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Deshi Dishes

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Deshi Dishes With InuYasha!

December 1st 2009 7:41 pm
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My interview with InuYasha - 1026840. Enjoy!

Tell me a bit about your name and how you got it.

My pawrents daughter, Cassie, wanted a Japanese name for me, and she loves the cartoon, InuYasha, so that is the name she picked.

I see that your profile motto is "Demon Dog." Are you really naughty sometimes?

Cassie told me that InuYasha meant demon dog in Japanese. Little did the family know that I'd really live up to the nickname! I'm not too naughty, but I do like to chew up the walls and door frames.

Do people mistake you for being a husky? I get that a lot as a black and tan shiba.

Oh yes, I got husky a lot when I was a little puppy, but now that I'm grown, I don't get it too much.

Do you have a set time that you go for daily walks or is it varied? Also, where is your favorite place to go for walks?

I mostly get walked in the afternoon, and a short walk before bedtime. We live 2 blocks from a big park and it's fun to go there and smell all the neat smells!

Do you have a favorite toy? If so, what is it?

I love anything that squeaks. My goal is to either remove the squeaker, or chomp on it so much it no longer works! (only takes me about 10 minutes to destroy a toy)

Tell me a bit about the place where you live. Your profile doesn't mention it all all. What is the scenery like and is the weather nice there?

We live in central Illinois. The scenery is mostly corn and bean fields. We had a great summer, but mama says it wasn't at all hot or humid this summer. I love the cooler weather and Cassie can't wait to see how I react to the snow.

Do you like to cuddle or are you more independent?

I'm totally independent. Too much energy to ever relax and cuddle.

That is a pretty snazzy looking collar you are wearing in your profile picture. Do you wear any clothes at all or do you prefer being au naturale wearing a collar only?

Never had any clothes on, but mama think I may need some shoes for winter.

Bugs, have you ever caught and eaten any? Do they taste like chicken?

I LOVE bugs! How did you know?? I like to jump up in the air as high as I can and try to catch them. For some reason, I'm not allowed to try to catch the yellow and black bugs that buzz....

Do you bark when somebody knocks on the door or rings the doorbell?

Nope, I only bark when I have to go outside.

Is there anything else you'd like to share with the dogs on the shiba forum?

My mama gets so much info from everyone.


Deshi Dishes With Jiro!

December 11th 2009 8:37 am
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Here is my interview with Jiro (774630). Enjoy!

Jiro, I know you are my arch nemesis and I'm yours, but for the sake of this interview I will put our past snarkiness and quarrels aside. I brought plenty of treats to ease any tension either of us are having. So, please - help yourself.

*bark* *growl* They’re probably poisoned! *grrrrr*

If you've read my previous interviews you will see that I begin each interview the same way... How did you get your name and do you have any nicknames?
My name was originally lunch meat or something equally strange – I forget. When my foster mom (now Auntie Erin) rescued me from the Lewisville, TX, pound, she named me “Jiro,” which is a traditional Japanese name for the second son born to a family. She already had a male Shiba, so I was her second boy. She kept me for a year, so it stuck.

My nicknames are numerous and include “Cheeky Munky,” “pup,” “mutt,” “mongrel,” “no, no, bad dog,” and “Soup.” I’m not sure about that last one, but it keeps coming up. I think it may be a threat.

Your mom is very active with shiba rescue and you've had a lot of foster shibas share your home in the past. How do you like it when a foster shiba is living with you? Do you share your toys?
I’m never very happy about it, but mom always reminds me that, once, I was lost and needed a home that was safe and kind. I usually don’t worry too much about it, as long as everybody is clear that I’m still the Alpha Male. Yuki-san, my brofur, is usually much less accepting at first because he’s always trying to protect the family from new dogs. What a dope!

Three Dog Bakery - I love that place and you live so close to it! Lucky shiba. What is your favorite treat from there?
I like everything there! I really like the PupCakes. They also made an excellent Beast Feast for thanksgiving, which included all kinds of goodies and a Sweet Potato Chew. That was a happy Jiro/full belly kind of day.

I saw that you got to spend a day at your dad's office a few months back. I bet that was a lot of fun. Do you think you'll get to go back and spend time with him at work again?
Yeah, that was great. Everyone loved me, and I got to hang out with Dad and not be stuck at home all day. Dad’s boss, the owner of the company, decreed that I would have free range of the offices and that, if anyone didn’t like it, they would be fired.

