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Keep me safe......

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Sleep spots....

September 18th 2008 8:36 am
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So mom went to bed early last night. We still have no power/water or roof. Mom had a pretty busy day cleaning up outside and was tired. Well I wasn't and was pretty restless. I paced most of the night. Usually there is a nightlight where my crate is. But with no power I have no light or fan for my crate. So I was bored, hot and it was dark. Well mom took me outside on lead and I seemed to calm down a bit. She found me laying on the sofa!! She just sat with me for a bit with her hand on me. She didn't pet me or say anything. Just sat in the dark with me.

Well Turner went to bed with dad and I didn't feel like sleeping in my crate so I found a spot in moms room. She got me a blanket to lay on and heard me lay down, take a deep breath and moan. Mom says it's actually a good sign because I'm sleeping outside of my crate. Things have been so crazy here that mom hasn't had much training time for me. But it's okay, Turner and I get to play all day!!

Well keep your fingers crossed, there are over 1,000 workers here to restore power. Hopefully they'll find their way back to our house, pull the roof off of the power lines and get us power soon.


We have power!!

September 21st 2008 7:08 am
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Unbelievable!! The power is back on - and so soon. They said it wouldn't be until around the 30th!! I'm telling ya these line guys and the tree removal guys are amazing!!

I've been sleeping at night in mom's room, still. I was snoring so loud last night that it woke mom up!! Mom said that starting tommorrow, Monday, my training is taking a new turn. Seems she got it touch with the great women at Best Paw Forward in Florida for some help with me. Turns out that I need mom to sit with me and just put her hand on my flank. Not say anything. She's done it a few times and I started to sleep in her room!! How's that for progress!! So mom has a few changes in store for me starting this week. We'll see!!


Training is hard work!

September 24th 2008 7:21 pm
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I mean hard work!! Mom took me and Turner for our walk this morning. Then she hand fed me as usual. Well she had to go out for a bit so I just lounged outside. When she came home I was in my crate - half in/half out. She walked past me and closed the doggie door. Hey! Then she came over with a long lead and put it on me. Okay - what gives? Well I was pretty much tied to mom's hip all day. This was really upsetting to me at first. I kept watching the lead, it was on the ground and I didn't like it one bit. Mom sat on the floor with me. After about 30 minutes I sat on the dog pillow, another 10 minutes and I layed down on the pillow. After a while mom place her hand on my hip. I didn't move - actually I shook for quite a while. Mom yawned and didn't look at me and I stopped shaking!! Well, she did this a couple of times. I still jump when I get touched, but there is no petting involved so I calm down much quicker.

I'm still sleeping in mom's room every night. I've got my own pillow and blanket there. I go to bed around 8:30 every night. Mom comes in when she is ready for bed and takes me out for a potty break. Then I go back into her room for my pillow. Mom is so proud - she wishes she could hug me, but knows this would upset me too much. So she just tells me what a smart girl I am and gives me a Pupperoni.

While I was teathered to mom she trimmed my nails I don't mind - makes me creep through the house quietly at night!! Well guys I'm getting better every day. I make more and more eye contact and get closer to mom AND dad when they are in the house!!

I still have a long way to go, I just wish I could find a forever home to love me and help me along.



September 26th 2008 8:39 am
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Well mom fed me outside of the crate today. She had one hand on my hip and fed me with the other once I calmed down. I did real good!! She closed off all the other rooms, even my crate! So I was stuck in the living room. But it worked out great! After I ate Turner decided it was time to play. I was pretty unsure of playing in the house. I like to play outside. But after a few minutes I started to play. Mom got some great pictures of me and Turner. Check them out!!


It's about time!! Where were you guys??

October 23rd 2008 5:50 pm
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Mom, dad and Turner went on vacation - without me!! They took me back to the rescue house for two weeks!! It was alright - kinda threw my routine off. Mom show up to get me and I was all white-eyed and barking and stuff!! Mom said my barks were saying, go away, leave me alone, scared!! But I ran to my crate and mom put a leash on me and I calmed down a bit.

Mom and dad took me home and I was soooo happy to see Turner!! He was telling me about all of the fun things he got to see in Pennsylvania!! I'm jealous!!

Mom has changed my schedule, I'm still being hand fed two times a day, but now I'm leashed to mom when she goes outside. She's had my doggie doors closed more. She even closes the bedroom doors and my crate during the day!! Hey!! Now I've got to interact with mom and dad more! But it's alright. I don't really mind!

It's supposed to get in the 30's tonight! Brrr!! Luckily for me I've got a great warm bed to sleep on.

Mom went to the rescue house last night and saw my mom. My real dog mom!! Her name is Bonnie - she is soooo sweet. Mom wants to bring Bonnie over to see if we remember each other. Why not?

