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A Tragic Day..

The loss of a wonderful friend..

August 5th 2008 1:02 pm
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My friend and companion of almost eight years lost his life yesterday in a horrible accident.
I had been away for the weekend with my Mom and aunt's at the beach and had left the kids and pets at home with my husband.
My DH called Monday morning and told me that Copper had slipped his collar and been hit by a car.
He was conscious but wouldn't use his back legs and was trying to bite every time that he was touched.
Copper was the sweetest dog, he had NEVER tried to bite before and I knew that he must be in horrible pain to be acting that way.
My DH and a friend were finally able to load him into the vehicle and get him to the Vet. I made the 2 hr. drive to meet them and arrived while he was in x-ray and being stabilized.
An hour later the Vet was ready to talk with us and slowly started showing us the pile of x-rays.
Copper's right hip had fractured, the ball of his hip had broken off and the entire leg was dislocated and pushed up several inches.
He also had a crushed foot and two of his disks in his back showed injury.
God this is hard to write...I'm guilt ridden for not being there for him...I am his's my job to keep him safe and i feel like such a failure.
so....We talked about options ...which were limited...He would have to survive the first few days and show that he would be able to support himself on his left hind leg before we could consider surgery to remove the broken leg. They warned that he may have internal injuries or nerve damage and still may not survive.
They had him on high doses of morphine for the pain and antibiotics because he had lost a lot of skin when he hit the road..
He saw me and his eyes went wide...his tail wagged slightly as I gently hugged his broken body...
We talked about quality of life and what the best choice for COPPER would be...The idea of keeping him in pain with such a horrible recovery period was to much for us to bear. I couldn't handle the idea of his life being prolonged because of our selfishness and so after much thought we made the choise that seemed the best for him...He slipped off to sleep on August 4th at 5pm...My heart is broken and i know that no one can ever replace friend will always hold a big piece of my heart.

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