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my life

Senior years

March 10th 2013 8:57 pm
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Hello everyone it me again, I'm sorry I have not wrote in a long time her is how my life has been over the years.
After I turned one year's old I started my training to be a therapy dog had started, my mom said I was good at this work, by the time I turned two I was certified as my mommas therapy dog I was happy. By four years old I was found to be the best therapy dog in Ohio, three beautiful months latter I had four beautiful pups two sons Gizmo, and pigglet sadly he passed away two days after birth, I also had two daughters Marie, and Stella Luna. As soon as they could learn thinks I and my human tought them how to be a service dog, all my pups but one past the final test when they where four months old, my son gizmo went to a boy down the street who had sistic fibrosis, my daughter Marie went to a paraplegic as a companion animal, my Stella went to a older lady because she dident pass the therapy and service dog test.
Now my age has coght up to me, my hips are getting bad and I have a few teeth left, but the only thing that is important to me is who will care for my mother, so we got a shit-tuz and Peekagnse mix puppy to train to be her new companion dog.



February 18th 2009 10:22 pm
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sorry it has taken so long i am a year old i am having fun and i am very smart i love to pleas my mommy and she is trying to find me a brother so i have someone my size to play with bye


just saying hi

October 11th 2008 7:40 am
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hi it is me bella now i have been in my home for 6 months now i love my life all the treats i will ever want . walks when i want to i can play with my older sister megan and my new sister betty i love my family. i am going to be the greatful dead dog for haloween .


allways here

June 19th 2008 1:58 pm
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hi it is me agin my human had surgery so she gets to stay with me 24/7 i get tummy rubs and the little human is fun i always pull on her shirt then when i feel like having fun i bit at there heels i luv me life


my life

June 11th 2008 3:26 pm
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hi my name is bella i am a peak-a-poo i was trapped in a pet store then this family was coming to see me every week then one day i got set on the cool table and the itchy plastic coller got cut off then i saw the people that came every week paying for me i was so happy to leave but sad to leave my sister but i know that she will get a great home it has been about 1 month in my new home and i love it i am a spoiled pup

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