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Alaskan Husky
Picture of Ra (Taken too Early & Missed S, a male Alaskan Husky

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Home:Auburn, WA  
Sex: Male   Weight: 100+ lbs

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RastaManBoomDeYeahFooManChewieWoof agesYodaRaKanobie - The Ra Man, Rasta & 'Handsome'

Doggie Dynamics:
not playfulvery playful

Sun Sign:
Quick Bio:
-part feral

February 2nd 2004

Playing with his sister and chasing running critters, Mountain Dew

Mom pulling his loose tufts of hair when he's shedding. Being alone.

Favorite Toy:
Mommy and his sisters - he'd like it to be the bunnies but I won't let it be.

Favorite Food:
Mountain Dew, Chicken, Dr. Pepper (yeah, I know how bad caffeine is.

Favorite Walk:
Lost/Echo lake hike. Yes, they wear their own backpacks

Best Tricks:
He talks a lot, (howl speak) and will converse with you.

Arrival Story:
*If you want to know how this great gentle giant died look under - additional biographical info* This is how he entered my life. I traveled a lot but my neighbor was a breeder of wolf hybrids, 75% wolf/25% husky. I watched some pups that he kept or neighbors had adopted grow up and when the final litter was born my b/f suggested we take 2 and we could still travel because Heath would dogsit and they would keep each other company. I chose Isis at about a week and a half old. She was so much faster and smarter and more affectionte than the other pups at that tender age. I started bringing her home for visits at 2 weeks and permanently at 3 weeks but I carried them or walked them next door to nurse off their mom 3 times a day until 7 weeks or so. Her brother was chosen at 3 weeks, we knew we wanted a tan male because Isis was black and female, there were 3 to choose from. We chose well.

