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Rainbow bridge day

April 18th 2011 8:05 pm
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Thursday March 31st I went to the bridge. Mum and papa were with me. I was real sick and couldn't even sit up that day. Papa thinks I had a couple of strokes . I just know mum made me a comfortable bed and pet me and gave me some gruel which I lapped up until they could take me to the vet for some help to the bridge.
I am writing to tell you my papa missed me so much he wanted another dog right away. Mum missed me so much she didn't want another dog right away. But you know what? I loved papa the most ever. Mama was a good second heheee. So I sent them another dog. He is kinda a mini me. Like from the movie you know? Skeeter... junior size. His name is Frankie and papa drove a long way and got him from a rescue. I bet mum will put up his page pretty soon.
I think I am getting this angel stuff. I am dusting mum everyday with the doggie angel dust. She will be ok too.



September 27th 2010 4:00 am
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Well friends, I do have cushings. I am on a new pill called Vetoryl. I take that and my chondroitin chewable.I don't ask to go out but Mum and Pop really watch me and put me outside a lot. No accidents in the house for a week or so now!I am still starving and thirsty though. I hope that improves.
ok gotta run, mum is getting into the fridge


pills not working

September 8th 2010 10:38 am
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I have been getting Selegeline to help clear up my foggie thinking and help me go potty outside. When I get my pills, it makes me more active but I still potty on the floor. I still get confused about doors. Sometimes I bump into them, Sometimes, I forget where the back door is and I bark at the wall to come in and mum has to lead me into the house.The vet says my eyes are ok. Mum isn't so sure. Why would I try to go through the screen door if I could see it was closed? Am I that confused? Mum is sad. I am getting tested for cushings on Friday. Maybe that is why I am having pee problems. I am starving all the time too. I will try to alligator grab anything I think is food. I could use some purrs and woofs for better health.


Trip to the vet

August 10th 2010 7:15 am
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Oh Dear, today started well enough. I ate a nice bowl of kibble with some meat scraps then mum let me out to potty. I should have guessed something was up when she followed be around with a cup and took my pee. Yup, I went to the vet. He took some blood. I wriggled the best I could but they got it!
Mum told the vet I have started peeing in the house. Even when my folks are home! She also told him I am barking a lot more.
We will find out if I have a bladder infection, or kidney problems or if I am getting too old to worry about where I pee.
Keep your paws crossed for me pals ok?


shiver me timbers

May 23rd 2010 6:56 am
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And the rest of me too !!! Well, another trip to the groomers and this time I ended up nekkid! Just a little fur left on my head. Of course, as soon as I was shaved the weather turned cold. Grrr...Plus to add injury to insult, my elbows got beat up laying on the tile. I figured out to lay on the rugs but it took a few days. Meanwhile, mum put me in a stoopid long john shirt to keep me warm and protect my elbows. You can see me in the photo.(Thanks mum) I am finally growing some hair and sure hope mum keeps up with it this time so I don't need sheared again. One good thing-no more dingle berries!!!


The Groomer

July 26th 2005 2:55 pm
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Well today, Papa took me to the groomer because he said that I was a mess. I think I am very glamorous for a male dog. Anyways, I went to the groomer and this silly lady said she wouldn't groom me unless I gave her a kiss! How silly is that? I had no problem doing that BUT then she asked if I could wear a bandanna. Papa said it was okay, but I was not so sure. They brushed and brushed and brushed for three hours almost. Since I am a Keeshond, they were used to it. Then, they took me and put me in the bathtub for a bath! YAY! I love taking baths! They dried me off and cut my toenails, Which I diddnt like. Papa said I had a "staff infection" in my paw so thats why it probebly hurt me. After they did that, They trimmed all of my fur and Shaved my belly and my "pants". And then, the most trechorous part happend. They trimmed the mats between my paws. OUCHIE. That hurt me a lot and I was limping when Papa came to get me. Before Papa came, that silly lady came back and tied a baby blue bandanna around my neck. Boy, did I look silly! But I sure am feeling better! And Papa, Deb, and Ambah (my owner) said I look so good. Oh, the prices of bieng gorgeous.



December 22nd 2004 2:39 pm
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Today, I ate breakfast. Just doggy kibble asnd some yummy rice on top. My owner slipped me some bacon off her plate. Yum Yum! I have to watch what I'm doing around my other owners, they wouldnt be very pleased if they saw me eating bacon. Just aws I almost left teh table, a kitty was on the other corner. He looked at me with this look that couldve scared the pants of a wolf! He hised and growled at me and I just went the other way. I dont get it. Why dont they like me? I wish they did. I only want an animal friend in this human world.

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