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Deshi Dishes

Deshi Dishes With Hiro!

May 25th 2010 2:45 pm
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My interview with Hiro (id # 1001736)... Enjoy!

How did you get your name and do you have any nicknames?

Dad got a revolution on one of my walks. I was just "puppy" for a few days because they couldn't think of a "cool" name. Mom loved the name Hiro, and so does everyone else we meet! But, some of these people think my name is HERO not HIRO!

Since you are a white shiba do you get dirty often? Do you like to play in the mud?

EW! MUD?!?!? No way! I don't like mud, water puddles, etc. When I see these things, I walk around it and not through it!

I like to consider myself pretty clean... I clean myself every morning when I wake up! And I think it's a good thing b/c mommy's kinda OCD... shh... don't let her know I told you that! One thing I don't necessarily like that she does is... wipe my feet every time we come inside from a walk! Weird mommy!

Do you have any dogs in your neighborhood that you like to play with?

Of course! I like to think I am the stud of the neighborhood! I have 4 girlfriends! Yup, you heard me right... FOUR! One of them Wendy, she's a golden doodle a few months younger than me, but whoa... when I see her I go nuts! She and I LOVE playing together in the field outside in the middle of our complex! I also have a best friend, he's a black pug. Sage is his name and we also love to play! His daddy's afraid that someday, I will poke out Sage's eye because I like to play rough and bite his face! Sage doesn't mind though... he loves playing with me!

Do you like going on car rides? What is the furthest you've traveled?

Car rides don't bother me much if I can hang outside the window! I love feeling the breeze on my face!

The furthest I've traveled is Michigan to visit my grandpawrents! I saw snow for the first time there and loved it. True, the first time I saw it, I wasn't real sure of it b/c it was wet and cold, but once I got used to it, I loved being outside and playing with my buddy Dusty (he's a golden retreiver!) And, I loved my grandpawrents house b/c they have a HUGE fenced in backyard and I was able to spend hours outside!

Do you have any food allergies?

Not that we are aware of!

What is your favorite toy and why?

I love all my toys and my crate how is my toy box! However, if I had to choose 2, they would be my squeaky tennis ball and another one is a doll that looks like a witch! It's as big as I am and I love thrashing her around!

Do you get your nails trimmed at home or do you go to a groomer?

I get my nails trimmed at home. Mom holds me and dad clips my nails. I have read the horror stories about the shiba screams and how some of my buddies on dogster don't like their nails trimmed, but I don't mind much! Mom holds me out on the patio so I can look over the balcony and see what's going on outside while dad clips!

Do you belong to a shiba meetup group? If not, have you ever played with another shiba?

Yes, they just started a new shiba meetup here! Funny thing is, the creamies out-number the other color shibas! Oh... I forgot... I have one more girlfriend...Mara. She's a creamie too and she and I go nuts for each other! Told ya'... I'm a stud! :)

And, I have also played with Yoshi who is a member here on Dogster. He's awesome and so is his mommy! :)

Where is your favorite napping spot? Do you have your own doggie bed?

My favorite napping spot is in the master bedroom closet (mom says I'm weird). It's a walk in and I love sleeping in there! So, mommy went out and bought me a bed and set up a little room for me in there!

I also sleep on the couch and under the coffee table... it's where ever looks most comfy for me at that time! :) Oh and very rarely, I will go sleep next to mommy on the bed... and even if I do, it's only for a little bit. I like to make her happy sometimes! :)

Is there anything else you'd like to share with the dogs on the shiba forum?

I would like to thank you Deshi for giving me the opportunity to talk about myself! I had fun answering your questions!

Hiro's mom here--> I wanted to thank Deshi also for interviewing Hiro. And, I wanted to thank all of you on Dogster for helping us whenever we have questions! You have really helped us a lot and we love you all! We hope that one day, we get to meet all of you! :)


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