I’m like the GEICO gecko, but I have more power than he does.

Tell me about your favorite place to go for walks... what is it like and what cool stuff do you see and smell?
I love hikes in the woods. So much stuff to smell, and it’s so much more fun than a boring ol’ sidewalk.

I know you had some pretty bad allergies and that seems to be under control now. Are you feeling a lot better now that you have medication for your allergies? You look so much fluffier now.
I am feeling better. I was totally miserable for a while, but now everything’s cleared up. The fluffiness is simply another symbol of my mightiness.

Do you get anything added to your dog food or do you eat it plain?
I get salmon oil directly onto breakfast kibble every morning. Sometimes Mom and Dad will bring home plain hamburgers from Wendy’s for us. Those are good days.

Do you have any dog friends at your apartment complex?
No, they’re all idiots.

Baths or nail trims - which is worse?
Definitely nail trims. Mom and Dad have a dremel they use on us, but I hate it almost as much as the horrible clippers. Mom here: Aww come on Jiro nail trims aren't that bad if they were you wouldn't behave like this. Jiro: Mom, don't show them that!!!!!!!! I'll loose my street cred!

What is the farthest place you've vacationed away from home? Did you have a lot of fun there?
I guess it was probably the trip to Galveston I took with a bunch of Shibas. I had fun, but it was dampened by repeated run-ins with you. *grrrrrrr*

Is there anything else you'd like to share with the dogs on the shiba forum?
May your days be full of walks, and may your squirrels be fat and slow! I love you all!

Except for you, Deshi. *grrrrr* *buff*!

Just kidding Deshi, everyone knows we secretly like each other.


Deshi Dishes With Reggie!

January 12th 2010 11:53 am
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My interview with Reggie id 717722 - enjoy!

Tell me a bit about your name and how you got it.

I received the name Reggie because my parents are hockey fans. Reggie Dunlop is the main character in the movie "Slap Shot" which is hockey based and that's how I became Reggie. As for my full name Reginald Cornelius, well mum figured that I needed to sound a bit regal since the Corgi is the Queen's favorite breed.

So, you are the shiba forums resident Corgi and honorary shiba. Tell us a bit more about your breed and are you similar in temperament to shibas in any way?

I think in some ways I'm like a Shiba. The most noticeable being that I'm adorable like all of you are, I'm also full of attitude, very smart, and am very active. The most known fact about Corgi's is that we are herders. I have a lot of spunk and can really get the other pooches going, I'm quite the social butterfly, outgoing, friendly, and I'm bold. I have no fear. I keep all around me on their toes.

Do you have a favorite toy? If so, what is it?

It is without a doubt the frisbee. Don't get me wrong I love most toys, but my favorite by far is the frisbee. I could play all day.

Where was your last vacation? What fun things did you see and do?

Our last vacation we all drove up to PA, the parents and the other four pooches. We saw deer, I played with goats, met many horses, came face to face with a groundhog, chased fireflies at night, introduced to lots of new family members, went for walks in all kinds of new areas, smelled tons of new smells (especially at the two horse farms), and even experienced my first flat tire on our drive home in Maryland. I had a great time and can't wait to do it again in a couple of months.

What kind of food do you eat?

I eat a raw diet and my favorite to eat are chicken feet (hey that rhymed)

Are you very vocal and do you bark when someone is at the door?

I am very vocal indeed. I have these big ears on my head that mum likes to call my satellite dishes and I hear everything. When I hear something I LOVE to bark at it so it hears me too. I'm also very talkative so if I want some attention I have no problem letting you know. It doesn't matter who is at the door you better believe that I'm going to bark "hello". Even when my mum and dad come home I must bark at them so they hear just how excited I am they're home and how much I missed them.

What is the naughtiest thing you've ever done?

Hmmm, mum always says that if I do something wrong that it is usually her fault or dad's fault for failing to set me up for success. So technically I don't think I've ever done anything wrong. smile However, I suppose the time that I peed on my older brother Doug wasn't very nice. Not sure what went through my mind but it seemed like a good idea at the time.

What is your favorite place to go for walks? Tell me a bit about it and what makes it so great.

There is this 10 mile walkway that is soooo much fun. There is tall grass to run through, dirt to roll in, and a nice concrete path as well. There are other dogs there sometimes, and always lots of people walking, running, and biking. They usually stop to say hello which makes me very happy. There is also lots of wild life frogs, birds, alligators, geckos, turtles, and bugs. This makes for lots of fun stuff to watch and smell.

