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Bailey The First

Rainbow Bridge Day, April 1st

April 3rd 2011 5:58 pm
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Received more balloons from home on Rainbow Bridge Day! Mom and dad and Bailey sent balloons to me and to Duncan and to all our Dogster/Catster friends that are here and also to all pets that never had a home and family to mourn them.

I also received this message from Bailey.

A Tribute to Bailey One
by Bailey

Bailey One is the reason that I have the home and family that I have now. She was smart, loving and had lots of personality. She loved to swim, eat and spend time with mom and dad. She was even good with the cats that mom and dad had. She would protect children. She did not like to hear anyone yell at a child. She was not good with strangers but once she knew you, she was your best friend. Mom and dad would hire sitters for her if they went on vacation and they always loved her.

When she passed away they did not get another dog right away. When they decided they were ready for another, they could not imagine anything but another American Eskimo and of course, it had to be named Bailey. They searched for months until they found me. Not only was I lucky enough to get all the love they felt for Bailey One but I think I got even more, because now they knew what it was like to lose a beloved pet. Now they knew to enjoy the time they had to spend with me even more. I am very grateful that Bailey One was such a wonderful dog and we sent up a balloon to her on Rainbow Bridge Day to let her know she is still loved and missed and forever in our hearts.

I am watching over my family still.


Rainbow Bridge Day

April 1st 2010 9:18 am
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I have been looking forward to this day very much! Today is the day I get messages from home. My mom and dad and their new Bailey will be sending me a balloon with a message on it.

It is beautiful here and I have lots of wonderful angel friends here but it is still exciting to get the mail. I remember my life with my family too. They know I miss them and love them. I watch them and I am happy that they are all well.

All the angels are excited. The balloons are floating in and we read and share the messages from home. I have to go now, here comes mine!


My first diary entry: I've been tagged by Teddi Sue!

January 4th 2009 4:46 pm
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Well I have to start a diary. Apparently even at the Rainbow Bridge you can still be tagged! So here goes!

Here are the rules of the game:

I'm supposed to think of 7 things about myself, and then I am to write them down in a list.

Next I'm supposed to Tag 7 of my furiends, letting them know, either by pawmail or rosette, that they have been Tagged and to read the rules in my Diary if they choose to play.

Sounds like fun to me! I'm honored to be included in a game of Tag!Here are seven things about me.....

1. I was not as spoiled as the new Bailey!

2. I loved to swim too!

3. I knew many tricks also. My dad taught me just like he has taught her tricks.

4. I loved to sit in the backyard and watch the neighborhood.

5. I loved to go for car rides.

6. We had two cats when I was alive and one of them liked me and the other did not. I had to be good to both of them.

7. Under the bed was my special place.

Hmmm... okay! Now the hard pawt! Choosing just 7 furiends to join me in this game of Tag!

Here is the list of the 7 furiends I am choosing. There is no pawticular reason I have chosen these furs and they are listed in no pawticular order...

1. Bingo
2.Fur Angel Daniel
3. Penny In Heaven
4. Skeeter
6. Sweet Sadie at Rainbow Bridge
7. Mikey ILM

Okay, everypup! Start running (or in the case of us angels, flying) and HAVE FUN!!!

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Bailey One, We Miss You


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