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Keep me safe......

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July 6th 2008 11:39 am
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I'm Darcy - I'm at my new foster mom's home and she gave me this awesome webpage!! I was found with my siblings and mom runnin around havin a good ol' time. Well my family has been adopted by I've been scared to death by the whole thing. I've been in foster about 8 months now. I first met my new foster mom at PetSmart where I was looking for a forever home. FM is trainer and took me outside to the quiet to have a talk with me. She sat down on the grass, I don't trust people so I tried to run away. But those other people put a harnass on me so I was stuck. Well this lady didn't get upset, just sat there. Hmmmmm. Then she gave me this great massage. Hmmmmmm. Then I walked after her for a bit the rest of the day..... I kinda liked her!!

Well the other day I was at my other foster home, nobody bothered me, they couldn't. I would stay far away from them in the yard and hide under the porch when I got real scared. Then it happened. Yesterday I was tricked into the house, there was that lady who gave me lotsa treats and the massage. Well she put a leash on me and took me to her home!! She has a dog who is the same size as me his name is Turner. Turner is so nice to me!! Anyway, this new FM walked us around the ranch a bit. Then she took me in the house and showed me my new home. A beautiful crate. It has blankets and food and water. I've found a safe place!! I've slept so much. I feel so much better!!

I know that this is only a temporary home for me. My new mom is getting me ready for my real home where someone can love me and keep me safe forever.



July 6th 2008 8:50 pm
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Mom placed some doll toys in my crate today. I was chewing on one and it squeeked!! I chewed it some more and it squeeked!!

We went outside tonight to go potty, I'm so good at it!! I even walked over to mom and stood still while she rubbed my chest - it felt good!

I know I'm getting better, Lord knows I'm sleeping enough in my crate to be well rested!! Mom has started to hands on with me. I jump when she touches me, but she is so gentle and it does feel good. I keep watching her - she's a good human.



July 8th 2008 10:54 am
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Okay so mom took me outside early this morning. Came back in and put me in my favorite safe place, my crate. Dad went to work, mom went back to bed, she's got a cold. Well I had to go again so I tried the squeek toy, hmmm. No luck. Tried the toy again, hmmmm. No luck. Okay I've gotta go, so I howled. Mom came out giggling. Took me outside and walla I went potty. We came back in and she didn't close the door on my crate. I'm still pretty scared outside of my crate, but I'm getting better. Mom can pet me a little, I still jump though. I even ventured outside of my crate to the kitchen. Got scared and went back to my safe crate. Whew!! I'm still sleeping quite a bit. Mom figures I'm tired from being so scared for so long. She's been really patient and I appreciate it.


Each day getting better...

July 9th 2008 8:03 pm
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Okay so we went to bed last night. I got real lonely and started to cry. Then I barked twice. Mom came out and took me outside to go potty. When I get done I get a chest rub and body rub - they aren't too bad. Well she brought me in and didn't close my crate door. She blocked off the doggie door so I wouldn't get any crazy ideas. It worked!! I felt at ease and went to sleep. We got up later and went outside again. Mom takes me out on a long lead and won't let me run, I hurt my paw before she picked me up and I'm still limping a bit. Well I heard this crazy sound - mom said it was deer snorting. We listened for a bit and went back in. Mom forgot something on the back porch and went out the door. When she looked up she saw me standing at the door looking at her. I wasn't in my crate!! She came in and I walked into my crate. Funny - mom just ignored me. Well then mom took Turner out for his morning walk and decided to leave my door open to see what I would do. She was pretty shocked to find out that I was exploring. I got one of her slippers and brought it back to my crate. Mom giggled and took her slipper back.

Later mom went out the front door and took Turner with her. Now you know I've got to see where they are!! So she turned around and sure enough I was looking out the front door.

Tonight was better!! While mom is at the computer typing this she's throwing treats outside of my crate! Yum!! Duck, chicken, yum!! The good thing is I'm not far from my crate so I know I'm safe. See every day gets better!!!


Look at me - no wait don't!!