Have you ever captured any bugs or animals?

Much to mum's dismay my favorite thing to play with are spiders. It really creeps her out and when she catches me she always makes me stop. One time though after a storm I did find a little bird who hurt its wing and I barked at it furiously until mum came over to me. She was able to take it to the vet where they gave the little bird to a wildlife sanctuary and it made a full recovery.

Do you like going for checkups at the vet's office or are you scared?

I don't mind the vet at all. They are always so excited to see me and invite me behind the desk where they give me lots of kisses. I like to strut around the place I own it.

Is there anything else you'd like to share with the dogs on the shiba forum?

I would love to say thank you to Deshi and family for allowing me to take part in such a wonderful interview. To the rest of the Shiba's don't forget who's in charge our parents wouldn't know what to do without us, and what a boring life they'd lead.

Reggie and family


Deshi Dishes With Okami!

February 8th 2010 12:10 pm
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Here is my interview with Okami - 971402. Enjoy!

Tell me a bit about your name and any nicknames you have.

Mom and Dad wanted to give me a Japanese name. They were having a hard time choosing a name, but then Mom found one of Dad's videogame called "Okami". Mom suggested that they give me the name Okami, but there weren't sure what it meant. They looked it up and they found that it meant wolf. My breeder, who is Japanese, also confirmed that Okami means wolf. So, they named me Okami!

I have plenty of nicknames! Sometimes Mom calls me the big one (since I'm physically the biggest pet), Oke-ster, Okami-san, or "hey, don't eat that!" Sometimes they also call me "OMG, what's in your mouth?!?!?!" bol.

So, you live in San Francisco. Have you ever gotten a taste of Rice -A- Roni or any other table scraps for that matter?

I have a secret to tell you, we actually don't live in San Francisco. We (well, Mom, Dad, Faye and my feline siblings) moved from SF to LA about a 1 1/2 years ago. I'm from a breeder in Corona. Mom still leaves "San Francisco" for our location because she doesn't want to admit that she now lives in LA. Mom is weird.

As for table scraps, Mom and Dad are very stingy! They don't give us a lot of table scraps, but sometimes they just can't help it! My favorite table scraps are fries, gorgonzola crackers with pub cheese, spaghetti, and peanut butter!!!

I bet you have lots of cool parks you visit. What is your favorite place to go for a walk?

When we go to SF, we sometimes take walks in the Presidio. It's beautiful! I think it use to be a formal naval base.

Are you pretty good about getting baths and nail trims?

I don't like getting baths or getting my nailed trim, but I suffer in silence. I try to wiggle out of it, but I don't do the shiba scream. Mom and Dad also just take me to a groomer because I'm getting too strong for them to handle. It doesn't seem to bother me much though because I always want to walk into the groomer's shop when we pass by it on our walks.

Do you ever go on road trips? If so, what is the furthest place you've gone to and what did you get to do and see while there?

Yes, we go on road trips all the time! The farthest I've gone to is from LA to SF. The only problem is that I get car sick, so that's not very fun. :(

But, in SF, we get to go to great places! We take walks in downtown SF or the parks, and sometimes they leave us in the hotel! It's great!!!!!

Have you ever gotten to play in snow?

No. I wish. I'm sure I'll eat the snow too.

Tell me a bit about the food you eat? Do you have any favorite treats?

Mom and Dad feed us Orijen with some freeze dried lamb steaks once in a while. I think it's yummy, but then again, I think everything is yummy

My favorite treats are these peanut butter sandwich cookies from Trader Joe's They are for dogs, but once, Mom tasted it and she said it tastes like people food! Yum!

Where is your favorite napping spot?

The living room floor. It's carpeted and it's super soft. Sometimes, when Faye lets me, I like to nap on the couch too.

What does your food and water bowl look like? Do they have designs, patterns, etc. on them?

My food bowl has grooves so it's shaped like a star. It's main purpose is to slow down my eating!!!! I use to just gobble up my food. Now, I have to take a little time to eat it.

My water bowl is just a plain stainless steel bowl. Mom read that stainless steel bowls are better because it prevents bacterial growth. I don't know if that's true or not, but Mom is weird like that.

Do you have a doggy door to go in and out or do you scratch at the door when you want out?