UPDATE: (You'll have to read this backwards - sorry.) The guy who shot Ra was arrested yesterday for getting drunk, beating and strangling his estranged girlfriend. Too bad she had to die. If they had arrested him for shooting Ra that poor girl might still be alive. Animal abusers will abuse people eventually! Actually the father said he shot Ra but we have always believed he may have been covering for his son because we had chased his son off the lot next door the day before when he was shooting too close to our house. It is the son, Levi Hamilton who was arrested for murdering his girlfriend (estranged). I copied this from an email I sent to the lady who we foster wolf hybrids for, telling her about Ra's death, which I had avoided doing for too long. About a week after the girls got here he played a very little bit with them for the first time. We didn’t have the big run yet, just the entry kennel for the new dogs so they couldn’t get into the main yard and find/make escape routes. Ra & Isis had always had the run of the whole 5 acre yard. Lee never let the wolves in the house at night which was a huge sacrifice for me to make. I honestly didn’t have a choice. When I moved in with him it was the best possible thing I could do for my dogs. I was having financial trouble and depressed and was going to lose the place I was in and I was worried sick about finding a place where I could have them. This place was like heaven. The ONLY downside I could see was that the yard was too big to add the electric shock collar-anti dig system to and that Lee wouldn’t let them in the house but since I spend 16 hours a day in the shop and even have a bed in my office to sleep with them I made do. (Mind you I complained about it a lot…still do). Lee is a really wonderful man and he takes great care of me and the doggies and tried hard with Isis even though she never did REALLY warm to him the way he would have liked. He did his best to not show Ra favoritism. He is a good daddy to them despite some of my complaints. I’m over-the-top with dogs and am content to have them run my life, you can’t do that all the time and have a man in your life too (you know that, that’s why you’ve decided to forego men right?) I realize now that by raising Isis & Ra from puppies to have a big yard to run in and the electric back-up and being with me 24 hours a day every day wasn’t the best thing for them. When we moved here it was a hard adjustment for them, even though the yard was 4 times the size they had to share me and didn’t have 24 hour access to me. At first I kenneled them at night but they never got used to it and they made it hell for me to get them in there at night and then they would howl for me all night and it broke my heart to listen so I would go sit out there with them in the kennel, sometimes for hours – much to Lees dismay. They were used to being with me or being outside roaming in the yard and playing at their choice. I just wasn’t able to make myself continue to kennel them at night when they still hadn’t adjusted after a month. It seemed cruel and I made the choice (for good or ill I said…it turned out to be for ill it seems) that I’d rather they had the amazing quality of life they were so used to than to be 100% safe. I kept saying that I wanted to get the yard wired but I would need like 5 of the shock boxes and God knows how much wire to do it and I couldn’t afford it and my back wouldn’t have let me do the work and I guess I didn’t want it badly enough. The dogs stayed in and there weren’t that many escape holes that we had to deal with, we usually found them quickly and plugged them, although it was an ongoing chore. Since Isis’ death Lee had been letting Ra in the house. Ra wasn’t very comfortable there though and the night he first played with the girls a little we had gone in around 2am and he wanted out around 2:30. He hadn’t left my side or shown any ambition at all to do much of anything but sleep and be with mom. I let him out. He and Isis had slept outside for almost 2 years, that was the norm. There is a whole row of dog beds on the back porch, right under our bedroom so they could hear us and a doggy door leading into the shop and their sofa’s and my office bed if they wanted to go in there. Despite walking the fence after Isis got out and got hit by the car apparently we missed an escape spot they had dug, or maybe Ra dug a new one (although Isis was usually the leader in escape attempts, Ra was a follower and generally never went anywhere that Isis didn’t lead him. That is why it was so surprising that he left the yard by himself, escape hole or no. The next morning at 10am Lee was waking me up saying he’d gotten up at 9 and Ra wasn’t here and he was worried. I walked the yard calling and found the hole in the fence. Lee took off to go check with the neighbors (who are ½ mile away or so with an empty lot between that Lee is the caretaker for). He found Ra’s cold body on the vacant lot, faced away from the neighbors yard. He had a small entry gunshot wound in his butt/flank area. Apparently the bullet went in and exploded in his abdomen and it looks like he died instantly. He had a very peaceful look on his face. Lee came home with Ra in the canopy of the truck and I was in shock. I climbed in under him and held his head in my lap and balled. We drove over to the neighbors to find out WHY. Here, I should say that when I first moved in we took the dogs to the neighbors on either side and introduced them and made sure they had our phone number and asked that if they ever saw the dogs out or if the dogs ever caused any trouble could they please call us and we would get them and make sure they didn’t get out again. Every 6 months or so we visited them or called them and just reminded them of our phone number and checked in a neighborly fashion. Remember we are on the Indian reservation. Our neighbor, the ass who shot Ra used to be the tribal Wildlife Commissioner. It was his job to ‘control the Elk population’ and he occasionally did this by shooting elk off the back of his property. We figured it was the kid who shot Ra since Lee made the kid quit shooting on that middle lot the day before. As it turned out, it was the former wildlife commissioner himself (he’d been forced out of the position due to drunkenness and improper conduct). He