July 10th 2008 8:38 pm
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Okay you can look at the pictures!! I don't mind that!! Mom decided that todays adventures were to remove my green collar which stunk from me burrowing under my last home's porch. She gave me this new pretty one!! It's got pink and purple on it!! I love it!! It's so much lighter and not as tight as the green one!! She took the green one off when we came in this morning. I walked to my crate and fell asleep for an hour!!

Also look at my eyes!! I'm not as scared as I was yesterday!! Mom says I'm definately more relaxed each day. I don't flinch anymore when mom touches me. It used to feel like electric shocks before. I'm glad thats gone.

I did have one problem today. Dad came home and I would not come out of my crate when he was around. Hmmmmmm. So mom got out the ol chicken and coaxed me with treats and praise. It kinda worked, dad had to move to the corner of the room and not face me. Scary!!! I heard mom and dad talk about him feeding me at night so I know he's alright to!!

Overall we had a great day!! Mom was putting up some clothes from the wash today and I would prance back to the room and look in. She closed a dresser drawer and it scared the beJesus out of me!! I wouldn't come out of my crate for a bit after that. But later mom and Turner went outside and they saw me at the doors looking for them!! I want to be there with them but I'm not sure if it's okay. Mom says to be patient and it will come. Hope so......


My hotdog angel....

July 11th 2008 8:37 pm
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Every day I learn that one more thing is ok. Today I learned that I can breathe when mom strokes my back and legs. She trimmed by nails in the front - mom was so quick I didn't really notice. Mom changed my bedding, she put in a big fluffy brown pillow. It's so soft!!

Dad still scares me, but he gives me yummy hot dog pieces!! I wouldn't eat breakfast and mom took it away. When dinner time came Dad put my bowl down and guess what? There were pieces of hot dogs in there!! Yummmm!! Dad was sitting in the living room and mom went outside with Turner. Well I went to the door to watch like I always do and forgot dad was out. I looked at him a bunch of times and he never looked at me. Hmmmm. . When I went back to my crate guess what, I found pits of hot dogs infront of it. How did they get there, mom was outside. I've got a hot dog angel!! They just appear. How cool is that.

Anyway, mom took me for a walk outside of the fence. I had a great time. I'm definately much more relaxed. I still look at mom alot, when I stop walking she pets me and tells me what a good girl I am. Then I feel like walking again. We watched a beautiful sunset tonight with the perfect breeze!!

Oh yeah, dad gave me a kong filled with canned food!! It was soo good! I think I might trust him some day!!


Hot one...

July 12th 2008 9:22 pm
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Yes it was, very hot today!! But mom still takes me outside just about every two hours for some fresh air and to make sure I'm moving!! Dad was home all day today. Mom took Turner for a walk, dad watched tv while they were gone. Well I've got to look out the door to see where mom and Turner are but dad was by the door. Then it hit me, that wonderful smell, what is that??? Hot dogs!!! Yes, paydirt. Well I came out of my crate 4 times to look for mom and Turner. Dad talked to me and I just gave him my crazy eyes at first. But he didn't get upset, as a matter of fact, he turned his head and ignored me. By the time mom and dad got back I could walk by dad - quickly.

Mom took me for a walk on the property again. Only this time we went a little further than last. It was great. So many smells. Mom would just stop and stand if I got nervous. Since I was doing so well we stayed out twice as long as last time!!

And the big news of the day - When we go outside mom has a chair she sits in so I can walk around or just smell the air. Well I was staring at mom and she looked at me and said Come here Darcy. I did! I got about a foot away from her and stopped. She just reached down and stroked my chest. I'm really starting to like that!! So we practiced this a couple of times today. I did real good, at least mom thinks so!! ;}


What a day!

July 13th 2008 9:29 pm
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Whew!! I'm glad that mom is typing this for me, I'm so tired. Today was the most amazing day yet! Mom put this thing on me today. It felt really weird. It's called an Anxiety Wrap. It looks like a jacket, but yet felt so good. Mom used it on another dog and it worked great for fears. So she contacted the behaviorist Sue who designed it and got some help on how to make sure we use it right on me!!

