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High alert!! High alert!

July 10th 2012 11:46 am
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Mom took us for our walk like always. When we got infront of the woods between our house and the neighbors Grunt and I smelled something. Our noses were in the air and we started to prance. Mom started talking alot and whistling. That usually means there's an animal nearby... We walked down past the horses, around the cemetary and on the way back mom noticed he neighbors trash can was in the ditch. There was trash everywhere. Seems like there is a bear in the area again. So mom took us to the playground that way she could keep an eye on any critters trying to get into our trash on the road. We went into the house pooped out from running and everthing seemed calm. Then, while I was on my spot on the deck, I heard the branches snap in the woods. I let out a loud bark. Then another bark. Mom came outside and said, what's wrong Darcy. Well I took off like a shot through the house, Grunt following me. We went out to the dog yard and Grunt and I smelled it again! Bear!

We gave it our meanest barks ever. Mom heard the rustling but couldn't see the bear. So we barked a few more times. Then mom heard the trash truck - finally! Once the trash truck came through the bear was gone. I stayed outside to make sure I didn't smell the bear anymore. Mom said I'm on High Alert!


A bath and a new friend - ME!

June 27th 2012 12:24 pm
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So yesterday I got my bath. Mom was determined, she said I was filthy! Hmmmpf!! I was pretty nervous about walking into the shower. But mom has a stool she sits on. She pet me and waited forever while I calmed down. Once I was calm I stepped in one foot at a time. All the time mom was talking to me! I love her! She has the patience of a Saint when it comes to us pups! Once she started and I felt the massage begin I calmed right down, and my tail went right up! :)

Then today the mailcarrier came to the house. Turns out mom had 3 boxes! Yippeeee!! They weren't the big boxes we get our food in, they were much smaller. Mom was on the phone with her BFF and she started saying, they're here, they're here. She opened the box and pulled out these 2 things. She called them dolls. But they looked familiar. Mom got her camera and went out front on the deck. Grunt was crying at one. Then I started to cry. They look just like us!! How awesome!!! Mom took a bunch of pictures for her friends.

Then she put them on the shelf with Turner's urn. Grunt sat on the bed and just stared at our dolls. He was crying and crying. So mom brought them down so we could sniff them all over. Soooo cooool!!!


Sunny and cool

June 23rd 2012 6:11 pm
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Today. Mom took us for a walk this morning. Boy did that feel good to stretch our legs! We got back and mom took us out to the playground. She's got to rake the grass again. Couldn't find the rake so she decided to trim some branches. Well I took off running like a goofball. Grunt didn't chase me, mom did! :) We stayed outside for about an hour. Mom finished trimming the limbs and it got pretty warm in the sun. There was a nice breeze and I got to lay under my tree and enjoy it for a while.

Mom took us inside and I though for sure we were going to get baths. But nope, not today. Mom said something about baths on Sunday, so I've got another day to chill out...


Another vacation done!

June 22nd 2012 12:15 pm
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Mom and dad dropped us off at the kennel on Monday. There was a heatwave that came through while we were at the kennel. It didn't matter! I had a blast with my new friends for 4 whole days! Grunt plays real good with other dogs and I get to meet and greet all the new pups coming and going!

We got home this morning. I heard mom talking to Nancy and got all wiggley! Grunt was scratching at the door and I followed suit! We jumped in the truck and away we went to the house. Luckily the house is only about 10 miles away. Ran out back, did my business and then settled down for a nap!

Mom went to work and I was stretched out on my bed, snoring!


Again!? Thanks HQ!

June 8th 2012 8:54 am
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Well 2x's in the last 2 weeks I've been picked for Diary of the Day! Wooohooo! Mom took us for our walk this morning. Before we left she took the tractor and cart into the playground. Dad cut the grass and there is 3 huge strips of grass cuttings to rake. After our walk we went right to the playground. Mom drove the tractor over to my tree and got her rake. Then she went to the bottom of the yard to start raking up the cutings. Well I chilled out under my tree, Grunt stuck close to mom like he does. Finally I got bored and ran down to mom and Grunt. There are 2 trees where they were and I hung out under one. All of a sudden mom went to move the tractor and it wouldn't start. Turns out dad never filled it after he cut the grass! Mom filled the cart anyway. I jogged over to mom and Grunt with my grin working full time. Mom looked at me and was shocked. I had 3 stings from deer flies! Grunt was rolling in the grass as they were assaulting him. Then mom got stung a couple of times. She was spinning and smacking herself, she's silly like that. That's it, she said, let's go. So we walked up to the gate and mom took us into the house. Mom got gas walked back down the yard and filled the mower.

