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Deshi Dishes

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Happy Deshi Friday Everyone!

June 13th 2008 12:56 pm
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Hi all. Thank you for the warm welcome! I just arrived home about 30 minutes ago. I am resting in my crate right now. Tetsuya is sitting right outside of the crate - I think he is figuring out what he thinks of me. BOL.

Mom held me on the couch while Tetsuya and Yukiko sniffed me. Yukiko woo wooed excitedly then she decided to go lay down. :) Tetsu was running around like crazy and barking. Mom had him calm down and made him sniff me nicely. I just wagged my tail and smiled through all of this. Then Mom took me out to go potty and I peed and pooped. She told me what a good boy I am.

I'll post more updates soon! ~Shiba smoochies~


Walkies are fun

June 16th 2008 8:25 pm
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I went for walkies with Tetsuya, Mom, and Mom's friend Jennifer. Jennifer brought two of her kids along on the walk - Matt and Jessica. They were riding on these things called scooters - I wasn't quite sure what to make of these rolling contraptions at first. But, after a couple of minutes I wasn't phased by them at all. The walk was a lot of fun.


Shiba Hoover

June 19th 2008 8:41 am
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I love to promptly gobble up all my dog food. It is so tasty. Then, when Mom lets me out of the crate I run in the living room and start to eat out of Tetsuya's bowl. Mom quickly picks the bowl up. Sometimes she picks the bowl up before she lets me out of the crate. Other times she forgets. My brother Tetsuya is such a picky eater. Not me! I'll even lick empty bowls just in case there is something either Yukiko or Tetsuya missed - like a little crumb or two. Mmmm food!


New collar and leash

June 26th 2008 12:26 pm
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Mom bought me a new collar and leash today at PetSmart. Both are reflective and have this cool geometric design on them. The silver looks great against my black fur, if I do say so myself. I can't wait to go for a walk sporting my new collar and leash. Woof!


Deshi has parvo - please send positive thoughts his way

June 30th 2008 1:53 pm
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Deshi's mom here:

I took Deshi to the vet today because he threw up last night and this morning. He has parvo. I caught it early and he is staying at the hospital for treatment. Please keep my sweet puppy boy in your thoughts.


I called the vet to check up on him at 1pm today. He had spit up a little just once but seemed to be improving. He is up to date on all his vaccinations (he received his last set of puppy boosters on Tuesday - June, 24th.) I'll keep you updated as I receive news.

Latest update:

I just got off the phone with the vet. They have been giving him fluids, antibiotics, anti-vomiting medication, and Tamiflu. He is more active than he was this morning and wags his tail when they go in there.

Please keep the positive thoughts and prayers coming. Thank you all so much.


Went by to visit Deshi at the vet's today

July 1st 2008 3:27 pm
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First off - Thank you all who have sent positive thoughts, prayers, get well wishes, rosettes, and gifts. It means so much that so many people and pups are wishing for Deshi's speedy recovery and care so much.

I actually went by to visit him today. He is doing great - he was jumping around and trying to bite at my hands. He was a weak positive for parvo when I brought him in. So, I caught it very early.

I spoke with one of the vet techs and Deshi didn't go through a lot of the negative symptoms that most parvo puppies do. They are keeping him tonight and releasing him tomorrow with medications and instructions for me. I am so happy he is doing so great. :)


I am home!

July 2nd 2008 10:33 am
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Hi all. I am back home today! I ran around a couple of minutes with Tetsuya in the backyard and peed and pooped. Then mom crated me. She says I need plenty of rest.


What a surprise and thank you all!

July 2nd 2008 7:46 pm
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Our pack had a big box today left on the doorstep. Our pals Jiro and Yuki-san sent a gift because I was sick and they wanted to lift our packs spirits up. They sent a box of dog treats (yummy looking cookies), a PetSmart gift card, and a wonderful card complete with Shiba Smoochies! That is the best kind of card. Thank you pups so much!

Also, I want to thank everyone once again who sent pawsitive thoughts, prayers, pawmail, gifts, an animated picture, and rosettes wishing for my speedy recovery. They really helped mom when she was worrying so and they helped me get better even quicker. It is wonderful having such great pals!

I am so happy to be back home again!


What will he eat?

July 3rd 2008 8:04 am
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Deshi's mom here:

So, Deshi is supposed to eat the Hill's Science Diet I/D canned food. He hates it and won't eat it. I made rice and chicken broth. He doesn't like that either. I tried giving him Merrick canned Mediterranean Banquet. He licked up a bit of the juice but wouldn't eat it.

He will eat his Innova kibble and not a lot at that. But, that is the only thing he is willing to eat. I know his vet wants him on a bland diet for a few days, but he has already lost weight and I want him to eat something.

I hid his antibiotic in the Merrick canned food - he didn't touch that. I then took that out and put it in a Pill Pocket. He took one little nibble at the Pill Pocket. By this point that antibiotic was so mushed up and gross that I tossed it away. I then took another antibiotic and opened his mouth and put it as far back as it would go. Then I closed him mouth and massaged his throat to make him swallow.

I am going by the vet's today. He wanted me to get a fresh stool sample from Deshi and bring it in. I am going to also ask if it is okay for me to mix in plain yogurt with some kibble and feed him that. I'm bringing back the extra cans of Science Diet.


Thanks Roux!

July 3rd 2008 1:03 pm
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I received a card and paw print tag today. My shiba pal Roux sent it to me. What a nice surprise. Thanks Roux! I am feeling much better today. I even had a little run around in the backyard with Tetsuya earlier. Mom has me in the crate now though. She says I need rest... I just want to play!

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