No, we have no doggy door. Faye and I don't like going outside. We would be perfectly happy staying indoors all day, but they say we have to be walked so we can get exercise and use the bathroom. Ugh. So, to answer your question, no, I don't scratch at the door when I want out because I never want out. :)

Is there anything else you'd like to share with the dogs on the shiba forum?

I just wanted to say that my pawrents, Faye and myself are very thankful for this forum. It's filled with great people and great dogs! Everyone here is super nice and super supportive! Thanks again for everything.

And, Deshi, you rock!


Deshi Dishes With Winnie!

February 26th 2010 9:38 am
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Here is my interview with Winnie - ( id 554287). Enjoy!

Tell me about your name and how you got it. Also, what nicknames do you have?

At my breeder's, I was known as "Takara", which means treasure in Japanese. But, when I came home, mom didn't think I really responded to the name. I was a real rascally puppy and would sit in a defiant pose with my back curved - much like Winnie the Pooh. There was some "concern" with my aunties since they thought Winnie T Pooh is a male, and well - I definitely am a girly girl... So, my other "namesake" is Winnie Cooper from the TV show "The Wonder Years".

My nicknames can vary from "Pooh Bear", "Pooh", "Miss Winnie", "Little Girl" and "Winnster".

Your mom organizes a shiba meetup group. Do you like getting to meet all those other shibas? What is the most exciting meetup you've gone to?

I don't really care about any of the Shibas that always seem to flock around me whenever I go anywhere... What is this "meetup" you speak of? However, I really enjoy meeting the people and if there are kids there - that's the best part! I love playing with the little kids! I think the best Shiba Meetup was when we got to go to the Southern California Shiba Club Shiba picnic party. OMD! There were hundreds of Shibas there!!!!

What is your favorite toy to play with? Do you destroy your toys?

This week, my favorite toy is a little squeaky rubber soccer ball. (The squeaker just died this morning - I think our foster bit down too hard on it.) I'm very good with my toys and don't destroy them - the fosters, they are always messing things up and mom has to throw them away because she says they make a mess everywhere. Oh well, at least she keeps bringing home new stuff - so I'm always having a new favorite. Guess that makes me fickle! See--- such a girly girl!

Does your mom ever dress you up in clothes?

OH NO! That's a big NO-NO! I will never ever ever wear anything other than my big fur coat that I was born with. Seriously, I will fight her if I had to wear something... I enjoy being "au naturel"... :)

What is your favorite kind of chew treat?

Bully bites. They really satisfy any time of chewing need for me. Mom gets fancy by bringing home all different kinds of chewies, but bullies are best.

Where is your favorite place to go for walks? Tell me about some of the sights you see there.

Well, mom likes going hiking in the Angeles National Forest - so we've gone on quite a few trails up there. It's so quiet, clean and pretty. I used to really hate the stream crossings, but now I really look forward to them. Every now and then, I fall in and get a bit upset about it - but I still love going hiking. We are usually gone for a good 5 hours - mom packs my lunch with us and we get to picnic up there too! That's the best part! Sometimes she lets me off leash and so I've chased a few squirrels, chipmunks and lizards up there, too...! I also saw some deer and lots of birds - but I've never caught anything YET.

Do you get bathed and have your nails trimmed at home or do you go to a groomer?

Depending on what mom's got going on - sometimes she will do my nails and give me a bath. She said that she likes it better because it's not so stressful for me. I will panic and cry when I get dropped off at the groomer, but I do come back looking gorgeous (if I do say so myself) and smelling great! Mom lets me dry in the sun without the loud dryers, and I enjoy that part the best after a bath. The yucky "expression" thing - well, mom said she just can't do it right, so the vet or the groomer will do that job... grrrrrrrr....

Where is the furthest place you've been away from home on vacation?

The furthest we went has been to a city called Los Osos, CA - which is in Central Cali, near wine country. Mom really enjoys her wine. We got to go on a family trip so it was 8 humans and 6 dogs!!!! All in one house! OH BOY! Was that fun!!!! We were all very good and didn't get into any fights - but my crazy Frenchy cousins - Doc and Portia had a few "accidents" in the home. I (of course) was a perfect Shiba angel...

What is the naughtiest thing you've ever done?

I haven't been naughty in a very long time, but I was a real "nightmare" when I was a pup. (Those are mom's words.) I just didn't like to have anything around my neck, and I sure didn't want to have anyone try to control me or tell me where to go and where I couldn't go. Hmph! So, whenever that collar and leash came out, I'd try to take a chunk out of anything to stop that from happening. Mom had to take me to see a very special man who helped me understand why this needed to happen and why I needed to cooperate. I haven't been naughty since.... :)

Where do you sit when you go for car rides? Do you enjoy going for drives?

