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It's a Miracle! Seriously!

September 20th 2014 8:10 pm
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Last night mom and dad went out. When they came back I did my goofy boxer dance, batting at mom and dad. Only this time I walked right up to dad and leaned my butt against him to give me a skritch! Mom was thrilled - she had tears in her eyes. Dad said, that's nothing, she sits with me on the couch so I can rub her chest. WHAT????? This is awesome. Tomorrow will be 4 years since mom picked me up from Allentown airport. Pilots-N-Paws was kind enough to fly me. Southpaws Express made all of the arrangements. Mom is forever grateful to these people for making my life happen!


I'm a Muddog!

June 3rd 2014 11:45 am
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Woke up this morning and it was raining. Booo :( But the storm was passing through and mom said she had to go to town for a few things. She asked me and Grunt if we wanted to go. DUH??!!! Of COURSE! So we loaded up and mom took us to the bank. Where a guy and lady were petting Grunt through the window. Then we went to the lake. Mom took us for a long walk around the lake. Well we got hot and decided to jump in the lake. It was about a 8" drop to the water. I dunked my head, blew bubbles and decided the bank would be the perfect rub spot! It felt sooooo good! Mom just laughed at me and said You're a Muddog Darcy! I just wanted to wear some makeup and smell good! :) Then, of course, mom tried to get me back into the water and I refused! Not going to mess up my work with the mud! HAHAHAHA!!!

We got home and mom toweled me off some. There is still a smudging of mud on my neck. Mom said for me to enjoy it, that tomorrow we're both getting baths. Uh oh......


Awww come on!!

April 15th 2014 6:08 pm
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It's snowing and it's cold. I mean everything is white and it's in the 20's! Come one, I though spring was here! I was just rolling in the grass 2 days ago!



April 3rd 2014 4:08 pm
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Well it turns out that mom didn't break the router after all. When they had our power off the other day for "upgrades" someone decided to not reset our phone and DSL! Rude!!! The tech was a bit upset over what happened. They turned off our phone and turned on another phone number to our line! WHAT?!?!?! Long and short of it... it's all straightened out and everything works good!

Now today I didn't eat breakfast. Mom and dad took the desk out of my room. Dad put new padding down for the new carpet. Well I was scared out of my mind and went outside. Mom texted dad tonight and I still haven't eaten... :( But, dad has some temporary carpeting to put down and then I'll eat! :)


Everything is great!

March 31st 2014 5:00 pm
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The sun was shining and I was sitting in my sun-spot. The neighbors were walking Miss Annie (Chihuahua) and I just layed in the sun watching them.

Mom and dad ripped out the carpet in my room! Mom was gagging, and said it was gross! Now I've got these little rugs all over so I can get to my food and water bowls.

Mom has a guy at work who will be putting my new carpet in. I'm pretty excited! The only bad thing was mom's router fell and now she's not connected to the internet or wi-fi. Grr! She hates calling about it because it takes forever to fix it! :(

Mom left for work and Grunt was laying on me. Mom took some photos with her phone and will post them eventually. She's really behind on the photos!

:) Great news is it's supposed to be in the 60's and sunny tomorrow! Woohooo! :):)


I feel clean!!

March 30th 2014 11:56 am
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Mom gave me and Grunt baths today. Boy do I feel better! I got the goofy girl zoomies out front when I was done! I zig-zagged around the bushes! Zoomed and caught air off of a raised flower bed! :) It was a blast!

Now I'm napping with Grunt while mom is at work. It snowed again last night. Mom thinks we live in a snowglobe! :)


Gaaa! No power!

March 27th 2014 12:39 pm
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I was laying on the sofa with mom and Grunt this morning. I heard click and then beep. The power went out. OH NO!! HURRICANE IS COMING!!! WINDS ARE COMING!!! AAAAGGGGHHH!!! SCARED!! Mom said, Darcy it's alright. She got up and turned off the battery pack and then sat back down on the sofa. I was sitting up and shaking like a leaf! SCARED MOM!! Mom assured me that everything would be alright. I yawned a bunch and calmed down.

Mom and dad went out and came back. Then took us for a walk. On the walk we saw the twp guys working. I don't like the big diesel trucks so I was a bit concerned. But dad was walking me so I knew I was safe.

We got home and mom threw the Chuckit ball for Grunt a bunch of times. I watched the workers. I was on high alert! Well then we went inside. I ate my breakfast (I was so hungry!) and then curled up on the bed. Mom had a radio on for us with the power being out so it wasn't total silence. I have to have some kind of sound on or else I think it's a bad storm coming. I remember Hurricane Ike like it was yesterday! The wind, the rain, the wind!!! Horrible!

Then the power came back on and now mom is at work and all is right again! :)



March 23rd 2014 4:50 pm
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I'm not real good about changes. Especially when it comes to my crate. My crate was behind dad's chair in the living room. It was on the furthest side of the room. I would go there and check everything out through the slots. Well mom moved my crate yesterday! :( I'm not too happy about it. But, I'm pretty confident that I'll be alright! It's on the other side of the room, against the wall, but not behind anything. Mom said she ordered new furniture and that I have to get used to having my crate in a new spot now before the furniture gets delivered (in about 2 months). Like I said, I don't like change, BUT, I've got my own room to go to, plus mom's room to hide in.

Mom said she moved my crate sooner than later because grandma is coming to visit for a couple of weeks. She's going to be in mom's room and mom is going the basement apt so me and Grunt can be comfy. :) Alright, mom's going to the basement because it's awesome down there! :)


What a day!

March 17th 2014 5:35 pm
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We had company today. Uncle Russ brought Angel over. She's 6 pounds! And feisty! Mom took us all outside so she could take some pictures of Angel. Well mom forgot a squeeky toy to make her ears stand up and look at mom once in a while. And she sniffed and ran around with me and Grunt for a while. Mom had a hard time with the photos. But that's alright, she'll be back. Pictures will be up soon! :)


Sun and fun!

March 11th 2014 11:47 am
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It got up to 52 degrees today! Two great days! Wooohoooo!! Me and Grunt played and layed on the deck. We got some good sun time in today. Mom said a snowstorm is supposed to get here late tonight and tomorrow. Thursday the weather is going to be crazy cold. The high of 15 degrees!! At least mom and dad are off on Thursday! :) Then Friday it's supposed to be nice, sunny and warm. Ah yes, the end of winter is here.... kinda! :)

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