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Spoiled Rotten Jay-Jay

My Pupper Year In Review - 2009

January 12th 2010 7:37 am
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Wow…it be real long time since I pupdated my diary! So I make my 2010 pooch year resooolution to woof more over here. I haf very good 2009 (even though I not get to swim in my pool dis summer) still it was good year.

Hmmmm some highlights…4th year in a row top funder for Barks on da Boards and meeting lots of my goof Dogster pals there like the Wiener Gang, Romeo & Juilett, Sadie & Murphy. I got to meet Murphers twice dis summer, da second time we got chased of dog beach in OC, NJ by millions of gnats. I hope we get a better gnat free day to play at da beach togever dis year. I hope I maybe get meet more Dogster furriends dis year

Dis summer be very good too, vacation at da sea shore is so nice. I wuvs our sea shore house b/c it one floor and I can keep a good eye on everyone inside and outside. I wuv to go on da warm porch early in da morning and lie on da table and sun myself. Den I wakes K up so we can go fur walk. I usually see my Tzu buddy Willie and I sits on his porch wif him for a while most days. He nice guy and let me lay in his special porch pillow. But bestest part of sea shore is when me & K get up reeeal early to sneak on da beach…hehe! I wuvs da beach sooo much! Da sand like snow, but not cold – BOL! I even get brave dis year and be runnin’ in da little tiny ocean waves. Walkin on beach and sniffin’ stinky seaweeds and stuffs is da best!

‘Nover highlight, so much snow! We getted 24 inches not to long ago and it be wooftastic b/c I wuvs da snow! K bundles me all up and I whine and bark at da door until she let me out and den I run in it, snoot around in it, and eats it! I ‘specially loved when K frows it at me and I can catches it. I stay out in snow allll day, but K make me come in and warm up b/c she say I freeze up like a pupcicle if I don’t. I sure hope we gets even more snow dis winter.

Hmmmm what else??? OHHHHH I be in Daily News b/c I greatest wittle hairy Phillies fan ever! The mans write about me watching da games in my Phillies jersey and being a good luck charm, I been gets my picture in a big paper too! I guess I not so good luck charm dis year b/c we have no Phillies parade, so I try to be better lucky charm in April…BOL! K be in da paper wif me too b/c she have big huge Phillies surprise pawty in special club at last Phillies game. I not allowed to go but I know she have best time ever so dat make me happies. She still talk about wearing some big special Phillies World Series ring. Whatever dat is…BOL!

We just have more Howl-O-Days too and as usual I get spoilt…hehe! At Fanksgiving Aunt Dotty always save me da raw turkey livers and stuff and they be yummies in my tummy. We just eats turkey and ham and stuffs and sit around and nap – lol.

Den come Woofmas. I send out da most coveted JJ woofmas card and I finks dis year be da bestest cards yet! Woofmas over, but we still got some decorations, woofever da big tree sittin’ outside on da sidewalk dis morning. Even though I can’t pee on it, it pretty tree, but it take up my window seat so I happies dat it gone b/c I can look out da front window again. We have usual big giant Italian Woofmas Eve dinner and everyone come over and give me presents – lol! I gets lots of da giant shrimps (raw of course) and chicken from the escarole soup, then I lay in my little bed in da middle of everyfing and watch everyone fussin’ wif gifts and stuffs. Da 2 little ones, Liz & Lila, likes to play wif me and I don’t mins dem so much anymores, ‘specially since dey give me treats…hehe! We have lots of fun Woofmas Ever, but Woofmas day is what I be wait fur. I get so excited b/c dat when Santa Paws come and bring me sooo many giftees! Dis year he bring me lots and lots and lots of bags of my most favorite Wellness treats, and buffalo bully sticks and even some elk jerky and cookies and stuff. I had lots of fun opening my pressies in da morning. I know exactly what be mine too. Santy bring me some wacky little hamster dis year too, but I no likes him. He make funny noises, he even bark at me! He run around in da kitchen and I attack him and throw him around, but he keep runnin’ around! I no likes him at all so K pack him up and ship him to one of my furriends who prolly likes him better.

It be da New Year not to long ago too, we go over little Liz house and count down and drink champagneee. Dey tells me I get champagneee in my little glass but I finks dey fooling me. Everyone kisses me at midnight too, but I more concerned w/ getting all those noisy horns and rippin em’ up. Da next day I stay home wif K’s mommy so she can go to da big Mummer’s parade. I not like when she leave me so I try see her on TV but it just lots of people wearing sparkly stuffs and big feathers.

So dat be my good year in review. It be wooftastic year, and I hope dies year be even better! So here too furtastic 2010 and to me getting more spoilt’ on my woofday dis week! BOL!!!


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