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Deshi Dishes

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I am not a pot belly pig!

October 3rd 2008 12:42 pm
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Omi (grandma) said I looked like a little pot belly pig yesterday. Mom defended me and said that it is just that I am more muscular and it isn't fat. Thanks Mom. Although she did laugh because she thought it was funny. I am just buff you know - like Schwarzenegger. All I need is a good action hero catch phrase... "I'll be bark!"


Who stole the treats from the treat jar?

September 14th 2008 8:16 am
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I did! Mom had my obedience training in a tote bag that was sitting on the back of a chair in the living room. I decided I wanted some of those treats... so, I climbed up on the ottoman then onto the chair. I stuck my head in the bag and opened the container that held the treats. Then I proceeded to eat what treats were left in the container. (There weren't too many left from our classes - I'd say there was about 1/4 left. The treats were Simon & Huey's Soft Training Treats - Liver Mesquite flavor. Mmmmm! Tetsuya just watched... I think he was being my lookout for Mom. But, he was not a good lookout because I still got caught - although I did eat all the treats.


Deshi's eyelid update

September 9th 2008 1:30 pm
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I had Deshi's stitches taken out today and his eye looks good. As long as the eyelid stays like it is and doesn't turn in again then his entropin eyelid is corrected.


I broke my e-collar today!

September 7th 2008 5:07 pm
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I broke my e-collar today! Hooray! I was outside with Dad and he looked and noticed it was broken. The plastic had cracked in half. Then he took electrical tape and taped it back together. When Mom returned home from work she noticed it and Dad told her what happened. She thought she would take the e-collar off of me and see if I leave the stitches on my eyelid alone... sure enough, I haven't messed with them. I hope I get to stay e-collar free now - I get the stitches taken out Tuesday.


Where's the remote control you ask?

September 5th 2008 10:58 am
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I hid the remote control from Mom today. She knew I must have grabbed it and brought it off somewhere - she looked and looked... she searched under the couch cushions, under the coffee table, down the hall, in the kitchen, and all areas in between. Then, I guess she figured me out - she went and looked under the cushion of my new Bowser bed and there it was. I was hoping to at least chew the remote up a bit before she found it, but no such luck!


Mmmmm, Frosty Paws!

September 1st 2008 1:56 pm
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I got to try Frosty Paws for the first time ever today... all I have to say is yummy! Other news, I still have the cone on and will have it for at least another week. Mom is going to make an appointment at the vet's next week to get the stitches on my eyelid taken out. I can't wait to be cone free!


Deshi joined the e-collar crew

August 25th 2008 4:33 pm
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Deshi went to the vet today. He has an entropin eyelid (turned in eyelid) on his left eye - his lower eyelid. He is had three sutures put in to try to correct the problem. The other option, surgery if necessary, is something that isn't performed till he is about 8 1/2 months old.

Sometimes they can grow out of it - when their head gets bigger. But, I thought I'd get the sutures put in because that might correct the problem. The vet is a bit pessimistic that the sutures will not cause the eyelid to be turned out permanently (like a normal eyelid). He has seen it happen before though. He said it couldn't hurt to get the sutures put in.

The cone will have to stay on between 14-21 days when he gets his stitches removed. I thinks I'll have them take his stitches out around 17-18 days. Tetsuya got in his face earlier - he didn't like that at all. He as well as Yukiko seemed very interested in his e-collar. I took a couple of pictures of him lying out in the sun with his cone on.


Deep Undercover

August 22nd 2008 11:26 am
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I hid from mom last night... and even better it was after she locked me in my crate for the night. She walked in the room later to go to bed and didn't see me - she said, "Where's Deshi?" Then she saw the bump in my crate bed and saw one of my ears, my tail, and one of my legs sticking out from underneath the bed. She laughed at me. I was hiding though - rather well, or so I thought.


Regression of Tetsuya - Courtesy of Me!!

August 21st 2008 9:02 am
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I must say, I have been doing a great job of retraining Tetsuya to do all those naughty things he stopped doing. An example of this is chewing on paper. I also taught Kuma this again as well while he was staying with us for 10 days. I don't know if he has kept up with the task of paper chewing in my absence though.

Tetsuya was even chewing on the fish net for the aquarium that I swiped. Mom promptly took it of of him and then gave me a look - yes, she has figured me out and my mission - I need to try and be more covert. Now, my only problem with all of this is that Tetsuya doesn't actually grab the papers, magazines off the table himself. He will only chew on paper I've already gotten hold of. So, I still need to retrain him to grab and shred himself as well.


I love to dig!

August 12th 2008 3:41 pm
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I dug such a nice hole in the backyard today... well, my pal Kuma helped. If you'd like to check out my digging skills:

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