I sit on the center console - in the thick of it all... I am a copilot and must make sure that the pilot doesn't mess up. And, if she does mess up, I'm right there - ready to jump in and make it all better. I used to hate the car, and I used to get sick everytime I got in. Mom tried everything from ginger cookies to dramamine... She eventually started on some herbal calming drops and stopped feeding me before a car ride and I soon would just fall asleep in the car. Now, I'm very calm and don't get sick at all. I've always loved car rides, but now I really love them since I don't get sick.

Is there anything else you'd like to share with the dogs on the shiba forum?

I just wanted to let everyone here know that I think we are all so lucky to have some warm, loving homes with forever humans to spend our lives with. We are a very special breed and not many people would put up with our crazy antics and quirks, so I just wanted to share that I think we all lucked out... Be appreciative of your humans - let them cuddle you for a second, or give them a stingy kiss on the nose... They deserve it...!


Deshi Dishes With Tank!

April 16th 2010 7:38 am
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Here is my interview with Tank (1056360). Enjoy!

Tell me a bit about how you got your name.

well, since we are a small size...the pawrents thought it would be *fun* to give me the name Tank since it's kinda an oxymoron. a beefy dog in a little body. plus, i'm ruff 'n' tough.

What is the city you live in like? Your profile doesn't mention it. Do you have any nice parks and/or dog parks to go to?

it doesnt?!?! well, i shall have mom fix that a.s.pronto. we live in Jupiter. it's near West Palm Beach. we have a dog park about 10 minutes away that we go to alot. there is a larger park where we have the meetup, which is nice. we've only been to the meetup once so far, but it was SOOO much fun! i've been begging the pawrents to take me again!

What is your favorite treat?

wait, i have to have a favorite??? hmm...cheetos. mom gets the 'natural' cheetos for dad and he shares them with me. i love them soooooooo much. everytime i hear a bag crinkle, i run to the kitchen. sometimes the crinkling bag is pita chips, which mom shares with me. see, you have to work the system...some from mom some from dad. just act like you havent had a treats in daaays.

Do you like going for car rides? Do you ever take long road trips?

i LOVE car rides! when mom and dad leave the house together, i always think they're taking me to the dog park. mom swears that she could let me walk to the car without my leash when i know we're going there! i like to look out the window, but i love to sit on mom or dad's lap. or dad's shoulders, as you can see in my pic. it was very comfy. i dont know why they didnt want me to do that. hmph. we have taken a couple long road trips to GA and NC. they were ok, but i prefer the shorter ones.

What is your favorite place to go for a walk?

umm everywhere, duh. the pawrents usually just walk me in the apartment complex, which has some great smells, but i think my fav was at the cabin in NC. there was tons of snow everywhere, which i didnt like at first, but then i realized that i had natural snow shoes and then loved it! plus it was nice and cool instead of hot FL!

Do you go to a groomer for nail trims and baths?

*sigh* my pawrents bathe me. i dont like baths but i will tolerate them, although i do like to try to jump out of the tub when i think the 'rents arent paying attention. i am sad to say that i have never escaped the tub. i LOATHE getting my nails trimmed. last time we went to the vet, mom asked them to trim my nails. so they took me in the back, put a muzzle on me (*gasp*) and attempted to cut my precious toes off! clearly i had to let them know this was unacceptable, so i screamed so loud that mom heard me from the exam room (she says it sounded like someone castrating a hog, whatever that means), and i tried to escape their evil grasp. i am proud to report that they only cut one nail. the vet brought me back to the room and said they couldnt trim my nails there because i was too crazy, and that she would give my mom a tranquilizer to give me if she wanted to trim my nails at home. so mom says that she'll wait until aunt amy comes (mom's vet tech friend) and they'll conquer me together??? i'll be needed alternate living arrangements next time she comes. if anypup has an extra room at their place, please let me know.

Swimming - hate it or love it?

HATE IT. well, actually i've never actually gone *swimming*. but the 'rents have taken me to the beach a couple times and tried getting me in the water...the waves chase me! so cruel...

