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I don't like bears... period!

October 23rd 2012 2:41 pm
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Mom is working a later shift so our walks are later in the morning. Well today was trash day and we usually don't go until after the trash man has picked up. You see there are bears in our area, lots of them! Well we went for our walk after trash pickup and at the bottom of the driveway me and Grunt smelled one. Grunts fur goes up everytime! I get all excited. On our way back from our walk we usually walk up the front lawn, mom takes Grunts collar off so he can explore a bit and then we go to the playground. Well we get up on the lawn, heading towards the gate and mom sees something on the other side of the property along the tree line. A black bear! Gaaa! Well mom called Grunt who was looking in the same direction and said, "Look Grunt!" and was pointing at the ground. Well Grunt ran over and mom put his collar back on. Sure enough the bear was going up behind the house. We got to the house quick and mom got her camera, went out back and the bear was gone! But me and Grunt still smelled him and ran around the back yard with our noses in the air! Mom waited a bit, then took us back out to the playground to play for a bit. Then she cut the grass, figuring the mower noise will keep the bear away.


What a beautiful day!

October 25th 2012 4:17 pm
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Mom took us for a walk and then we went to the playground. Boy was it beautiful today! There was a slight breeze and it was 68 degrees! Perfect! Mom said enjoy kids, Sunday calls for snow. SNOW?! Already??? Then mom started to fill these little baggies with food for me and Grunt. Hey, what gives? Turns out we're going to the kennel for an overnighter. Guess there are going to be workers in the attic tomorrow and mom doesn't want me to be scared. Me? I'm brave BUT sounds in the ceiling are scary! So mom is dropping us off in the morning and picking us up Saturday. Mom said she was disappointed today. Her and dad were supposed to go to Erie to get mom's new motorcycle. BUT, the paperwork didn't come in from the factory! Ughh! It would've been a beautiful day for mom to ride. Oh well, next week calls for snow, guess mom will have to wait until spring! :)


Not as bad as Ike,

October 30th 2012 12:40 pm
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So Hurricane Sandy is churning just south of us. The winds were blowing and the rain was coming down in sheets. But like mom said, Darcy we're alright, this is nothing like Ike. Boy do I remember THAT hurricane! I was a little girl pup then and scared out of my mind! Our roof blew off and trees were down everywhere. We had no power for about a week and a half. Mom said the storm is literally south of us and looking for mom! :0 Mom said that we're supposed to get snow tonight, we'll see. Both mom and dad are at work, mom took off last night because she has a cold. She snuggled with Grunt under a blanket all evening. I was close by in my crate. But I know I'm safe with mom. She kept me safe so far, so I know I'm good! :) My 2 uncles in NJ and my aunt in NJ are without power but otherwise in good shape. It's not as cold there as it is here. Mom and dad have the generator ready in case we need to run the plug in heaters to stay warm. Like I said, I'm good! Be safe everyone!


Whoop Whoop!

November 5th 2012 9:49 am
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I'm diary pick of the day! Whooop Whooop! It's COLD here! Going to be 19 tonight! It keeps flurrying off and on. The weatherman is a big fat liar! He said the sun was coming out! He was WRONG! Bad weatherman BAD! :):) So that means we went for a walk with our sweatshirts on and now we're snoozing comfortably on our beds! Grunt is on the floor pillow and I'm on my full size bed! Yup, I've got my own human type bed all to myself! Oh yea, in my own room! Mom went shopping this morning and came home with one of those awesome smelling cooked chickens! She needs to stop typing and go eat lunch so me and Grunt can have a bite! :):) Thanks so much for reading my diary! Whooop whooop!! :):)


Me? :)

November 8th 2012 1:32 pm
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Diary of the Day again? Thanks HQ!! It was a beautiful day in the mountains today! Mom put on our Frontline+ and took us for a walk. Dad came home from hunting (empty handed) and chilled out while we left. Got back and mom made breakfast. I like it when she cooks me and Grunt get some eggs every time! :):) Then mom and dad took us out to the playground. Mom showed dad how Grunt plays with the chuck-it ball. That way if mom is at work dad can take us both outside to play! :):) One of the times Grunt was getting ready to run and I was running around him bucking and snorting! Dad never saw me do this and was like, what the heck??? Mom just busted out laughing. Dad threw the ball and Grunt ran after it. I waited for him to come back, stomped my foot at him and bucked again! Dad was shocked at how goofy I am! Ha! If he only knew!! :):)


Happy Birthday to Me!!

November 11th 2012 2:31 pm
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Today I'm 5. It's been quite a long road to this point, but I'm here and I'm happy. Happy Birthday to Me! :):)


Thanks mom!

December 3rd 2012 12:41 pm
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Mom and dad took us for our walk today. It wasn't raining, actually the sun was coming out, at we went to the playground. Mom puts out 2 blankets for me and Grunt to lay on. The ground is wet and she says she wouldn't want to sit on wet ground so we won't.

Thanks mom! :):)


Check me out!

December 10th 2012 5:21 pm
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Mom put a new picture of me in my Hunters Safety Orange Coat. I say it's my black belt brave girl coat! I like how the second belt has an overhang, makes it look like a kung fu belt! :):)


Thanks Onyx!!

December 16th 2012 4:39 pm
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So mom and dad went away for the weekend. You know how much I love the kennel so I was overjoyed to be there! :):) I hada beautiful yellow lab next to me and greeted her with a smile, lick and wagging tail. Mom gave us both a rub and kiss and said have fun. Well, duh!! We always do!

We got home today and mom said there was a gift from our Dogster friend Onyx. She held up a beautiful red and white snow flake collar. I was shaking with joy when mom put it on! I hate to pose for the camera, but mom did snap a couple of pictures of me.

So not only did I have a great weekend, I got a present from a friend when I got home!

Thanks Onyx! :)


I Love the Snow!

December 23rd 2012 11:50 am
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Mom and dad took us for our walk. Then we went to the playground. Dad came along with us! Well Dad was chucking the ball for Grunt and I was doing the happy jumps and spins. Guess dad never saw me doing this before, he was shocked! He kept shaking his head at mom saying, "look at her she's nuts" Mom said, she loves the snow. Yup I do! I ran around like a total loon!

Mom took us in because her battery on the camera died. But she did take us out for another round of playtime. I continued on my quest of being goofy! I just love the snow! :)

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