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Life For Me!

Daisy's New Hot Fashion!!!

August 5th 2009 8:48 pm
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Hi Everyone .......WoW its been a long time, I've been very busy this passed year. I had 5 Beautiful babies, not one lives we me, but they seem to show up a lot. ruff ruff, I live the idea cause I have something else to do when I get those pups! Well after that I got in to Modeling Fashions for My Mom, Which she named her line after me Daisy Doggie's Designs. Well its time to go again, see you around next time have fun bye


It's Me Daisy!

June 15th 2008 11:55 pm
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Father's Day.........

June 15th 2008 8:49 pm
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Hope everyone had a nice Father's Day! I had a nice day went to visit some cousin's on the Dog side, My cousin "Tina" a Yorky we played a while, but was not feeling somewhat well since I got my "red light" today. But what the hell its part of a Dog's Life, then I went to visit my other cousin "Ring-Tin-Tin another Yorky which will be married to Tina soon too. We also played a while but, he was not in the mood of play if you know what I mean. Thanks God I had a pamper on. The mix of breeds kind of would not work out for my MoM. Well now that its time still my Uncle (which is a fashion designer) has not gotten my wedding dress done. So it seems I'll be getting my Pictures taken in it after my Honeymoon! Even dogs now a days can't wait Ruff, Ruff,Ruff
I have 18 so called Boyfriends which I have not even seen, and time is so short. Hope one of them is a match for me, next week is my Honeymoon. Wish me luck ...........but if you know of anyothers please around my town ............Please feel free to get in touch ok


1st. Day here June 15,2008

June 14th 2008 10:33 pm
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Well today (rather tonite it's 1:30am in the morning) MoM is up making this happen as I sleep it off after a ruff day at her job. I give her the look of get to bed tomorrows another day but she's checking out this site for the 1st time and looks to me like shes gonna be here a while lol lol

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