Well let me tell you, the first time was weird! The second time not too bad, the third was alright!...... Usually when Dad gets home I freak out, not come out of the crate, cower, give the crazy white eyed look. Well mom put on my Wrap and I walked passed dad twice. Even came out of my crate to get some treats on the floor from him. Not bad right?? All of this learning makes me sleepy. I'm curious and try to come out of the crate and explore a little now and then. Now I walk back to my crate and don't do the crazy freaked out dog run!

Tommorrow mom is taking me to the vet. I'm still limping and keeping the weight off of the outside of my paw. So PAWS - my rescue group is going to make the appointment. Mom said she would take me, that's good, I'm starting to really trust her....... Wish me luck!!


Help me I'm freaking out!!

July 14th 2008 7:38 pm
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This morning went pretty normal. Got up, mom took me out, put on my anxiety wrap and everything seemed okay. Then this lady showed up from the rescue and mom started to move a little faster. Hmmmm... Well mom took me outside again, when we came back in I dove for my crate. I just know something is up. Sure enough mom put the leash back on me to come out of the crate - NO WAY!! Not with some strange lady in the house!!! Well I finally gave in to the sweet smell of chicken and came out. Mom took off my jacket and took me out the front door. Hmmmm. Usually we go out the back for our potty breaks. Then she asked me to get into the truck. At first I hesitated. Then I figured why not. Well once inside there was that lady again!! Agggg!!! So I paced in the back and eventually settled down.

We got to our destination - what a VET??? Are you kidding me?? I've been sooooo good! Well mom had the vet look at my paw because I'm still limping. They found where I had sliced a section the size of a dime off of my pad. Ouch!! No breaks in my toes!! Yesss!!! So off to home we go!!! I was really scared in the vets office. I crawled under the bench in the lobby. Nobody seemed to care so I was cool about it. Then in the room with the vet I hid under the chair. When the vet came in mom lifted up the chair - hey not fair!!! I stood up when mom asked me to and she lifted me to the table. I leaned on mom for support and was perfect for the exam.

When I got home we had no power, seemed a big thunderstorm came through. Turner was glad to see us, I just wanted to see the inside of my crate. Well mom gave me some food and a stuffed kong (score!!). After the rescue lady left I went out to go potty. Then dad came home. Mom and dad left for a bit and I got to finally rest in the crate. Mom and dad came back and I'm right where I was before they left - comfortable in my crate. Mom took me out and I had my tail half way up again!! This is two days, after dark that I've brought my tail up!!

Well this has been a long day, but overall a good day. I thought I was freaking out, but mom made sure I was safe!!



July 15th 2008 9:05 pm
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Well before we went to bed last night mom took me out to go potty. I kept sniffing this one patch of grass. Mom didn't think it was anything until it jumped! I jumped, mom jumped and squealed!! I looked at her and she just giggled and said, what was that? Find the toad... So I did!! I jumped and pawed at it for a couple of minutes. My tail was actually up high!! What a great way to end the day!!

We got up this morning and mom took me out to go potty. Once again I was a little white-eyed. But after a few chest rubs I was alright. Mom was outside with Turner alot today. I kept going to the door to check on them. Mom was in the garage and heard me crying. She opened the door to the house so she could talk to me. Then we went for a walk out front and around the property a bit. It was great!! When I got a little nervous mom stopped and waited for me to calm down. Once I calmed down we continued.

Then dad came home. Arr!! I sat in my crate and watched him. He never looks at me, that's good! Well, dad took Turner out for a walk. Then mom took me out the same door for a walk. We all walked together. Dad never looked at me, even though I kept looking at him. He even turned away from me alot!! Well, then we came into the fenced yard. Dad went into the house for a bit. Mom and I were sitting outside enjoying the evening. Next think I know I see dad at the door. Nervous, pacing!!! Hey, he's walking around to us, not straight at us. Now I'm curious!! Well mom walked over to him and stood between me and dad. Then dad did the greatest thing. He kneeled down!! Mom called me over, I went slowly and guess what? Dad actually pet my chin and chest!!! He never hurt me!!! I can't believe it!!

Now dad is in bed and I'm wandering in and out of my crate to explore the house. I walked up to mom while she was sitting and got a yummy treat!! Turner was sitting right in front of her and he never turned my way!! Thank God!! Things are definately looking up!!

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