admitted it right away when Lee went to the door. Lee made him come out to the truck and face me, who was still holding Ra, sobbing like mad. All I could wail out was “Whyyyyyyyyyyyy?????” He said “Well…Uhhhh….I was drunk and it was dark and I thought he was a deer” and then “I’m sorry, I never meant for this to happen”. Eventually I asked what he shot him with and he said a 22 but I don’t believe it. Ra was the gentlest giant ever. The guy said “I would never have shot your dog, we love your dogs, the few times we’ve seen them we’ve even fed them”. By the time the cops went to investigate and talked to the guy he must have done some research on the laws and realized it wasn’t hunting season and he’d get in trouble for shooting what he thought was a deer. His story changed to “Ra was harassing my rabbits and had already killed a couple”. This is a blatant lie as he has very secure rabbit hutches and funny that he never mentioned that to us. I’m 100% sure that never happened…however the law says you can shoot a dog who is ‘harassing or endangering your livestock’ and rabbits are as close to livestock as he has. It’s obvious Ra was running or walking away when he got shot. I can’t bear to think of it. He was coming home to mommy and some drunken ass SHOT him. How does that happen in the modern world and have it be OK? Why isn’t he locked up for years? We called the police and a king county policeman with a tribal pin on his lapel showed up. He told us that in Wa pets are considered personal property and all we could bust him for is vandalizing personal property and that only if he admits it. I’m out of order here. We called the police before we confronted the neighbor. At the time we talked to him we didn’t know yet for sure who shot him and were guessing it was the kid. I sent letters to the bigwig at the KCAC (Animal Control) and asked her to forward it to the person in charge of investigations…never heard back. I wrote to all the local newspapers and TV stations. No one wrote back. No one cared. I posted it on Dogster saying I can’t believe dogs are personal property in this state and I’ve been frustrated at every turn. I just went down to KCAC and talked to them about it and the reason that no one will touch this is because it happened on the reservation. So that is it. End of story. The most beloved and beautiful, gentle creature on the planet is murdered and gets away with it. I’m still exploring all legal means but I’m hitting dead end after dead end and starting to think the ass is going to get away with it…or perhaps someone who liked Ra will begin to think vengeance. Several visitors have come over and threatened to beat him up or other such non-legal means of making him pay. Any ideas for legal recourse? I’d love another tactic to try. I can’t stand the thought that Ra is gone forever. We had him cremated. Sometimes I think that maybe he was never going to get over losing Isis and maybe this was God’s way of showing him mercy. Maybe I just use that to make myself feel better. I do console myself with thinking that they are together now somewhere over the rainbow bridge, playing and killing time while they wait for me. Within a week Lee had the kennel built and our policy changed to the dogs never being in the big yard alone (the new ones never would have been anyway.). I realize now that dogs are happy with whatever rules and pattern you set them as long as they get time with you and it is what they are used to. Even if this awesome kennel/run was built, if I still had Ra, he would have been given special yard privileges. I couldn’t make myself take away what he was used to. I don’t feel that I’m being unfair to the new dogs at all by making them stay kenneled…with Ra I felt it was cruel as hell. That is when it hits me hardest, my loss, is walking from the shop to the kennel and back. Ra & Isis ALWAYS accompanied me on that trip. They literally went EVERYWHERE I went, even if it was only to the bathroom. In a way it got them killed in the end. I only had 5 years with them. I’d never lost a pet to anything other than old age before moving here. I just couldn’t bring myself to tell you that I let Ra get killed. I feel like such a failure as a pet owner that my babies, the most important things in my universe, died a month apart due to preventable accidents. I thought for sure you would take Shika, Oni and Nanu away from me if you knew and I needed them for myself and my own sanity at that point (still do and miss Nanu a lot). I’m sorry I didn’t tell you. It was wrong of me and deceptive and I’m NOT a deceptive person so it’s been very hard for me to keep it from you…yet I did. I hope you can forgive me and know that I’ve learned my lesson well and won’t let anything happen to these dogs. Actually Shika and Puck have good health insurance as of yesterday. I couldn’t afford to do everyone. I’m trying to nag Lee into signing Oni up. She coughs a bit, like a cat hacking up hairballs. I think it’s just hair in her throat from playing but I’m not 100% sure If he doesn’t do it I’ll do it as soon as I’m sure I can afford that much every month. It’s about $36/mo per pet but it’s really good coverage. 0 deductible (Shika is 100$ per condition deductible cuz she’s older) 90% coverage and it includes congenital diseases and all the high risk stuff that other policies don’t cover. I did a lot of research. I had Isis and Ra covered through VPI which is a lot cheaper but this is a much better policy. Ra and his sister Isis have gotten me through the hardest time in my life and I'm sure I wouldn't be alive without them now. They are my children, my best friends and the best things in the world. I can be with them 24 hours a day and be happy - I could never do that with a human! Ra is kind of intimidating looking if you don't know him but he's really quite the dork and everyone agrees when they know him. He's kind of clumsy (gracefull when he runs straight), very dependent on his mommy and sister, he doesn't like to be alone and howls when Isis leaves him or I leave him, He's just a big, lovable lug. He loves other dogs and has teeny tiny, less than a mouthful sized friends and he plays gently with them. He's gentle with children - if you are bunny, kitty, squirrel - watch out though.

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