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Keep me safe......

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December 19th 2008 6:43 pm
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Okay, check this out!! Mom got a cold and is sick as a .... well you know! Dad asked what he could do to help. Mom said take Turner for a walk. Well dad came in with a leash and got me to!!

My dad, Turner and I walked all around the property!! I was a little unsure of him, but it turned out great!! Mom thought I jumped the fence (never did that before!!) and was out in the yard looking for me!! Then she checked in the house again. Still not finding me she waited and sure enough I was with dad in the field behind the house!!

Pretty cool huh!!


What a walk!

December 20th 2008 11:29 am
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Mom took us on our daily morning walk. Only this time she just let us go where the smells drew us. We went down a cool deer path and took a new route through some brush. Well there was a branch on the ground and mom stepped on it. She told Turner "over" and he jumped it. Then she looked at me and said "Darcy, over" it took me a second and then I jumped - I made it!! She told me I was a good girl. Then Turner and I smelled something in the brush and it flew away. Mom said it was a quail. How cool is that??!!

It's cloudy today so mom is letting me have a day off lead. I've been playing with Turner and being a big goof ball!! It's 70 degrees but supposed to get windy and cold (40's) tommorrow afternoon. Mom said we better enjoy the warmth while we can!!


Dear Santa,

December 24th 2008 5:05 pm
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All I want for Christmas is my own mom and dad. I know I'm safe here at my foster mom and dad's but it's not the same. I've been in foster for over a year and I just don't understand why nobody loves me......

Santa, I know I'm scared of alot of things but foster mom has taught me so much!! I'm not half as scared as I used to be. I've even been known to bark and play with humans a bit!! I know that if the right mom and dad were to ask about me and take the time to help me I would be a great friend!! My perfect home would be with another dog. I've learned so much from just watching Turner!!

So please Santa, please all I want for Christmas is my own mom and dad........



Sad,,, ;{

December 28th 2008 9:08 pm
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Well no home for me. I didn't get my Christmas wish. ;{ I've been moping around the house (in between my playtimes!!). I sure do wish I could find a home!!

Mom has been taking me and Turner out for real long walks!! Today I air scented something and found the quail again!! Wahhoooo!!! Mom gave me lots of praises and a rub under the chin!! My tail wagged the whole walk!!

Then, Turner found another quail!! Waaahhhhoooo!! He got a big 'ol kiss from mom!! I don't handle kisses - not my thing!! At least we have great walks!!! It's been cooler lately so I've been playing with Turner. He growled at me today, he had a doll in his mouth!! Guess he thought I was gonna hurt him. Well I dropped into a playbow, shook my head and laughed at him!! Then I jumped up and got the doll from him!! He was so shocked!! I ran and ran, laughing at him!! He finally caught me and got the doll. But not for long - I got it back!! Well he's pretty quick and I ended up dropping the doll and just running around doing the NASCAR thing!! Mom was watching us, I know I heard her giggle!!


My upcoming vacation.

January 29th 2009 10:29 pm
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Mom talked to the P.A.W.S. group. I guess there is alot coming down the road at mom's house. March 6th mom is taking me to the rescue group for a few months. I'll be sad and miss everyone - especially Turner. Mom is hoping that they'll continue my training - it's not really that hard!! And even take me to PetSmart a few times!! I really do want a new home!! I like where I'm at, but I know it's only temporary. My dream is to find a person who understands me and will not give up on me.

But until then I'll keep doing my thing here!! Like yesterday, we walked through the woods and I found a quail - again!! So cool right!! Then this morning Turner and I smelled something soooo good!! We followed it and then there was a big ruckus in the woods. Turns out we smelled some deer that had bedded down on the property. Boy those suckers can move quick!! They flew over the neighbors fencing and up the field!! Pretty cool though. We all just watched them run.


Ughh!! A tick!!

February 13th 2009 4:35 pm
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Mom has been walking me and Turner in the woods daily. Well the other day mom noticed some bumps on my back. Hmmmm. Well the next morning I had a whole bunch down my entire back. Hmmmm. Well mom started working and decided to give me some Benadryl and see if that helped. She figured I may have been chomping on some flowers outside. When she came home I still had the bumps. Hmmm. We went for our usual walk and she noticed something on the side of my belly. EEEEWWWW a tick!! Mom hates them!! We she put some rubbing alcohol on and sure enough the booger backed out enough for her to get it off of me. Well needless to say my bumps are all gone!! Yucky ticks!!


Another Bath!

March 3rd 2009 7:33 pm
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Mom said it was time to get a bath - alright - I stunk!! I'll only be with mom, dad and Turner for a few more days. Friday, mom and dad are taking me back to PAWS for a few months.

Mom and dad have alot to do in the next few months. Quite a bit of traveling, mom has a new job and isn't home much. I don't like dad to walk me so my walk time is down. So mom made arrangements for me to go to another foster home for a while. Mom is typing up my training schedule, just in case I get lucky and find a forever home!!

I enjoy being at mom and dads. Turner is fun - when he wants to play, but mom said there are lots of other dogs to play with at the new foster home!! I'm pretty jazzed about that!!

Well, wish me luck!! Let's hope that I can find a forever home!!



I'm on Vacation

March 6th 2009 7:47 pm
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Kinda. See mom and dad have alot of travel and time away from the house for the next couple of months. I really need stability to feel good about myself. So, as planned, mom and dad took me to a new foster home.

There was lots of other dogs!! I mean lots of them!! I was a little scared at first but my tail came up pretty quick. Then I sensed that mom and dad were leaving. Hey!! Take me with you!!

Well mom and dad left me behind ;( I did my best to try and follow them out of the gate - no luck. ;( But I'm in really good hands. My new fosters are wonderful!! Mom wrote a "Darcy Do and Don't" handbook to help them out.

Mom and dad have lots to do, so I'll just kick back and enjoy myself. Who knows I may get lucky and find a permanent home!! If not I'll see mom and dad around June 1st.

Wish me luck!!



Having Fun!!

March 15th 2009 5:54 pm
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Mom got an update on me from the rescue group. I'm doing really well. Sounds like everyone is having fun keeping my routine up. I'm responding to everyone in a positive way!! I've got lots of other dogs to play with. One in particular, Billy Jean I'm goofy with!!

I'm still looking for a forever home. Hopefully someone will see that it really isn't to hard to work with me.

But until then, I'm going out to PLAY!!



June 7th 2010 10:52 am
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Darcy, I have been thinking about you alot lately. I sure wish I could've brought you with us. I know that you are in a great rescue but you just plain haunt me. From the first time I saw you to when I took you back to the rescue because we were moving. I wonder if you were here would you be better at understanding that humans will not hurt you anymore? I sit at the house with Turner and try to think of a way we could get you here and make it work. I just don't know..... But I'm still trying to figure it out....

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