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Busters Diary

Bread in my Bed?

January 31st 2013 7:50 pm
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Yesterday when Mom was out on the front porch sipping her morning tea I really was offended she did not take me out there with her. She thought I was busy eating my breakfast so she did not ask! Well, I finished my food but I was still a little disappointed that I was not out on the porch. I did not realize it but I had unzipped the cover of my doggy bed and I started tearing out pieces of the foam. I got tired of it and quit. But Mom came in the kitchen to see if I finished my food and she looked in my bed and said " Oh my goodness! Where did you get all that bread?" I looked as if to say, " What bread, where?" Then she started to pick it all up and she saw it was foam!! She zipped the bed back up and no harm done!! Yeah, maybe she will take me out on the porch to finish my breakfast tomorrow. I love my Mama!




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