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Diary of a Cool Schnauzer by Millie

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Happy Thanksgiving!!!

November 23rd 2005 6:16 am
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I've been SO busy with jillity lately, I can't tell you everything that's been going on the past few months! Doofus comes with Mommy and me all the time now to jillity trials, which I REALLY hate, but Mom says I just need to get over it. We went to a jillity trial last weekend and I ran *SUPER* fast for Mom in Tunnelers so I got my Outstanding Open Tunnelers title!

Tomorrow we're staying home for Thanksgiving and Mom and Dad are gonna make a big dinner, but they said they would take Doofus and I for a long walk in the woods at the Piedmont Environmental Center in the morning. YAY! That's my second favorite place to go walking, behind the beach, of course. We walked in the neighborhood this morning, like we do every morning, and that's kind of boring now. The best day to walk in the neighborhood is usually Thursdays, because that's what Mom calls "trash day" -- everybody puts their trash cans at the curb of the street, right where we walk, and there are SOOOOO many things for us to smell that day!

Doofus and I did an unscientific survey of all our neighbor's recycle bins the past few Thursday trash days, and came to the conclusion that Pizza Hut is the most popular delivery pizza in the neighborhood (they had the most pizza boxes in all the recycle bins we sniffed). A lot of people do like frozen pizza too though, and we found that DiGiorno was the favorite frozen pizza in our neighborhood. Doofus and I would be happy to do a similar study in your neighborhood, just call me and let me know where you live and when your trash day is and we'll come over and sniff all your neighbors' recycle bins for you.

Well, I'm late for my morning nap. Bye for now!


Ugh! Max Is Coming to School Now Too!

April 21st 2005 6:19 am
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I'm mad. Mom brought Doofus to school with us last night. She said he's going to be coming with us FROM NOW ON! Then the dummy barked his head off during MY class while he was supposed to be waiting quietly in his crate.

I don't like this. First he's coming on walks with me and Mommy every morning, then Mommy plays with BOTH of us in the backyard -- now he's coming to school with me and Mommy... what's next? Is he going to be going to jillity trials with us too? What's wrong with Mommy? Did she forget that it's all about ME ME ME ?!?!? I'm the PRINCESS!! I'm the SMART dog!

Max will pay... I'm going to continue to take his chewies from him when he's not looking. And next time Mommy and I go to a jillity trial I might just "forget" to down on the table for Mommy.


Where'd They Go !?!

April 12th 2005 6:14 am
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Ok, on Saturday, Mommy and Max disappeared for a REALLY long time, and when they came back they both smelled like they had been to a jillity trial. THEY WENT TO JILLITY WITHOUT ME!?!? Ooooh, I am SOOO mad! Just to let Mommy know how mad I was I didn't sit with her ALL NIGHT that night!


We've Got a DOGWALK Now!!!

March 31st 2005 5:06 pm
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Mom had a surprise for us in the backyard tonight when she got home. She took Doofus and I out into the backyard and I was SOOOO surprised... there was a DOGWALK out there! Is that cool or what?!? Mom said she's been working on making the dogwalk for the past several weeks and it's finally done! I ran over it again and again and then Mom said I had to let Max have a turn so she put me in the house. Max didn't even know how to do the dogwalk till Mom showed him tonight. The dummy kept jumping off the dogwalk early. Mom asked me to show him how to do it, so I demonstrated (using proper contact form, I might add), and he finally got the idea. Now HE runs back and forth on it and Mom has to put *him* in the house so that *I* get a turn.


Max is a Doofus

March 21st 2005 1:19 pm
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This morning Max got out of his crate while Mom and Dad were at work, walked out into the living room, and set off the burglar alarm (there's a motion sensor in the living room). IT FREAKED ME OUT!!!! The noise from that thing is SOOOOO LOUD!!! Max SWEARS that Mom didn't latch his crate door right when she left this morning, but I think he figured out how to unlatch the door (just like he knows how to open the door with his paw).

This weekend Mom and I did jillity (the hard one... AKC) and Mom said I did SOOO GOOD! I Q'd two out of four of my runs and one of the other ones I didn't Q were just little mistakes. Mom got mad at me in the first run because we were running up to the table and I saw a bunch of people just outside the door near the table and I HAD to go see who was out there so I didn't do the table right -- so we didn't Q that run. And in the other run I didn't Q, I just accidentally popped out of the weave poles too early (I lost count when I was doing them). But my other two runs were perfect!

Mom says Max is going to start going to jillity class with us on Wednesday nights in a few weeks. Heaven help us all.