What kind of dog food do you eat?

we just switched to raw about a month ago. i LOVE LOVE LOVE it. sooooooooooo much. so far i've had chicken, turkey neck, and some steak dad brought home from work! mom also has some pork liver in the freezer and the ground mixture that sounds fantastic! i've *very* excited to try it!!! sometimes i try to take the chicken legs on the carpet to chew on heeheehee...

Do you belong to a shiba meetup group?

as i mentioned before, there is one in our area, but we've only been once. i dont think it's very established, as the founder lives out of state, so mom is thinking of jumping in to help!

Do you have a set walking schedule each day? Or do you go for walks at random times?

somewhat set, somewhat random. mom's work schedule just changed so it's a little different now. we go out when mom get up in the morning, and before the 'rents go to bed, then a bunch of random times during the day.

Is there anything else you'd like to share with the dogs on the shiba forum?

i hope to meet all the shibas in the forum one day and i wish that there were more shibas near me! i need some cohorts in taking over the South FL area. mom says to tell all the other 'rents thanks for all the support and advice. mom also says...wait, no i'm not sharing that, Mom.*struggling*! my com...puter...

Tank's mom here. i would just like to say that Tank has actually become somewhat snuggly within the past few months and i am loving it!!!

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh noooooooooooooo. i plead the 5th...


Deshi Dishes With Hiro!

May 25th 2010 2:45 pm
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My interview with Hiro (id # 1001736)... Enjoy!

How did you get your name and do you have any nicknames?

Dad got a revolution on one of my walks. I was just "puppy" for a few days because they couldn't think of a "cool" name. Mom loved the name Hiro, and so does everyone else we meet! But, some of these people think my name is HERO not HIRO!

Since you are a white shiba do you get dirty often? Do you like to play in the mud?

EW! MUD?!?!? No way! I don't like mud, water puddles, etc. When I see these things, I walk around it and not through it!

I like to consider myself pretty clean... I clean myself every morning when I wake up! And I think it's a good thing b/c mommy's kinda OCD... shh... don't let her know I told you that! One thing I don't necessarily like that she does is... wipe my feet every time we come inside from a walk! Weird mommy!

Do you have any dogs in your neighborhood that you like to play with?

Of course! I like to think I am the stud of the neighborhood! I have 4 girlfriends! Yup, you heard me right... FOUR! One of them Wendy, she's a golden doodle a few months younger than me, but whoa... when I see her I go nuts! She and I LOVE playing together in the field outside in the middle of our complex! I also have a best friend, he's a black pug. Sage is his name and we also love to play! His daddy's afraid that someday, I will poke out Sage's eye because I like to play rough and bite his face! Sage doesn't mind though... he loves playing with me!

Do you like going on car rides? What is the furthest you've traveled?

Car rides don't bother me much if I can hang outside the window! I love feeling the breeze on my face!

The furthest I've traveled is Michigan to visit my grandpawrents! I saw snow for the first time there and loved it. True, the first time I saw it, I wasn't real sure of it b/c it was wet and cold, but once I got used to it, I loved being outside and playing with my buddy Dusty (he's a golden retreiver!) And, I loved my grandpawrents house b/c they have a HUGE fenced in backyard and I was able to spend hours outside!

Do you have any food allergies?

Not that we are aware of!

What is your favorite toy and why?

I love all my toys and my crate how is my toy box! However, if I had to choose 2, they would be my squeaky tennis ball and another one is a doll that looks like a witch! It's as big as I am and I love thrashing her around!

Do you get your nails trimmed at home or do you go to a groomer?

I get my nails trimmed at home. Mom holds me and dad clips my nails. I have read the horror stories about the shiba screams and how some of my buddies on dogster don't like their nails trimmed, but I don't mind much! Mom holds me out on the patio so I can look over the balcony and see what's going on outside while dad clips!

Do you belong to a shiba meetup group? If not, have you ever played with another shiba?

Yes, they just started a new shiba meetup here! Funny thing is, the creamies out-number the other color shibas! Oh... I forgot... I have one more girlfriend...Mara. She's a creamie too and she and I go nuts for each other! Told ya'... I'm a stud! :)

And, I have also played with Yoshi who is a member here on Dogster. He's awesome and so is his mommy! :)

Where is your favorite napping spot? Do you have your own doggie bed?

My favorite napping spot is in the master bedroom closet (mom says I'm weird). It's a walk in and I love sleeping in there! So, mommy went out and bought me a bed and set up a little room for me in there!

