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Wraggs many tales

I am with Mom and Dad now

August 19th 2010 9:51 am
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I passed away quietly on August 3, 2010. Andi helped me by taking me to the Doctor's office and they helped me go and be with Mom and Dad (my first parents, Andi's Mom and Dad). I don't want anyone to be sad for me, I am at peace and happy. I was a great dog, I adored my humans, all of them. I loved my cats, all of them. I will miss them all but again, I am with Mom and Dad now (Herman and Helen) and Bob is here too. I missed that little orange kitty. I will forever be wearing sombreros. Thank you Andi, I am so glad you came to Nebraska to get me and that we had almost 7 years togehter.

I will miss Wraggs, she was an awesome dog, she was there for me when my heart was hurting. She was there for me in the good times too. I will miss our walks, she was a great walking companion. I've been stopped more than once recently when I am out walking in the morning, someone asking me where my dog is. Wraggs was a well known and loved dog in the neighborhood. She is greatly missed.

Andi (aka Wraggs Mom)


Another Weekend shot

July 13th 2008 4:07 pm
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Shoot, Mom has to go back to work tomorrow. I am bummed. I like Wednesdays. Mom works from home that day so I get to see her all day! The good thing about work days: I get a short walkie before she leaves for the day. And then I get TREATS! I love treats.



January 8th 2008 10:13 am
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Sleeping is my favorite thing. No wait, eating is, then sleeping. Yeah, eating. I do a lot of sleeping though and not enough eating. I am on a diet. I do not know what that is but Mom says I need to drop some weight (looking at her, yeah she does too!!). We both go walking every morning for 2 miles. I am pooped when I get home so I go in and take a quick nap. When Mom makes her breakfast (yew, it is one of those canned things) she gets me my morning treats. Then I have to wait till dinner time for anything else. Bummer. But I have gotten a little but trimmer and to tell the truth, so has Mom. I am going to be sad when Mom goes back to work. I've enjoyed our time together. But I kn0w she will be home every night to take care of me. And give me dinner, even if dinner does contain green beans.

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