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I've Been Tagged!

July 12th 2008 8:57 pm
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My darling friend Amazing Gracie tagged me to list four things I like and four that I don't. Here goes:

1. When my Aunt Giggi visits. She ALWAYS brings us a prize or treat!
2. Riding in the car. I love to see the world outside my yard!
3. Friends! I love everyone!
4. My nightly wrestling with my sissy, Bizkit. I jump at her and play-growl until she finally gets into the spirit of it.

Dislikes: (Wow, this part is hard)
1. Being shot in the heinie by my doctor.
2. Being told no. Whaddayamean NO?
3. My sisfurs being given attention. That should be MY attention!
4. Having to wait for humans to finish food before I get any of theirs.

Whew, that was tough!

I am going to tag my friends China Sue, Daisy, Zoe, Molly Grace, and Raven.


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