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SP Royal Prom

May 12th 2008 7:08 pm
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Today Diesel attended his first Royal Event.! He was graced with the honor of PRINCESS Holly Anne as his date and his BFF Chaddy by his side. What more could a guy ask for? The castle was amazing and the lobster melted in your mouth. The endless drinks and mouthwatering deserts were outstanding! There were so many puppies in attendance that it was a bit overwhelming for this young gentleman. Diesel had a fabulous time at the prom, the Nana Boo and the Royal Court sure know how to throw a party!

Thank you SP!


What a Big Day!

May 9th 2008 8:23 pm
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Today was a busy day for Mommy and Diesel! We are so honered to be choosen Bostylicious Bosty of the week and we are very excited about joining the PB Admin. Team! We really enjoy playin' with so many wonderful doggies!

Diesel is especially happy about his new found love HollyAnne!!! But All the camping action and BBQ food has got him all tuckered out.

Thanks to all our new friends for a great day!


I broked my tire on a rope :(

May 8th 2008 6:20 am
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Otay, I know its my own falt but there was no one to play wiff and my Mommy was on the puter and its rainin' out side..... I was bord so I was took tat tire and swinged it around and around until I couldn't see no I lied down on the floor and stared chewing on the knot on the rope and I chewed and chewed and chewed until the tire felled off !........ Mommy took the rope away, Dang it! That was the part I wanted too now I gotta search for tat other tire on a rope...don't know where I left it...I hope it's not out in the rain!!!!

I gotta go find it! Diesel



May 6th 2008 8:59 am
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Lilly tagged me for being the hottest Bosty around! (Blushing!)
Thank you Lilly!

Things I am am thankful for:

1) My toy box. I have soo many great toys to play with!
2) For my human sisters. They luvs me all the time. I always have a lap to cuddle on and someone to play with.
3) The stupid cats- I get to chase them around and sometimes they will let me sleep on the bed next to them if I stay really still :)
4) Most importantly I am thankful for my family who loves my and takes care of me and thinks I am most handsome Bosty around!

I am going to tag.
1) Jerry for being so wuvable and cute!
2)The Royal King Spivey cause he is the King Pug!
3) Diamond for being so for being so beautiful!
4) And of course my BFF Chaddy!.

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