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We're Home!

February 24th 2012 12:13 pm
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What a great week! Grunt and I got to play and play! We had such a good time! Today before mom picked me up I threw up and had a soft poo. Mom wasn't too worried because I've done that regurgitate thing for a bit, I haven't done it for a while. So we got home and mom fed me, which I inhaled. Then dad was finishing up the new shower. I was a bit concerned so mom took me and Grunt to the other side of the house and I got to chill on the king-size bed! We watched the clouds go by while mom ironed her uniforms.

Mom got ready for work and I was stretched out on my bed, snoozing....


Cold Walk, Ride in the Truck, Vacation!

February 20th 2012 9:10 am
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It was pretty cold this morning. Mom got was up with a migraine last night, but got up and took us for a walk. She washed our sweaters and boy do they smell good! :) It was 20 degrees when we left for our walk, but the sun was shining! We got back from our walk and mom was loading stuff into the truck. Grunt was growling and playing with me. I was giving him the smackdown and fang treatment when mom went back into the house. We decided to see what she was up to. Well, mom put on our collars and took us to the truck.

Once in I found my crate and got comfy. "Let's go!" I yawned! And away we went. I saw our pillows and was hoping we were going to my favorite place in the whole world - Rainy Day Kennels! Sure enough, we pulled in past the horses and I was outside of my crate sniffing and waggin!

Mom got us settled in and I was happily greeting my neighbor! Hello! Hello! Hello! Yippee!! I love this place.

Mom here,,

I just wanted to note some changes in Darcy lately. Before we go for a walk I ask them if they want to go for a walk. Darcy now does this rub around the edge of the bed thing. Then she'll jump on the bed while I'm putting on my shoes. The other day she was rubbing her face on the blanket. I reach out, rubbed her face and eyes. Then rubbed her ears. Using my thumb on the inside and going out. Well, girlie moaned and rolled on her side! She loved it!! Loved having her ear rubbed and wanted more! I was so shocked that a dog so fearful would 1) turn on her side and 2) want more. This is so awesome! Grunt has alot to do with Darcy - he is so social and she follows his lead. I continue to be amazed at her fears, yet I'm thrilled when little steps are taken forward! :)



January 30th 2012 3:42 pm
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Mom gave me a bath... I was concerned at first, but then I felt the warm water and got the masssage... and chilled out... After all was said and done I was shiney clean and feeling loved! :)



January 28th 2012 5:29 pm
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So mom has been giving me canned food and some dry food. My cough is all gone. No more gagging at all. Hmmm. Whatever works right?

Yesterday mom made me and Grunt Spam and eggs! I knew what it was as soon as I saw the little blue can of happiness! :) Grunt kept sniffing and sniffing! I would walk into the kitchen, out through the living room, into the kitchen and out again. Over and over. Boy does that stuff smell sooo good!

Mom left a few cubes for us and dad forgot to put it in our food tonight. Soooo, dad is using them for Grunts training tonight... Mom said to make sure I get a few just for tagging along with Grunt during training! :)


I've got this thing...

January 21st 2012 1:40 pm
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It's like a cough, but not a cough, kinda like a gag, then hack then verp, then I lick... Mom's a bit concerned. She want to video what I'm doing and then take me to the vets.

I wasn't eating, it was like the dry food bothered me. So mom has been giving me wet food and just a smidge of dry and I gobble it up. Hmmmm....


Snow today...

January 14th 2012 3:27 pm
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Mom had to plow the driveway today. She blocked me and Grunt from the dog yard while she got the 4 wheeler out. Then she let us back out... While mom was working on the driveway, Grunt decided that we should play and burn some energy. By the time mom got done the yard was a mess! Grunt brought out his cow toe and was flipping it and then got the zoomies. I just watch the idiot run like crazy, butt low to the ground. When he ran by me I snapped at him!! He laughed an ran some more! :)

Well, mom finished, put the 4 wheeler up and then decided that we should play together. All of us. Mom proceeded to playbow with us and we all went crazy running around! Mom is just enjoying my company she says. I feel good and mom gives me all of the attention I ask for! :)


Sun, sun, sun! :)

January 6th 2012 2:37 pm
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Woke up this morning and the sun was out! Boy was it bright! Went and rubbed along the bed to wake up mom and Grunt. Mom loves this - my tail is real high and I'm smiling! So I went outside with mom and Grunt and found out something awesome. It's warm outside! I mean WARM! Well mom gave us our crackers and took a shower. Me and Grunt were on the bed by the window enjoying the warmth of the sun. I started to doze off and felt like someone was watching me. Sure enough, there was mom smiling at me and Grunt.

Mom took me and Grunt on a long walk today. It was too nice to not take a long walk. We took our time and really got our sniffing in!

On the way back to the house we walked up the front yard. Mom decided to count how many steps it takes to walk up one side of the yard where our new fencing will be. 85 paces! That's pretty big, and that's on the short side! :) Mom said she can't wait until we get the fencing in so I can give Grunt a good run for his money! :)

Mom and dad went to work and they left me and Grunt on the bed. I had my head on Grunts hip, eyes closed, Grunt snoring!


Sooooo today....

December 31st 2011 3:12 pm
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We had 2 guys that I've never seen (or smelled) before visit. At first they were outside with mom and dad. I stood at the door and stared at them. Then they all came inside. Dad was showing them the house and took them downstairs to the "man cave". Mom went with them and of course so did Grunt. Well I didn't want to be alone and I came down the stairs and behind the one man and got next to mom. Mom and dad were so shocked. This was the 2nd time in 3 weeks that I was following mom and dad when there were strangers. I wasn't hiding in my room! Yipee!!

Well mom bent over to rub my chest and I leaned on her! :) Mom noticed I wasn't shaking and my eyes were concerned by not scared.

Mom said today is the last day of the year, whatever that means. All I know is the next year is going to be better...


Merry Christmas Darcy!

December 25th 2011 12:13 pm
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Darcy, my angel! You had a rough start to life. But now you have a safe and comfortable life forever... No more scary people or things to hurt you ever again! This is your second Christmas with us and this year was alot different than last. You are much more at ease with everyone and everything! You joined us in the living room today to watch dad play with Grunt! You wag your tail so much now - we love it! You smile at me whenever you enter a room and I say hello! Tail a waggin! :)

You had a special breakfast today. Dad made pancakes and you gobbled them up with your food! Yummie! You play with Grunt all of the time and you go to dad when mom isn't home for attention. That we love the most! :)

Darcy, we're so glad you're with us. Knowing that you're safe in our lives forever! Merry Christmas Darcy!


Bubbles Everywhere

December 19th 2011 4:56 pm
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I've been doing really well. I greet mom and my tail swings back and forth, back and forth! I'm pretty happy! Mom said I needed a bath. I'm not fond of them, but I do get a great massage and warm water. So they aren't too bad. Anyhoo, I got my bath, mom put loads of shampoo on. Grunt was laying outside of the tub to make sure I wasn't lonely. When mom went to rinse me off there were bubbles floating by my head! Geez, how much shampoo did she use?

Now I'm squeeky clean and shiny! Mom towel dried me and took us out for potty. When we got back in the house I went to the bed to relax. Mom came in a put a blanket over me so I wouldn't get cold. I curled in it and fell fast asleep. Aaaaa... I feel clean....

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