I also sleep on the couch and under the coffee table... it's where ever looks most comfy for me at that time! :) Oh and very rarely, I will go sleep next to mommy on the bed... and even if I do, it's only for a little bit. I like to make her happy sometimes! :)

Is there anything else you'd like to share with the dogs on the shiba forum?

I would like to thank you Deshi for giving me the opportunity to talk about myself! I had fun answering your questions!

Hiro's mom here--> I wanted to thank Deshi also for interviewing Hiro. And, I wanted to thank all of you on Dogster for helping us whenever we have questions! You have really helped us a lot and we love you all! We hope that one day, we get to meet all of you! :)


Deshi Dishes With Falcao!

August 10th 2010 7:05 pm
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Here is my interview with Falcao (1028403). Enjoy!

You have an interesting name. What does it mean?

"Falcao" is Brazilian for Falcon. However, there is a famous Colombian football player named Falcao Garcia. One of my pawrents is Colombian, so I was named in his honor!

What is your favorite toy?
My favorite toy is ironically a stuffed cat. I carry him everywhere with me!

I see on your profile picture you are snuggling with a kitten? Do you and the kitty play a lot together?

Yes! We are best brofurs. We chase each other around the house all day, and I even let him drink out of my water bowl [not the food though, he knows better ;) )

Do you like going to dog parks? If so, do you have a favorite dog or two that you play with there?

I love to go to the dog park! We have a few shibas that I can play with, but I like to chase down the big dogs.

Where is your favorite place to go for walks?
We have a lot of great parks, so I love to go on hikes. All the new sights and sounds drive me crazy, and I like to try and catch the lizards!

Do you prefer a collar or a harness for walks? What does your collar and/or harness look like?

I like my collar better, because I can slip out of it and do whatever I want! But the pawrents caught on, and now I have to wear my harness when we go out...not so bad I guess. It is black and gold, so it matches me!

Where is your favorite napping spot?

I like to nap under the sofa, so I can still keep an eye out for my brofur trying to steal my food.

Have you ever been swimming at a beach/lake/river? If so, where and how did you like it?

I hate the water!! I hate going out in the rain, and I would never place a paw in a puddle. So, the short answer, is no!

Have you ever had your teeth brushed? If so, did you put up a fight or tolerate it just fine?

I love to have my teeth brushed, tastes just like peanut butter!!

Tell me a bit about the dog food you eat. How much are you fed a day and what kind of food is it? Are you a picky eater?

Right now I am eating Wellness Super5Mix. I get fed 1.5-2 cups a day, once in the morning, once at night. And if I am lucky, I get some chicken, cheese or steak! I am not picky at all...except I refuse to eat pineapples and I hate the smell of bananas!

Did you take any road trips this summer or do you have any upcoming trips planned? Do you like going for drives in the car?

I have been to Atlanta, Tampa and West Palm Beach this summer! I love to go for a ride in the car. I have the whole back seat to myself, so I get to lounge around or look out the window.

Is there anything else you'd like to share with the dogs on the shiba forum?

Just want to say thanks for all the tips! There were so helpful in deciding to get a Shiba, and are still helpful today!


Deshi Dishes With Kobe!

September 7th 2010 7:23 am
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Here is my interview with Kobe (784519). Have fun reading it!

Can you tell me the story of how you got your name?

Well, before Mom and Dad adopted me, I was called Eaki, which I believe means 'baby' in Korean. When the girl decided to give me to Mom and Dad, they like Yoshi. Then Mom's best friend suggested Kobayashi after the hot dog eating champion. Dad said no way, but liked just Kobe, like in the beef! Sooo, technically, I was named after a hot dog eating champion and beef.

Where is your favorite place to go for walks?

I really like it when Mom takes me up to South Street. Dad used to work in a pizza place.....mmmmm.....but not anymore. Now, I like to go to what's known as the Schuylkill River Trail. At the end of the trail is a park, and that's where we meetup with Chad and Henry!

Have you ever captured any birds, squirrels, etc?

YESSS!!! I've caught a squirrel! Well....I helped catch a squirrel. Actually I only got the tail. But I did help corner it in a tree so that my shiba buddy, Kasey, could get it! It was really exciting! But made Mom and Chad and Henry's Mom not happy. So I spit out the tail. It was kinda furry anyway.

I'm an expert bug catcher though!!

How well do you do on car rides? What was the last vacation you took by car?

