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What gives?

July 29th 2008 1:54 pm
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Boy it is hot!! Turner and I went for a walk this morning - it wasn't too hot. We came back to the house ate breakfast and then played. He's a blast to be around!! Mom had to go out for a bit and left my crate door open. Cool!! When she came home I was in my crate with my doll again.

But now it's hot!! So I'm on the pillow under the ceiling fan. Turner is in the bedroom. He won't come out and play!! I've been in and out lots!! I've chased bug after bug!!

Can't wait for the sun to go down a bit so we can play again!!


Ear issues!!

July 29th 2008 8:28 pm
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Okay, so Turner and I were playing like crazy today. Loved it!! Mom saw that I had flipped my ears up. She kept giggling, saying I needed some pink fuzzy slippers and a house coat cuz my ears looked like they were in rollers!! All I did was tilt my head,,,,, WHAT????

Check out my picture!!


Chocolate Jelly Beans and Champagne

July 31st 2008 10:28 am
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Alright, so mom took me and Turner for a walk this morning. I was sniffing like crazy, it was cool and damp and there were so many smells for me!! I came upon some Chocolate Jelly Beans, score~!!! Got me a big ol' mouth full of 'em!! Then after the walk mom, Turner and I went out back in the fenced area. Found my champagne fountain full again and had to have a drink! What a great start to this day!!

By the way mom called the chocolate jelly beans, deer poop and the champagne, bird bath water. Whatever, it's delicious!!


Laser Lights

August 4th 2008 9:22 pm
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Mom was playing with Turner using a laser light, he was running all around the back yard chasin it. Well let me tell you!! Once I saw it I swatted it and chased it myself!! I was pretty tired after we were done!! Mom only uses the laser once in a while. She says it makes Turner nuts so she had to limit its use!!

We're getting ready for a Tropical Storm here!! It's supposed to rain tommorrow and be real windy. Mom's not too concerned. She moved to TX from Florida and has seen more than her share of hurricanes. That's good for me, cause she's a pro at what to do!! As long as I have my crate I'm good!!


A busy day....

August 10th 2008 1:17 pm
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Yesterday mom took me to PetSmart in Beaumont. She put me in the pen with some other dogs that I knew. I had a great visit with them. I stayed in the pend all day. This is pretty good considering I usually get scared after about 2 hours. I even felt confident enough to sniff a few strangers hands!!

This morning mom hand fed me my food. What gives? I wouldn't eat directly from her hand but she sat outside of my crate watching tv and put food right next to her. I was hungry and figured why not? Mom wants to work up my courage by feeding me from her hand. I've been here five weeks now and still pretty afraid of humans. One thing mom know is how to cheat at training!! She uses yummy food to get me to do things!!

Well the sun is shining and I think it's time to wake up Turner to play!!


Hand feeding.

August 10th 2008 10:40 pm
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Alright my last entry mom wrote about me being hand fed. Well I wouldn't eat out of her hand, she had to place the food with her hand in my crate, one handful at a time. Well tonight I was brave enough to eat out of her hand. I ate my whole meal!! There was absolutely no talking. Dad said something to mom and she just shook her head. I sat up in the back of my crate until it got real quiet again. Then I finished my meal, one handful at a time.

Mom knows what she's doing!! I know I'll be able to let her pet me soon enough!!


Everyone Remain Calm

August 20th 2008 1:27 pm
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Had a rough weekend. I just didn't feel like being hand fed and refused a couple of meals from mom. Then I wouldn't come out of my crate too much. I just didn't feel like being a dog for a day!! Mom closed my crate door and then fed me outside of my crate. I ate but I wasn't happy. After that I just stayed in my crate most of the day. Mom said that she must've pushed me to far today. Duh!!! Yeah!!!

Well today I'm much better. Mom and dad and decided to back off and let me settle down. Which I did. That was yesterday. Now, today, I ate from mom's hand - no problem. Even played with mom outside a bit. It was raining and Turner wasn't coming out yet so I settled for running around mom while she tossed toys for me to chase.

Mom decided that I'm not going to PetSmart on Saturday. She's leaving me home with dad and Turner. That will be interesting!!

But for now I'm alright again. Sometimes we have to go backwards to go forwards again!!


The Fox

August 21st 2008 7:34 pm
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Well mom took us on our afternoon walk. I'm starting to enjoy them. My tail is out and I'm sniffing more. I like looking at the horses in the pasture and don't even mind the neighbors dog that's in a pen. Well today we walked down a hill on an adjoining easement. I saw something move, so did mom. Luckily Turner was smelling on the side. I looked at mom and she said, "Fox". So there it was, I saw a fox today!!

Rained most of the day - but during the breaks I layed outside chewing a cow toe. This evening the clouds broke and Turner and I got to play. Mom added our pictures on our pages. She caught one of my doggie wheelies on film!!


Playtime in the dark!

August 26th 2008 10:17 am
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Turner and I decided to sleep all day the other day. Little did mom and dad know what we had planned. Mom and dad went to bed, so did we. Or so they thought!! Around 2 am mom heard the sounds of play growling and footsteps on the floor. She came out and we went outside - for a minute!! Then we decided it was wrestle time in the living room!! Well mom wasn't too thrilled!! After Turner and I giggled at mom and dad we decided it was time for bed!!

Then yesterday Turner and I were playing NASCAR outside, mom was laughing at us. Turner would chase me, then I would chase him. Then we would switch again. Well, one time Turner cut me off and I hit my paw on a metal pole in the yard. Mom heard it and gave me the stay command. I did, my foot was throbbing!!! She came over and I let her check my foot. After a thorough going-over mom deemed me good to go. But we had to calm down for a bit. After about an hour we were at it again so she figured nothing was broken!! Thank God!!


Hurricane Ike...

September 14th 2008 5:59 am
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Decided to kill our power, tear our roof off, break trees from strong winds, NOT STOP RAINING!! Other places are sunny - what's up with that??

But,,,,, mom and dad have a generator so we all, including me, have fans. We have plenty of food and water and nobody got hurt! So fooey on yoooey Hurricane Ike!!

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