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The Playground is Now Open...

May 1st 2012 1:33 pm
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Mom took me and Grunt for a walk. Later she took us to the new playground out front. Let me tell you. I shocked Grunt so bad! It was AWESOME!! Mom took our leads off and said, Go Adhead it's all yours! Boy did I take off like a shot! Grunt didn't expect me to run like I did and took off after me. I made a sharp right and he kept going straight! Hahahahaha! Then he chased me again, again I turned right. Zoom! He went right past me! Hahaha!! Mom got some video of us running, I was laughing at Grunt! The grass is pretty high and was very wet. I rolled in it a bunch of times! Boy did that feel good! :) After a bit Grunt sat up by mom at the gate. I decided to check out the perimeter to see how big our playground really is. And let me tell you - it's HUGE! When mom figured our tongues were hanging low enough she called me and Grunt. I came right to her! :) Mom put on our leads and took us in the house. She dried us off, we got drinks of water (Mom has to put our buckets out tomorrow) and chilled out until mom left for work. I don't know who is snoring louder - me or Grunt! What a great day! :)


Yippee, we walked the mountain!

April 28th 2012 3:07 pm
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Mom took us up the side of the mountain. There is an old logging road that goes up part of the mountain. Then we walked across the back of the property and down the other side. I wasn't happy about being on lead, but I got my smells in. :) Mom said she would love to leave me run, but Turner used to make sure I came back home. Since mom doesn't trust Grunt's recall we had to stay on lead :( But we still got to play in the woods today! Mom found a bunch of ticks on me and Grunt - yuck! She even found a few on her clothes!

It was soooo good to get in the woods! My tail was real high and I was smiling most of the time! :)


I miss grandma!

April 27th 2012 6:23 pm
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She went home on Sunday. I was coming out and sitting next to her all the time. She would talk nice to me and give me a bite of whatever she was eating. Mom said she could give me anything, as long as I was calm. Boy did I score big time! :) But mom took her home and then it snowed like 14 inches. The snow was sliding off the roof and scared me really bad! I actually jumped on the bed with mom and Grunt! Mom moved my bed in her room to the inside of the house away from the window. I was pretty scared but knew that mom had my back!

Mom and dad are slowly getting our playground ready. Dad has been sleeping during the day and working at night so not much has been getting finished. Mom said that her and dad are off Sunday and Monday and should have it almost finished. The weather is supposed to be clear and cool. I've got my paws crossed...


Guess what I did...

April 11th 2012 5:52 pm
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Grandma is up for a 2 week visit. I've seen her before, but I'm still not too sure around her. Well today mom and grandma went food shopping. Mom brought home 2 pizza's. Grandma was eating hers and I walked in the living room to the far side and watched her. Then I smelled the crust, yumm,,, Grandma asked me if I wanted one (Grunt was already sitting at her feet!). Duh! I LOVE pizza! So I walked up to grandma and she gave me a piece of crust! SCORE! Then she gave Grunt a piece of crust. Well now I'm interested in grandma's plate, and there was no more pizza. Booooo.... :( Grandma asked mom if she could give me some pupperoni. Mom told her she can give me practically anything. It helps me trust. Mom and dad were all smiles as grandma told them about feeding me. Grandma is soo impressed with my progress. I never stayed in the same room with anyone other than mom the last time grandma was here.


I was Diary of the Day Yesterday!

March 31st 2012 1:52 pm
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Hmmm... didn't even know it! Thanks HQ for selecting me! :)


Ahh another vacation!

March 30th 2012 12:48 pm
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I had a blast! Period! I love the kennel! I made bunches of friends and played like crazy! I greeted mom with a wagging tail and a grin! Jumped in the truck and was ready to head home until the next vacation. Which will be in May! Yippeee!!

Got home and mom took us for a long walk! It was great! We smelled all kinds of things! It was good to see the mini-horses again! The grass in the yard is sooo green! Mom and dad put in the corner poles of our playground. Hopefully it'll be finished soon! Dad should be coming off of midnights and that means he'll be awake to get things done again! :)

Anyhoo, mom fed us and we declared house nap time! So we all took a nap. It's good to be home!


A new collar....

March 24th 2012 1:47 pm
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Mom said she ordered me a new collar! Neon pink! Waahooo!! I know she's going to want to take my picture, but I hear the beep and just turn my head. Drives mom mad! :)

She took me and Grunt for a walk in the rain today. Grunt was chewing on my leg and I was ready to go! After our walk, we were soaked. Mom gave me a good rub down with the towel. I actually leaned in because it felt so good. Then mom gave me a good ear rub - boy is that heaven! :)


Let's get up to date!

March 23rd 2012 3:49 pm
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So after mom gave us a bath from the itchy Advantix we got 2 more! Yesterday I walked with mom into the shower and stood with no problems! I'm really enjoying the walk-in shower! I'm still a little bit itchy, but I'm enjoying the back rubs mom gives me! :)

Mom got me new food. Wellness Chicken. She's still trying to find the right food for me. It'll take time but at least she's trying. I don't do my verp thing like I was, but I still do it now and then.

It's official, Grunt and I are Hunter and Huntress! We got that little chipmonk! Mom went out to do poop patrol in the morning and I was sitting in an odd spot in the yard. Will she walked over and there it was! Our trophy! :) Mom disposed of the body. On to the next one! :)


What kind of "tub" is this?

March 10th 2012 4:48 pm
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Yesterday mom put on our tick medicine. It makes my back itchy and I really don't like it too much! But we need it because we have ticks all year here. Yes even in the snow we get ticks! Well since we got our drops yesterday that means a bath today. So mom set up the new walk-in shower. I was a little hesitant at first. But mom put my first paw in and I walked right on in! Then guess what mom did... she sat down on the floor and gave me a bath! I was so calm through the whole bath! First time ever! I like this walk-in shower. Made my bath a whole lot easier!

Of course after my bath I got a good massage with a towel to dry off and then mom gave me a cookie for being so awesome!

The sun was out today and I decided to hang out with mom and Grunt in the living room. There is alot of glass area and the sun was shining in, so I stretched out on the floor and got me some rays! :)


Here mom, rub my belly!!!!!!!!

March 9th 2012 4:54 pm
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So mom has been taking us on loads of walks! She got sick and missed a day and took us for 2 long walks the next day! I love walks! I hate when the cars ride past - they scare me. But mom stands in front of me so I know they can't get me! :) When mom say's wanna go for a walk, I get all excited! Yup, me! The scardie dog! The other day mom kept saying we're going for a walk in this really happy voice. Well Grunt was hopping on and off the bed while mom was putting on her sneaks. I jumped up and did a nose dive. Mom started to rub my ear and I roll completely on my back! Mom was so shocked! She kept rubbing my chest to my belly, over and over. I have rolled on my side, but never upside down! It felt sooo good!

Mom put on our tick stuff today. That's means a bath tomorrow. In the new walk-in shower - can't wait! No lifting of me and Grunt anymore! Yippeee!!

The robins are back. There are loads of them in the front yard. Grunt sits and watches them with me. Mom keeps saying that she's going to get our playground finished as soon as the ground thaws. I hope that's soon! I can't wait to get out there and really give Grunt a run for his money! :)

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