Then mom made us breakfast. Mom took a shower and Grunt and I decided to play outside. Now we're snoozing. It's getting warm outside so we'll stay in here with the fans.

Have a great day all!


Wooohooo Daily Diary Pick!

June 6th 2012 6:09 am
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Thanks HQ for the Diary Pick of the Day! :) Life is pretty good here. I still have loads of fears, but mom, dad and Grunt make it calm for me. Now, every morning I come into greet mom and Grunt. I rub along the edge of the bed and thump my tail! Wake up and say hi to me! I love having my ears skritched and just above my tail works too! :) Mom and dad built me and Grunt a playground. It's almost 2 acres and I have my own 50' blue spruce tree! I hide under it and then run out and chase Grunt! Or should I say, taunt him to chase me! Hahaha! Only thing is I turn quick left or right and Grunt zooms right past me! Mom and dad are so glad they had me brought up from Texas. They know and I let them know how happy I really am!

Have a great day all! :)



June 2nd 2012 11:37 am
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Mom took us for a walk today. It was a bit chilly. We got to run around the playground (love it!) and then went to the house. Before mom went to work it got real cloudy and the temperature dropped to 58 degrees. Needless to say the heat kicked on! :0 It's June 2nd and the heat kicked on hmmmm.....


Vacation is over... :(

May 29th 2012 6:45 pm
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I love going to the kennel! I get to meet all kinds of fun dog friends! Mom and dad were gone for 2 whole weeks! Funny, when we arrived at the kennel I was crying! What?! When mom came to pick us up Grunt and I were happy to see mom. When we got home we just kinda walked around, we had some great boxer friends to play with at the kennel!

The next day mom gave me and Grunt baths. I taught mom something. When she puts us in the shower we usually face the wall with the nobs and stuff. Well I turned around facing away from that stuff and I calmed right down and enjoyed my massage! See mom still learns!

Grunt and I have been going for walks everyday. Mom saw 3 bears the other day. Me and Grunt were in high grass sniffin rabbits so we missed them.

Yesterday we were in the playground and I decided that I was going to put the smackdown on Grunt! I got him on the ground and pounced! Then he got up and I boxed him! Mom loved it! She told me to kick his butt! So I did! :):):)


Bath day

May 10th 2012 4:48 pm
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Got a bath, yuck! Alright it wasn't too bad. Mom trimmed my nails when we got back from our walk. Then she tricked me into the shower! She sits and talks to me the whole time. I'm pretty calm through the whole bath. My tail is even up! Mom was talking about the first time she got me in the tub and we just sat there until I calmed down. It took a couple of days before I actually got a bath. Now I'm nervous going in but I'm happy when I come out clean! :)


I have my own tree now...

May 4th 2012 1:46 pm
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Dad stayed home from work today. He wasn't feeling good (sinus issue) so he took a well day. He joined us for our morning walk and then sat in the purple chair in the playground. He even fell asleep a couple of times while mom was busy raking up the cut grass. Dad was nice enough to cut our grass last night.

We had a huge thunderstorm at 1:30 in the morning. Mom closed all the windows and moved one of my beds away from the window. I was nervous, but alright.

Anyhooo, Grunt and I chased and boxed for a bit. Then I headed to the top corner where mom has another chair. By the fresh spring watering hole. There is a huge blue spruce tree. Mom trimmed back some of the branches for the fencing but didn't trim it all back. I decided to make myself a cool dirt spot to lay in. Well as I was digging and prepping my area Grunt decided he wanted to help (well annoy) me. He got the zoomies and I laid in the dirt and snapped at him (playfully of course!). Mom and dad were on the other side of the playground watching us. Dad said all you see is Darcy's tail wagging! Dad couldn't believe how much fun me and Grunt were having!

When mom was done raking the grass she put the lawnmower and cart back at the house. She called for me and I came running across the playground. Dad was so shocked. There once was a time when I had to be cornered to be caught - I was that scared! Dad couldn't stop smiling at everything he saw at the playground! I'm really a different dog from when mom first brought me home in Texas. I'm so happy!

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