Possible Cure for the Itchies -- and I DID AWESOME THIS WEEKEND!!!

March 8th 2005 9:24 am
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I think Mom might have stumbled across a possible cure for the itchies. When I was off the pink stuff, she rubbed the middle of my back (where the bumpies are) with a pad soaked with rubbin' alcohol once a day. After a few days it made the bumpies and the itchies go away! I have to take the pink stuff again for another week, but when I finish the pink stuff we'll try the rubbin' alchohol again, and Mom says if it makes the itchies stay away, I won't have to take the pink stuff anymore. I kind of like the pink stuff because it tastes sweet, but Mom says it's a pain to give it to me and it's not good for me to drink too much pink stuff because then when I really get sick and really NEED the pink stuff it may not work as good.

Mom and I went to a NADAC agility trial this past weekend and Mom said I made her SOOOOO happy because I did REALLY GOOD! We had 9 runs all weekend and I Q'd 7 of them. Six of those Q's I came in FIRST PLACE and the other was a SECOND PLACE finish! I finished three more titles -- Outstanding Novice Agility Certificate (O-NAC), Open Tunnelers (TN-O) and Novice Touch-n-Go (TG-N). Mommy was soooo proud of me, she said. I won lots of toys and chewies. I even won a chewie bone for Max (a.k.a. Doofus, my new nickname for him) and gave it to him when I got home. Mom said I did SOOOO well that she bought me a new treat that I never tried before -- chicken jerky tenders!!! YUM!!!! They are SOOO good!

Well I gotta go. I have to go take a nap... I'm really still tired from the weekend.


The Itchies

February 22nd 2005 6:40 am
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I didn't mention this before, but for the past few months I've had the itchies real bad off and on. Mom has been giving me some pink stuff that makes the itchies go away for a while, but as soon as I stop taking the pink stuff the itchies come back. Well, I was on the pink stuff for like 4 weeks straight, and then about a week ago Mom stopped the pink stuff and now, a week later, I've got the itchies real bad again. Mom calls them "schnauzer bumps" and she says a lot of us schnauzers get them. Dr. Janet calls them comedones. I call them a pain in the patootie! I roll over on my back and scratch it on the carpet but I think it just makes it itchier. Mom said I might have to go see Dr. Janet again. Dr. Janet is nice but all those other dogs in her office are psycho.

Mom changed my food too, thinking it would help with the itchies, but I don't think it is. I have to eat fish and sweet potato food now. It smells bad... it doesn't smell as good as the gravy stuff from Flint River Ranch. Max still gets to eat the good food, which isn't fair!

Yesterday Mom just RUINED my morning walk and brought that brat Max along. He's such a pain; he doesn't even walk down the street straight. He zig- zags all over the place and gets tangled in my leash. Thankfully, this morning it was just ME and MOM on the walk -- she left brat-dog at home this time. I like walking with Mom by myself 'cause we can walk really fast and get our exercise. Max slows us down because he has to pee on everything.


My Brother Is a Brat

February 8th 2005 6:22 am
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Max is being a pain in the butt. He keeps on bugging me to play with him, like, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The only place he won't follow me around the house is under the bed, so I go under there when I want him to leave me alone. I don't mind playing with him some of the time, but I just don't want to do it all day like he wants to. I like to watch TV with Daddy on the sofa sometimes and relax, but all Max wants to do is PLAY PLAY PLAY.

I'm also mad because Mom started taking Max on the morning walk sometimes INSTEAD OF ME! She says he needs to burn off some of that excess energy, and then he won't bug me as much. She says he also needs to learn to walk on the leash right, and then maybe we BOTH can go on the morning walk instead of just one of us at a time. It still makes me mad that some mornings he gets to go instead of me. He's a brat.


Merry Christmas Everybody!

December 21st 2004 10:45 am
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Well, tomorrow we leave to go see Grandma and Grandpa for Christmas. I love visiting Grandma and Grandpa. They love to sit with me on the sofa and watch TV. They haven't met Max yet, tomorrow will be the first time. They better not pay more attention to him than they do to me or I'm going to get real mad! They also better not give him a better Christmas present than mine, either. We also get to see Uncle Jeff on this trip. After we visit all of them for a few days, we drive in the car again and go and visit Grandma T. and Uncle Nate for a few days. Then we're back home for New Year's. Merry Christmas Everybody!


My New Brother!

December 2nd 2004 12:28 pm
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I have a new brother! The Max that Mommy picked up last week is going to be my new brother! Mom says he'll have to have his own Dogster page -- she said she'd make his page soon once she has a few pictures of him.

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