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My first entry

I went to school today!

October 14th 2008 6:09 pm
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Hi pups,

Been awhile, Mom's been super busy, and hasn't updated my page in forever (grrrrr!) Oh well, anyways, in the meantime, we've rescued a bunch of puppies and got them into different rescue organizations, so we're pretty happy about that. Mom says it's more important than my social life, but I'm not in agreement, because obviously I am the most important thing, but whatever.

Right now I'm graciously sharing my home with my foster sister, Minnie, a 2 year old salt and pepper miniature schnauzer with natural ears and tail from the local animal shelter. She's okay, but I swear if she sticks her face in my food dish one more time, I'm going postal! Also, mommy helped pull out a schnauzer with no hair, no hair because of skin condition so bad and obviously left untreated for months. You couldn't tell she was a schnauzer, but my mommy could, because with 5, you really get to know what a schnauzer looks like, even without hair. She's really sweet, so that made me kind of sad for her, especially because her foster mommy tells my mommy she's been abused as well. But she's doing well, and her hair is growing back well in all places, except her thighs, but her skin might be so damaged there it won't ever grow back, we'll see.

And most importantly, I went to school today. Yes, me, Precious went to Paisley elementary school to talk to five classrooms about being disabled. Well, mom did most of the talking, but i did add a bark or two in about some things. Mom says I was super well behaved, but I always am. Being a therapy dog, you have to be, so it's a good thing I am. I also got to show the kids my two new tricks, which I learned super fast. I can give my paw now and speak on command, which is the cutest little bark, mommy says. That speaking trick really makes people laugh, my voice is funny mom says. The kids all loved me, and all petted me and said hi, which I very much enjoyed, because I especially love kids. I ignored the teachers completely, but that was okay because i was there to see the kids. And I ran around in my cart all over class, and the kids thought it was hysterical. I got really excited when they started laughing and shouting, so I barked a little then, but was calmed quickly when they stopped, so it was okay. Oh, and then we left, and walked around the halls, which are outside in Florida, for those reading who don't know what Florida schools are like. That got me a lot of strange looks and disbelief on kids faces, so I really enjoyed the attention and spotlight.

And, I have CGC testing, which for those or you who don't know, stands for Canine Good Citizen testing under the AKC. I have to have it to remain in my therapy dog group, so I have to take it Saturday, but mom's pretty worried about it. I'm pretty good on all the challenges except the last, when the handler, my mom, has to leave me with a stranger for 2-3 minutes alone without me throwing a fit and crying and trying to follow like crazy, which is of course what I do. But, to be fair, I'm not like the average dog. My mommy or my grammy or auntie is with me almost 24/7 because I'm special needs, and I am held a majority of that time, so I don't like being left alone, especially with a stranger. Usually I squirm and cry so much when people besides mommy try to hold me, they end up giving me back to mommy, so it's a bit of a problem. But it's umcomfortable for me to be held in a lot of ways because of my disability in the curve in my back, so there are valid reasons. I don't like feeling like someone may drop me, so it scares me a lot. Also, when I was younger, I had no control over my bladder and it would jostle and a little pee would come out and nobody, i mean nobody, wanted to hold me. Now, mommy's good about expressing my bladder right before therapy work, so I don't have this problem anymore, but because I've only been held by mom, grammy and auntie, really thus far, I get scared when held by anyone else. Anyways, wish me lots of luck for testing, mom thinks I'll need it! But mommy will still love me either way.

Barks and growls,



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