I'm great on car rides! I love to go. Mom and Dad even let me stick my head out of the window sometimes. This summer we went to Ocean City, Maryland. It was a 4 hour car ride! I slept a lot because we left early in the morning, but once we got there it was fun. I got to meet my new cousin, Lucy! She's a westie mix. She liked Sparky better, but that's okay. We also got to go to the beach and Mom and Dad made me go in the water. I was not a fan.

How well do you tolerate going out in the rain?

I tolerate it as long as I have my rain coat on.....and we don't have to go outside.

What kind of food does your diet consist of? Do you have any food allergies?

We get fed Verus fish formula because....well....I have a very sensitive stomach. So far we're three bags in, and I'm still....holding it together. Otherwise, I'm not allowed to eat anything else. One of Dad's friends said once, "People food makes Kobe make Puddles." Pretty much sums it up!

Where does your collar and/or harness look like?

I have TWO collars! One's black and the other one's black. is on all of the time (except at night time) and has my tags on it, and the other one is a training collar, similar to a martingale but with a chain release instead. I had a harness,but it made me want to a sled dog!

Do you destroy your stuffed toys?

Every single last stinkin' one! Except my triceratops....I love her.

What are your favorite types of treats?

If I had my way, I would get peanuts, cheese, hot dogs and pizza crust all the time! But, mom says they make me have sad butt.

Do you ever wear any clothing?

Begrudgingly, yes. I have a christmas sweater, a black and red striped sweater, a shark hoodie, and various other things. Mom even has a pirate hat for me, but I hate it!

What is the most valuable thing you've ever chewed up?

Me? Chew something valuable? You must be joking! Only my brother ever chews anything that's not his....never me.

Is there anything else you'd like to share with the dogs on the shiba forum?

Oh! Where to begin! Mom would be a complete mess without you guys. She loves being able to hang out with everyone in the forum even though she's not a shiba herself and is only using the computer because I let her. We really love how everyone is dedicated to keeping shiba's safe and well represented. You guy are great!


Deshi Dishes With Katsumi!

December 15th 2010 8:49 pm
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Here is my interview with Katsumi (1113315). Enjoy!

Please tell me about the meaning of your name. Also, I am real curious about your nicknames. It looks like you have quite a few interesting ones. How'd you get them?
My name- "Katsumi" means "victorious beauty." My Dad originally wanted to name me "Sakura." He first thought that I was going to be a calm puppy- boy, was was he wrong!
I've gotten a few nicknames, the best is from one of Mum's co-workers who called me "Chop Suey!" We really have no idea where that came from, but it's stuck. The pawrents normally call me (other than my name): Missy or O Princess Kastumi-san (when I am being especially royal!)

What is your favorite toy?
Hm... I love my mo-mo monkey (from Suki & Max), new rawhides, and recently- my bully rings!

I see on your profile picture that you are chewing a bully stick - are those your favorite treats?
That stick was gone in a day... if that shows you how much I like bully sticks. I also LOVE pupperonis!

Recently you made a big move to Kentucky. How do you like it there? Are there lots of dog friendly places?
I love our new home! Mum & Dad take me on more walks and they say we'll have a fenced in yard next spring (that's a good thing, right?) There's a HUGE park that we live close to and I still get to play in snow! How fun is that? Mum say she is concerned about animal treatment here... but I have no idea what that means.

Where is your favorite spot to take a nap? Also, are you allowed up on the bed?
I like to nap on my pawrents and a floor pillow that's by a big window in the great room. I was grounded from the bed, but Dad is slowing talking Mum into letting me on the bed everynow and then.

Shiba zoomies - do you do them often?
I normally get zoomies at least once every night, that way it's too dark for Mum to record... but I fall all over the place now since the house has "hard wood floors?"

What does your food bowl look like?
My bowls are metal with little blue/gray puppy prints along the sides!

Have you ever hunted any bugs and/or animals?
I hunt several invisible critters, especially in the ground. My bro-cat Cricket normally gets the bugs before I do.

Have you ever been swimming at a beach/lake/river? If so, where and how did you like it?
... water is bad.

Do you ever have to wear clothes? If so, do you protest?
... clothes are bad. I will even protest against bandannas!

What kind of dog food do you eat? Are you a picky eater?
I like my blue buffalo salmon flavor... though what I REALLY want is my water bowl filled.

Do you have any allergies?
Not yet anyway!

Is there anything else you'd like to share with the dogs on the shiba forum?
Even though I'm not even one year old yet (will be on Sunday!) I have mastered shiba-mind control.

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