I'll keep everyone posted if it happens!!



November 9th 2008 6:14 pm
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So mom brought me into the house the other day. While I was on the lead she took me in the bathroom... Hmmmm.... Then she picked me up and put me in the tub!!

NOOOOOOOO!!!! You see when I was found the rescue people said I was loaded with fleas and they gave me a bath. This was very traumatic for me - I was just a pup!! Well Mom put me in the tub and I freaked!! I was clawing to get out, my eyes were super wide. Mom just calmly held me and talked to me. Once I calmed down (after a few minutes) she turned on the water sprayer - freak time again!!!! But mom was very calm and not upset, she didn't force the water on me. Instead she let it fill up the tub a bit so my paws got wet. Then she slowly worked the water onto a leg, shoulder, back and butt. Know what? It wasn't too bad. It was warm water and mom put on this coconut smelling shampoo. She said it was oatmeal/aloe and was good for my skin.

Once the shampoo was on me, mom gave me this great massage. I really calmed down a bit. Rinsing made me nervous for a minute, but since mom as so calm I settled down!!

By the end of my bath I'm happy to report that I was standing on my own, no leaning on mom, no trying to hide my head under her arm. Mom said she was so proud of how good I was doing!! When the bath was over I figured I was going to be put outside like they did when I was a pup. Nope!! Mom kept me in the house and gave me lots of Puperoni's!! How awesome!!

I guess getting a bath wasn't too bad!! After all, I got a massage and lots of treats!!



November 15th 2008 6:07 pm
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Not liking them. They bang on the ceiling and scare me. Mom has been home while they have been sawing and making all kinds of noise!! She takes me and Turner out for extra walks. We get to go all around the property. There have been alot of deer through here and mom takes us on the trails so we can smell all the great smells!!

Today it got windy and cold!! Mom and dad went out most of the day. When they came back dad went to the basement and was banging like crazy!! Mom said he was building walls and when it's done it'll be our new hangout! But I wasn't too happy about the noise so off to the woods we went!! I'm really enjoying it!! I'm even walking in the lead spot!! Pretty cool!!!


Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!

November 27th 2008 5:01 pm
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Mom has been cleaning the basement out, her and dad are finishing it off to use it as a tv/rec room. Well, mom has been cleaning the concrete and didn't throw all of the chemical/water over the fence. I thought it smelled great and decided to wear it (basically I rolled in it!). Well mom woke up this morning and finally got a whiff of me. She took us for a walk in the woods - LOVED IT!! Brought us back and gave me a bath first! Hey! What's up with that??

Well I wasn't half as scared!! As a matter of face I sat down twice in the tub!! Now I'm clean, I smell like an island girl!! The shampoo smells like coconuts!! Mom was so proud of me in the tub I got two whole pupperonies!! How cool is that!?

Mom cooked all day, dad come home from work and they sat at the table and ate. Luckily when they were done mom snuck some turkey and gravy in my food!! It was soooo good!!

What does everyone think of my new pic? Notice my tail? It's half way up!! When I go for walks now my tail is all the way up and I even wag it!!

In the mornings I know that we go for a walk when mom puts on her sneakers! I get so excited now!! I even sniff mom's arm or leg! I sit on a pillow and wait for her to put my lead on. I'm such a big girl!!

My Christmas wish:::

To find my forever home!!


Another hurdle accomplished!!

November 28th 2008 10:10 am
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Okay, yesterday mom gave me a bath. I did really, really well!! I relaxed and even sat down twice!! Well today mom had to go to the post office. Turner loves to go for rides and mom didn't feel like loading my crate in the truck, sooooo she put my leash on and put me in the back seat. Luckily the Post Office is only 4 miles from the house. We went really slow, mom took the back roads all the way there!! I sat on the seat and not the floor almost the whole way!! This is great!!! Mom opened the window for Turner and I got to take in some good smells from the back!!

I came home and got lots of treats for being sooo good!!


What is this??

December 1st 2008 7:09 pm
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Okay, it's cold. I mean cold - I have no body fat and it's cold outside. Well mom put this sweater on Turner then looked at me and said, "I've got one for you to!" What does that mean?? Well soon I found out. She put this red thing over my head then lifted each paw and next thing I know I've got this "sweater" on me!! Well it covered my tail, I wasn't too sure how to act so I just followed Turner.

Well turns out it was pretty warm!! Wasn't too bad after all!! Mom found a jacket for me that she said would fit better and not be too big - thank God!! A girl's got to maintain her fashion!!

Well later in the day mom took me and Turner in the truck, again. I did much better!! Mom treated me the whole time!! Not an easy task. I only hit the floor 2x's on the way back. But my head was up and I was looking around!! Much better than last time!! Why not, I got treats along the way and back!!

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