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Deshi Dishes

Deshi Dishes With Winnie!

February 26th 2010 9:38 am
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Here is my interview with Winnie - ( id 554287). Enjoy!

Tell me about your name and how you got it. Also, what nicknames do you have?

At my breeder's, I was known as "Takara", which means treasure in Japanese. But, when I came home, mom didn't think I really responded to the name. I was a real rascally puppy and would sit in a defiant pose with my back curved - much like Winnie the Pooh. There was some "concern" with my aunties since they thought Winnie T Pooh is a male, and well - I definitely am a girly girl... So, my other "namesake" is Winnie Cooper from the TV show "The Wonder Years".

My nicknames can vary from "Pooh Bear", "Pooh", "Miss Winnie", "Little Girl" and "Winnster".

Your mom organizes a shiba meetup group. Do you like getting to meet all those other shibas? What is the most exciting meetup you've gone to?

I don't really care about any of the Shibas that always seem to flock around me whenever I go anywhere... What is this "meetup" you speak of? However, I really enjoy meeting the people and if there are kids there - that's the best part! I love playing with the little kids! I think the best Shiba Meetup was when we got to go to the Southern California Shiba Club Shiba picnic party. OMD! There were hundreds of Shibas there!!!!

What is your favorite toy to play with? Do you destroy your toys?

This week, my favorite toy is a little squeaky rubber soccer ball. (The squeaker just died this morning - I think our foster bit down too hard on it.) I'm very good with my toys and don't destroy them - the fosters, they are always messing things up and mom has to throw them away because she says they make a mess everywhere. Oh well, at least she keeps bringing home new stuff - so I'm always having a new favorite. Guess that makes me fickle! See--- such a girly girl!

Does your mom ever dress you up in clothes?

OH NO! That's a big NO-NO! I will never ever ever wear anything other than my big fur coat that I was born with. Seriously, I will fight her if I had to wear something... I enjoy being "au naturel"... :)

What is your favorite kind of chew treat?

Bully bites. They really satisfy any time of chewing need for me. Mom gets fancy by bringing home all different kinds of chewies, but bullies are best.

Where is your favorite place to go for walks? Tell me about some of the sights you see there.

Well, mom likes going hiking in the Angeles National Forest - so we've gone on quite a few trails up there. It's so quiet, clean and pretty. I used to really hate the stream crossings, but now I really look forward to them. Every now and then, I fall in and get a bit upset about it - but I still love going hiking. We are usually gone for a good 5 hours - mom packs my lunch with us and we get to picnic up there too! That's the best part! Sometimes she lets me off leash and so I've chased a few squirrels, chipmunks and lizards up there, too...! I also saw some deer and lots of birds - but I've never caught anything YET.

Do you get bathed and have your nails trimmed at home or do you go to a groomer?

Depending on what mom's got going on - sometimes she will do my nails and give me a bath. She said that she likes it better because it's not so stressful for me. I will panic and cry when I get dropped off at the groomer, but I do come back looking gorgeous (if I do say so myself) and smelling great! Mom lets me dry in the sun without the loud dryers, and I enjoy that part the best after a bath. The yucky "expression" thing - well, mom said she just can't do it right, so the vet or the groomer will do that job... grrrrrrrr....

Where is the furthest place you've been away from home on vacation?

The furthest we went has been to a city called Los Osos, CA - which is in Central Cali, near wine country. Mom really enjoys her wine. We got to go on a family trip so it was 8 humans and 6 dogs!!!! All in one house! OH BOY! Was that fun!!!! We were all very good and didn't get into any fights - but my crazy Frenchy cousins - Doc and Portia had a few "accidents" in the home. I (of course) was a perfect Shiba angel...

What is the naughtiest thing you've ever done?

I haven't been naughty in a very long time, but I was a real "nightmare" when I was a pup. (Those are mom's words.) I just didn't like to have anything around my neck, and I sure didn't want to have anyone try to control me or tell me where to go and where I couldn't go. Hmph! So, whenever that collar and leash came out, I'd try to take a chunk out of anything to stop that from happening. Mom had to take me to see a very special man who helped me understand why this needed to happen and why I needed to cooperate. I haven't been naughty since.... :)

Where do you sit when you go for car rides? Do you enjoy going for drives?

I sit on the center console - in the thick of it all... I am a copilot and must make sure that the pilot doesn't mess up. And, if she does mess up, I'm right there - ready to jump in and make it all better. I used to hate the car, and I used to get sick everytime I got in. Mom tried everything from ginger cookies to dramamine... She eventually started on some herbal calming drops and stopped feeding me before a car ride and I soon would just fall asleep in the car. Now, I'm very calm and don't get sick at all. I've always loved car rides, but now I really love them since I don't get sick.

Is there anything else you'd like to share with the dogs on the shiba forum?

I just wanted to let everyone here know that I think we are all so lucky to have some warm, loving homes with forever humans to spend our lives with. We are a very special breed and not many people would put up with our crazy antics and quirks, so I just wanted to share that I think we all lucked out... Be appreciative of your humans - let them cuddle you for a second, or give them a stingy kiss on the nose... They deserve it...!


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