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Psychiatric Service Dog Society Gathering

July 12th 2012 9:09 am
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What a fun week I've had! We went to the 8th annual Psychiatric Service Dog Society Gathering. The Gathering is a time when service dogs and their humans get together and learn from each other and hang out and have fun. We did fun things like go the the aquarium, play musical chairs, and square dance. We also did things like let our humans talk about how they use us for their disabilities, how to handle public access challenges, and stuff like that. My pals Punkin and Tilly got their mom to make new vests for everyone at the gathering! I got a purple one, and it fits me perfectly. I like it a lot! Here are my mom's pictures and videos from the gathering. The first video is the square dancing video, so be sure to check it out!


Running like the wind!

June 25th 2012 6:02 pm
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One of the benefits of living with my pal Oliver is that we live on a vineyard that has a golf cart. The humans like to ride in the golf cart and let the dogs run alongside and behind the cart. It is a LOT of fun! The golf cart goes about 25 mph, and I can keep up (on some days I even outrun the cart!) so that means I am a very fast runner! Here is a video mom took from the golf cart of me running around the vineyard:


Getting settled in

March 20th 2012 10:22 am
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Whew, what a time we've had since I last wrote in my diary! The house mom and dad were renting got foreclosed on, and we didn't have enough money (daddy has been unemployed for 8 months) to rent a new place. Luckily my pal Oliver has a trailer on their property that doesn't have anyone living in it until August. His family invited us to come live in the trailer for a few months! The best thing about it is that they live on a vineyard, so I have lots of interesting things to sniff, bark at, and run around. There are chickens and sheep and other doggies!

Mom and dad are still unpacking, but it is a lot of fun being here already! The next few months are looking like they will be a lot of fun!


Another pup at the post office and moving

March 5th 2012 5:04 pm
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Today we had to go to the post office to mail something, so we took a little walk together over there. It was a beautiful day!

While we were in the post office standing in line, mom was very anxious so she had me do all kinds of silly things like pick up my leash a million times, walk backwards, do spins, and all sorts of stuff. Mom and I were so involved in doing tricks we didn't even notice another pup who came into the post office! I was very good at ignoring the other dog, and totally ignored it as we had to walk past on our way out the door. Go me!

When we got home, Daddy got a call about the house. For those not up on our situation we live in a rental house that is being forclosed on. The bank now owns the property. They called us up to tell us that they wanted to give us "Cash for Keys" which means we leave earlier than the law says we have to, and we leave the place in good condition, and for doing so we get some money. Mom and Dad are going to accept this Cash for Keys offer which means we have to be all moved out by April 5th! Yikes, that is coming up soon!

Hopefully we'll be moving down to my pal Oliver's house as long as his parents agree it is OK. If not, we have an offer to move into a vacation home of some good friends in Canada. We don't really want to move to Canada as we would loose unemployment and food stamps which are keeping us afloat right now, but it is one option. Another option might be to try to find a place around here that would let us rent month to month since we don't have enough umemployment to guarantee a year's lease.

So all you pups keep your paws crossed that things work out for us in this time of transition! And keep your paws crossed that daddy gets a job soon!


Long time no bark!

February 26th 2012 3:58 pm
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It's been a long time since mom's been up to helping me woof to my pals here on dogster! It's been an interesting past few months, mom is still undergoing med trials so things are a bit slow getting done.

Most recently mom and dad shaved me all down with a #10 blade! Brrrrrrr! I am a bit chilly with my new haircut on colder days, so I get to wear Sissy Sabrina's old service coat. Hope you enjoy the pictures of my new haircut!



November 23rd 2011 10:03 am
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On Monday one of dad's friends from High School was in town, so we got to go into the city to hang out with him! I've never met him before, but Sissy Sabrina says he is a very nice guy and she was right.

We ended up walking to Chinatown and going on a walking-tour of the area. One of the earliest stops we made was at a kite shop. We walked in and there was a CAT! It was just sitting in the shop staring me down. Mom advanced a few steps and the cat stared us down some more. I was doing a good job ignoring the cat, but mom didn't feel safe so we waited outside the shop. We were standing there minding our own business when some people came by to pet me. They talked with us and told mom how impressively I was behaving with the cat. Mom said "what?!" and looked around. The cat had come out of the store and was sitting right behind mom's legs, peering up at me! Mom was so proud of me that I hadn't reacted at all.

Next we went around to lots of shops and a temple and a church. They were all welcoming of me and a lot of fun to see.

