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My life as Rory

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Life is GREAT!

July 14th 2008 4:51 pm
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Ok, now I have been here for like....uh...6 days now! What a great place! I get to swim anytime I go outside, the only thing is they rub this towel thing all over me before I can come back in the house! Then when I grab it and play tug, they laugh and tell me "No"??? What is up with that??? I miss my friend Jasmine even though I drove her nuts, and her little skin pup that I liked to taste, although there is a new one here too, but he is called a skin grandson...but he tastes good too! I get to sleep wherever I want too, Mom and Dad's bed, Bubba's bed, the couch, the cool tile, the little couch in the other room, anywhere! In fact, they all want me to sleep with them, but I just prance around till I decide where I want to be! bol I have a pretty new bowl that sits up high so I don' t have to lean over to eat too! I have some new brudders (they are just ok) and a new sisser (she is kind of cute, but a little grumpy), and lots of skin peeps too! Life is good for the Roar!


I am HOME!!!!

July 10th 2008 10:33 pm
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I arrived at my furever home on Wednesday, July 9, 2008! I was a pain that night, cried...wouldn't settle down or anything...BUT everything is just fine now! I love my new home, and my new brudders and sisser! I got a pool all my own (Mom says that isn't true, but I don't believe her), and a jacuzzi too!!!! I swim in circles in the jacuzzi then climb on the steps to get out! I fell in the first night, but I think I got it now!!! hehehe I played today, had good fun with all my new furs and mom and skin sibs, dad, and skin grandboy! He tastes the best...but I get yelled at when I taste him, they keep saying something about sharp toofies! Eh??? Whatever!!!!


On my way home!!!

July 8th 2008 8:59 am
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Well, my foster mommy dropped me off on July 5th with my new friends to take me to my new home! We left Washington on Monday, July 7th traveling down the Pacific coast! Stopped in Redding last night, my traveling mommy said I am doing well! No problems! Today we are going to see someone called "The Bunny", I wonder if I can chase her! hehehe We will be there sometime this morning, Tuesday, July 8th! We all get to hang out and meet our new friends, maybe even go to a dog park! Yippeee!!!! We will spend the night with The Bunny and head to Yuma tomorrow! I cannot wait to meet my new mommy and all the family!!!! I miss Taylor and the kitties...and my foster mommy too, I wonder if she can come live with us??? Will update more tomorrow!
Love from "the Roar"


Yuma or Bust tomorrow is bath day

July 1st 2008 10:13 am
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Hi All: My foster mom is letting me play in the puppy pool a lot cause it is so hot here. I am learning to run through the sprinklers too, it's lots of fun and I do it often. She does try to keep me out the mud, I love mud and love to jump on her when I'm all muddy. I will get a bath tomorrow (what's a bath) in preparation for my trip to Yuma. I will take a ride with Taylor on Saturday to meet Jasmine in Olympia. I am so excited to meet Jasmine and her people, we will have a great time on the way to my mommie in Yuma, I am really looking forward to joining my furever family. I hope their pool is big enough for me and Chaz and Jack to swim in together. Must go practice my puppy paddle. Love Rory


Roar'in to go

June 24th 2008 6:46 am
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Hi Gang: My foster mom says that Chaz and Jack will have some fancy herding to do the keep me busy, I am a busy little girl. She says I'm looking more like a little dog and less like a puppy every day. My Mom Mom sent me Yummy Chummies, and Taylor and I love them, she also sent us nose kissies, I like them best. I have been busy keeping Dinky (the Mastiff next door) busy, he is afraid of me cause I move so fast. I have been visiting the kittens two doors down every day, they are finding homes too. My foster mom is upset with some to the neighbors, they walk up and talk to me then get upset when I mouth and paw them. Stupid human tricks. I am taking more walks 'cause I'm growing so fast and need lots of exercise to help with that, foster mom says we're wearing out her knees, but she knows it's good for all of us to walk. We will probably take a ride to Tri Cities this afternoon, the neighbor needs help and my foster mom says it will be good practice for me for my long ride to Yuma in a couple of weeks. I'm soooo excited to meet Mom Mom and Dad and all my family that my tail wags all the time now. Kissies to all, Love Rory


