. You come to me often looking for a pet, some kind of touch. You make so much eye contact. You go to dad for safety and attention when you are scared and I'm not there. Even letting dad pet you to calm you down. You eat 2x's a day instead of once at night in the dark after we've all gone to bed. Say the word walk and you hop and bounce waiting for your collar and lead to be put on. You know when to lift your paws to put on your sweatshirt without me asking. You play with Grunt and put up with him playing with you. You come into the living room at night when we're watching tv to see what is going on. Even laying down and watching all of us.

You've come so far and I'm so proud of you. You take your meds with no problem. You actually look forward to cheese or peanutbutter and crackers 2 times a day.

Yes, my girl, you have come so far. I'm so glad we brought you up from Texas, you have made our lives complete.


Happy Birthday to Me!! :)

November 11th 2011 1:51 pm
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Today I turn 4! Can't believe it! I was a scared little pup born under a house with my siblings today! My mom was a beautiful fawn with uncropped ears and docked tail. She was wonderful and found a forever home quickly after we were rescued January 1st. My siblings all found homes and I was suddenly alone. :( I was placed in a foster home that wasn't really the best place for me. Then one day when I was like 9 months old I met my human mom. She saw me at an adoption day and asked about me. I was so afraid of people it hurt mom to watch me cringe everytime someone came near my pen. But mom understood how I felt and within time I was living at her ranch with Turner and my dad. Mom hand fed me for 9 months and had me tied to her for 2. I learned that she was a good human and wouldn't hurt me. Mom and dad were fostering me and got a transfer out of state. Mom whispered to me that she promised she would return to get me soon when she dropped me off at the rescue.

It took some time, then one day I was put in the truck and driven to another kennel 3 hours away in Louisiana. I was there for a couple of weeks and loved the pups there. The humans were so kind and gentle with me I even warmed up some to them. Then they took me to an airport, I had my own crate and flew just fine.

We landed in a strange place, strange sounds, strange people. A lady had me in her van, who is this lady and why am I in this van with all of these barking dogs? Where am I??

Then I saw her. A SUV pulled up behind the van at the airport and I saw her! It was my mom!! She kept her promise to me!! What a great day that was! I've been in my forever home for over a year! My bff Turner got sick and passed away. I miss him.

Mom and dad brought a pup home, his name was Blaze. He was an 80 pound American Bulldog. He was huge!! He scared me and I didn't like him. Mom took him back to the rescue. Some time passed and mom and dad went out a bunch of times. Each time they came back they smelled of another dog. Hmmmm.... Then one day they left and when the came back mom was alone. She said she wanted me to meet someone and put on my lead. I saw Grunt down the driveway and in the yard on lead with dad. I liked him from the start! Now we're best friends and play like crazy.

My life didn't have too good of a start, but life now is pretty amazing! Mom, dad and Grunt love me and I know it. So happy birthday to me! :)


Vacation :)

October 23rd 2011 4:20 pm
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Well mom and dad came to the kennel and ended my playtime there! I was only allowed to play with Grunt. It didn't matter, we played like crazy! I beat him up, he growled and chased me! :)

Mom and dad have been making alot of noise. Dad is having surgery in a few days and there is lots to do before winter gets here. I was doing this vomit thing and stayed outside most of the day/night. Mom came out and put a shirt on me because it was cold. She promised me that tommorrow it will be quiet. I didn't eat until later, I was too nervous, but I did eat.

Mom had a migraine yesterday and dad took me and Grunt for a walk. I came into the house and stood in the bathroom for dad to put my collar on. We had a great walk to the cemetary. On the way back mom was outside and saw me walking with Dad and Grunt. I was doing so awesome! :) Mom felt better later in the day and sat with me on the floor giving me massages and rubs... :)

It's good to be home, the sun came out today and mom put my beds in the sun. Grunt and I took turns and swapped beds for a few hours. Then Grunt went inside for his nap and I snoozed in the warmth....

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