Once we were done with Chinatown, we headed down to the Ferry building and then walked along the Embarcadero. Mom started getting really tired and her joints were hurting a lot so we took a streetcar back to dad's friend's hotel, and then rode the BART home. Boy what an exhausting day!


Psychiatric Service Dog Society Gathering 2011

October 11th 2011 1:35 pm
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Hey pups, long time no write! I've not been able to get mom to type in a diary entry for me for a while now... all because of the PSDS Gathering. Mom was busy as a bee planning the event, and so my needs to update my diary were ignored. How rude!

Anyway, the gathering came and went, and it was a lot of fun! We met a lot of great people and pups, and got a lot of pictures, too.

Here are my two videos:
SDs walking:

And my photos of the event:

We are flying home tomorrow, so I get to rest up tonight-- and boy do I need it!


Richmond Plunge

July 1st 2011 2:50 pm
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Today mom and dad went swimming at the Richmond Plunge. It is a really cool historic swimming pool that has been recently refurbished. The only reason dad could go is because they use a salt water purification system instead of chlorine (which he is sensitive to)! Mom and dad were very happy to try out the pool.

I was very intrigued by the pool, and wanted to get in when we first got there. But mom told me this pool was for humans only. No fair! She got out my pop up tent and gave me a bully stick, though, so that made up for not getting to swim with mom!

I was a good boy while mom and dad swam laps. I did get a little anxious near the end about mom being so far away from me, but nothing too bad. Mom says with a few practice sessions I should be good to go to any pool, yay! I hope that means I get to go swimming in one of them!

On the way home, we stopped by Safeway to get some meat for us doggies. Mom forgot her treat pouch, but she didn't need it because aside from a sniff in the meat department, I was perfect. Go me!


Ikea meetup

June 21st 2011 4:24 pm
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Today we had a meetup at the Ikea in West Sacaramento. It was a lot of fun, but boy are we tired! Mom overdid it yet again...

On the way there we stopped by my new pal Katie's house. She is about the size of my friend Dora and was very excited to see me. After a quick walklet, we hopped in the car and headed to Ikea. Another new pal Sophie met us outside, and then my friend Rethy came out, too. It was very exciting being with two new dogs! And it was extra hard to concentrate because mom only brought my bandana, not my regular vest and not my headcollar. Since Sophie and Katie are still in training, mom figured she would do some training with me getting used to working in minimal gear in a new place.

Overall I was pretty good. I did pull a few times, and once when we were sitting and eating lunch another SD team walked by and mom got super anxious. She got so anxious that after they passed by I couldn't help myself and woofed. Mom was not happy with me, but I think it is all her fault for letting herself get so anxious about how I would behave without my vest on!

After a walk through the store and some French Fries, mom was pretty well fried. So we headed home. We had to stop by Costco on the way home to get more oranges, and it was almost more than mom could handle. I was an angel in Costco in just my bandana because I know the place so well. That made mom happy.

If you are interested in seeing photos or video of our meetup, here they are:



Fun with Oliver

June 19th 2011 5:13 pm
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Whew, what a whirlwind week it's been! On Thursday my pal Oliver and his family came into town for Pinot Days. That means during the down time for their conference, they get to hang out with us! Mom was still in a great deal of pain on Thursday, when we went to RN74 (a restaurant), so dad pushed her in her chair again. I got to be in my bandana until we got close to the restaurant, then mom made me change into my vest so that I would match Oliver-- we have the same collar and the same color vest!

It was SO hard not to say hi to Oliver when we got to the restaurant! Oliver's mom was in her wheelchair, too, so all the under table space was taken up. This meant I had to lay next to the table. I was very good with people leaning over me to refill water glasses, take plates away and such. Mom says it was a really awesome meal!

The next day on Friday we went to Wolfgang's Vault which is an archive of all kinds of music. Mom again had to be in her wheelchair because of all the pain, but she did try to push herself a little bit around the museum because it was very flat and smooth. For lunch we went to the Ferry Building and the humans had some awesome food while us animals took a nap. Finally we went on a walk (or push in mom's case) around Fisherman's Wharf before heading home.

On Saturday, can you believe we went into the city again? That is a record number of days for mom leaving the house in a long time, and the most days in a row we've ever gone into the city! Since we were going to have a knitting day, and mom's pain was a bit less, mom didn't take the chair. We just hung out at cafes all day and knitted with Oliver and his mom. It was really relaxing and fun. On the way home, though, mom wished she had brought the chair, but we made it home even so.

Today we have just been lounging around the house relaxing. It has been much needed given the recent activity! Mom has done a lot of knitting and I have done a lot of sleeping.

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