I am so beautiful

June 14th 2008 5:48 pm
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Hi All: Yesterday my foster mom got a package from my Mom mom, she sent me a beautiful collar and leash and name tag and a smelly t-shirt for me to get introduced to my brothers and sister. She saw a picture of my buddy Jasmine and we look so much alike she said we could be sisters,only she is older than me. I also got some really cool treats that I have been sharing with other buddies of mine here at the park. They all liked them except Dinky, he spit his out and Odie ate it. I made a beautiful mess with the bear stuffing left on the bed, then a neighbor said to use some of it to stuff an old sock for me. It was fun to chew a hole in the sock and get the stuffing out. I think the house looks great with stuffing scattered all over, my foster mom does not feel the same way. I dug a great hole in the wet dirt out in the yard last night, I thought I would go see China, but I got tired before I got there. All for now, must go con the lady out of more treats. Love Rory


wag, wag,wag

June 10th 2008 11:50 am
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Oh, I'm so excited, I'm gonna go on a BIG ride starting on the 5th of July to meet my new Mommy. My foster Mom said today that we will go to meet Jasmine and her Mom then and I will go with her to Yuma. Oh, goodie, I'm so anxious to meet Bubba Gump and Lucy and Chazz and Jack. Will keep you posted. Rory


My trip to the Vet.

June 9th 2008 9:16 pm
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Hi All: My foster mom took me to the Vet last week to get me spayed. I was kind of sleepy that evening when she picked me up and was still a little sleepy the next day. Now I am back to harassing Baby Bob and Dinky the Mastiff next door. I let Gavin play in my puppy pool yesterday since I couldn't 'cause my tummy has glue on it, I can play in it again soon. I am getting so big my foster mom says I look like a small dog now not a puppy. She said that I am being pre-spoiled for my "Mom Mom" in Yuma, what's spoiled???? I get to visit the Vet one more time before I go to Yuma, this time to get some booster shots, I hope they tickle and not hurt. Oh yeah, I got to watch the kittens play, their mom says I too rough for them, Baby Bob agrees with her. All for now. Rory


new family photo

May 24th 2008 11:51 am
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Hi all : I am so excited about going to my new home. My friend B.G.Shrimp Esq has already given me some investment advice. He thinks I should invest my Zealies in "Puppy belly" futures. My Mom and caretaker think I should save them for college. What's college? We went for a ride in the truck today and I learned how to jump over the seat and get in the back seat with Taylor. I played in her water dish and the seat got all wet, she is such a messy girl. We had a neighbor take our picture so my new Mom can see what we look like together (visit my page). No new strays to play with today, just a lot of campers to greet on our walk. Well, it's nap time so I will close. Rory


Stray boy Trooper

May 22nd 2008 12:35 pm
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Yesterday morning when my foster mom went out a Chocolate Lab ran up to her, she thought it was Dinky the Mastiff from down the way at first. When he got closer she realized it was a stray and he was confused and upset. She put a leash on him and came back to the house, checked his rabies tag and phoned the number on it. She didn't get an answer so she took me and Taylor and the stray around the neighborhood to see if we could find his owner. No luck, except the lady at the fruit stand recognized him. His name is Trooper she said, but she couldn't think of his owners name. We called the number on the rabies tag again later and the lady at the vet clinic said " oh, THAT dog" and gave us his owners name and number. Mom called it and the man came right down to get Trooper. The funny part about it was the lady at the fruit stand knew his former owners name and she was about to come get him and mom knew his current owner's name and it was the same dog for both folks. The lady had given Trooper to the man and Trooper had gotten lost for about the 5 th time in his wanderings and ended up at my house. We kept his new owners phone number just in case Trooper comes to visit again.

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