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January 17th 2006 3:20 pm
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Ever since Mom went back to "work", I don't get the computer time I used to. I need a new secretary!
I had a pretty good winter holiday. Mom was off of work for 10 days. I hate beling left alone, so that was good news for me. Weird things still happened though...
On Christmas we went over to Grandma's house. I like Grandma's house. It's big. And she has good cheese. Last time I was there I got Brie! I never forget stuff like that. No Brie on Christmas, but I still enjoyed being witht The Pack until...Mama & Papa left without me!!! They waited until they thought I wasn't looking and they just left. I went over to the door and just stared and stared. This has never happened before. I figured I would just wait and they would come back. Grandma started to worry about me, so she started trying to feed me and play with me. As much as I love food, I was too distressed to eat at a time like this. Where are they!? When will they notice they forgot me?!
Grandma then decided to put me in her bed with her, butI didn't like that. I just wanted my Mama & Papa! I finally fell asleep out in the living room. I felt like sleeping alone. The next morning Mama came to get me! Yeah! What was she thinking? I knew I would need to punish her for abandoning me. Mama told me that I should learn how to be a big boy and sleep away from home.
We agreed to disagree on the subject. I don't want her to ever think that she can leave me somewhere so she can go on a "vacation" without me. I will not cooperate if she does this again. Sometimes Mama & Papas cannot be trusted.

So after Christmas vacation Mama & Papa were supposed to go back to "work", but my Papa hurt his back and could not move for a whole week.
This was the best news ever. I had my Papa to myself for a whole week. I could tell he was pretty sick, so I stayed by his side as his loyal companion.
Papa could not walk me or play with me for a week. Mama had to do everything. I felt bad for her so I toned done the bossiness a little. Mama looked like she needed a break.
After 1 week, Papa was better. I was happy he didn't hurt anymore, but I knew that meant he would leave me all day, which is what happened.
Now Mama & Papa are back at "work". I can't wait for the next "vacation"!


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