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Guess What?

February 10th 2009 4:17 pm
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Our hubro passed the driving portion of his test today and is now a licensed driver! Of course, there is always drama here so it came at a price. Here is where the adventure begins......BOL First, he gets picked up early from school to take the test. That went smoothly and he took over driving to the testing facility. He then parks and fills out all the necessary paperwork. The instructor comes out and makes sure the car is working properly and all lights and signals are functional and then the test begins. The test goes very smoothly and he passes easily. Well, he is so excited about passing that he locks the keys in the car. They are about 30 minutes from home and there is no way to get the spare key. Luckily, he had a friend nearby that picked them up and drove them home to get the extra key. Afterwards, his friend drove him back to the car and he drove home for the very first time by himself!! So, he passed and has a license now. There was just a little drama to go along with it. BOL Oh, and while waiting for his friend they were able to walk to the court house to get the picture taken for the license. What should have been just over a one hour trip took two hours. BOL, at least it is over and all is well. :)

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