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Lookin' Good

Good-bye, Mommy. I love you.

July 19th 2009 1:00 pm
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One week ago today, I went to the Rainbow Bridge. I was very, very sick. I was only a year old so I did not get to do all of the things that Mommy said I would but I led a good life. Mommy, Daddy, my skinbubs, my whole family and community loved me and I knew it.
My mommy was very very sad when I left her. It hurt me to look down from the Rainbow Bridge and see my mommy so sad so I sent her someone to love and keep her company. My mommy loved me and took such good care of me so I knew she could give someone else the same life that I had. Now when I look down I see my family and friends smiling and laughing just like they did when I was there. That makes me feel so much better . Now,I can be pain free and run and play with all of my new friends at the Rainbow Bridge. I am okay Mommy. Now that you stopped crying. Love little baby Chloe Chanel the way that you loved me. She can have all my clothes, toys, bed and even my favorite pink rope and blue elephant. Make sure that she goes to the school, the daycare my skinbubs ballgames, and all the places you used to take me. I am not mad at you that you have her. I am just happy that you're happy. Tell Daddy, Nanny, Grandad, MawMaw, Paw Paw and my skinbubs that I love them too and I am happy here at the Rainbow Bridge. All the doggies are nice to me and Jazz, Miss Jennifer's tzu, met me at the gate. She's been showing me around. She said Miss Jennifer told her I was coming. So don't you worry about me Mommy 'cause I'm okay but I was more worried about you. Now that Chloe's there I know you will be okay. I know you won't forget about me but it's okay to love her too. Bye, Mommy.
I love you. Until we meet again....


I am sooo loved!!

November 9th 2008 4:03 pm
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This weekend Mommy took me for a spa treatment. Boy, was I way overdue! After my day at the spa, Mommy took me to my brother's football game where I got sooo much attention. Especially from the cheerleaders at halftime. I also got to hang out with my furpals Molly and Foxy. They are both Tzus like me. We were all such divas in our sweaters! Today, we grandpawrents came to see me bearing gifts! Grandad gave me a pink coat with fur on it and a new sweater. Nanny bought me a holiday dress with matching bows to wear when I go see Santa and some treats. My dress is sooo pretty! I am sooo loved!


Salon Day

September 27th 2008 6:56 am
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The other day Moma took me to see Mrs. Norma and I got a new do!! At first, I was soo scared of Mrs. Norma's clippers that Moma came in the back to hold me. I did not know what was going on so I'm glad Moma stayed. Anyway, after I got my bath and pretty pink and white bow in my hair, I was looking good! I feel much better and Moma loves it! My Nanny and skin brothers didn't like it at first but it has grown on them now. I'm soo glad Moma got me a new haircut eventhough I was mad at her for the rest of the day. I only wanted my Nanny when I came home! As I have said before, us girls have to go through alot to stay pretty and Moma says I'm a pretty girl!


Thank You

August 4th 2008 6:42 pm
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I just wanted to say thanks to all my friends who left me those good smelling Frebreeze collars this week. Me and Mommy were so excited to receive that many gifts! Thank you Chloe Chanel for the cherry drink! It was ummm ummm good!!


My Trip to the Vet

July 14th 2008 8:11 pm
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Mommy took me to the dogtor today. I got my last set of shots and a clean bill of health! I was on my best behavior but I just had to show off for the girls up front that were raving abot how cute I was in my new pink daisy harness and lead and matching pink bow in my struggling top knot(BOL!). I didn't cry at all when I got my shots. I didn't want the dogtor to see me cry. (He is soo cute!BOL!) As we were leaving, I heard my mommy talking to the lady at the desk about a procedure I am going to have in few months. I don't know what it's all about but she said something about staying overnight! I want no part of that lady's so called procedure! A WHOLE night away from my moma? I just can not imagine! Whose gonna tuck me in at night? They know nothing about me! We'll just have to see about this! My moma's done gone and lost her mind!


Kiss-Kiss Game

July 12th 2008 1:39 pm
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Mom just told me that I am the winner of The STAFU Kiss Kiss game! This does not surprise me at all because giving kisses is my specialty! (BOL!) Oh well, I guess I continue my nap now.


Lookin' Good

July 8th 2008 5:46 pm
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Mommy gave me a bath today and I did not object one bit. That water felt sooo good! I got conditioned, dried and then I got a few squirts of "sweet pea" cologne. After I was so fresh and clean my mommy brushed my coat and put a bow in my hair. I was so good I got two treats! Mommy said pretty girls have to look good at all times. I'm starting to like this treatment now that I'm getting older. Watch out Tyra Banks, CoCo Chanel may be taking over!

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