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Sad day April2, 2012

February 15th 2013 8:29 am
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April 2,2013 my mistress will be going away she tells me she hasd to go to PA last year April 2, 2012 she went in a rush I didn't know what happens and she was gone for two weeks when she got back she told me a horrific tale. I saw two officers knock on her door they talked and then she took off she said they were to have her call a number and was told from the number she called her son David I knew him well he was with me when I have my pups, he had died in a fire and her daddy was in the hospital on life support she said that David will not be coming here no more but he might come in spirit I think sometime I see him. This is why she took off so fast she had to go get thing done in PA. I miss him so much I heard he was to come live with us but now all I have is memories my mistress tells how much he would of loved me a pet me till he couldn't any more. ON April of this year she will go back and see his headstone and be with his friends and people who knew him.


my owner was very upset

April 20th 2012 11:36 am
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April 2nd I saw two officers come to my owners door they knocked and she was told to call someone. As she was getting in the car I heard her talking on her phone she said her son had died in a fire and her father was in the hospital she took off and was gone for two weeks. She came back last monday and told me what had happened. On april 2 there was a fire in her fathers house and her son David which I liked very much died in the fire her father which got out of the house by a neighbor carrying him out a true hero but sadly her father didn't make it he died of complications due to the fire the death certificate list both as smoke a soot in there lungs. The fire fighters coulnld get her son out the fire was to hot it was noticed at 1:23 am and they got her son David out at 5 am. I tried to comfort her with puting my head on her lap but all she did was cry she said she was glad David got to play with me and that my son Jr got to meet him she had planned to go get her son April 15th but now......... She is very sad she sits with me and cries holding me I don't know what to do for her. She is not the same.
I don't know how to help her in her grief and how to ease her hurt I try to sit with her and let her know I am here and that is the best I can do She says her son oved me and my son and that he would of just sat with us all day to pet us I remeber him and how kind he was he was a good person.

Note: I wish to tell all that my son is with my father in heaven and he had a way with animal he is no doubt like the piped piper and they are following him all around LUCKY DUCK They both are in Morrisville PA as is my mother. It is very hard these days and I have a few bad days where I just cry all day.



December 1st 2011 5:40 am
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I think I maybe moving soon thing are not going so well my owner is having trouble and she has said till Feb then I may move. She came back from somewhere she had left earlyb in the morning I saw her crying outside and her mate was talking to her she got very load and she said she has had it and she said about my son if she was to take him and the other animals if they should go live somewhere of if her mate wanting to kill all of them.
I don't know how things will go but I guess if I am with her and there is another animal a cat that should go with us I think we will be ok I know she will not leave us behind.


Today 9/20/11

September 20th 2011 4:53 am
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The people are with us once more wish they would stay gone I get to come in once in a while when there is no one there except my owned I wish I could be in all the time like I use to be with my friend Blue. My owner comes and pplays and pet me but it is not the same as laying at her feet or just in the same room.She said it would be different if the kids were not home or living there. I bite because they are not my family. She doesn all she can to be with me but it is not the same.


today 7/10/2011

July 10th 2011 5:50 am
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today is nice not much going on since the people left I come inside more with my owner it is hard not having my best friend Blue here but I am getting use to him not being here. I am able to see my son Jr. my owner just shaved his coat down for the summer, she left some fur on him he looks like a dang poddle with what was left behind. I have had to get use to being in another place since astorm knock the fencing down in my pen I am now in a pen that held two goats and a pig atone time or another there is a big box the goats had to go into and a smaller dog house and then my owner put my dog box in so I have 3 house I can get into if I need to.

Things are better not since I can come inside. I hope the poepl who lived here don't come back because then I am outside all the time.


Storm that came threw

April 14th 2011 6:19 am
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one night it was late, a rain storm came threw, I was in my house, the wind had picked up and I didn't want to go out I hate being went. Then I heard this awful noise it sound like cracking then there was a loud noise and the ground shook just for a moment. I saw in my owners house no lights on but I could see some light I am not sure what it was coming from. One of the people came out to me I came out the pen there was a big tree had fell across the pen and I heard my owner yelling let her out. I got out but I was very anxious I didn't know where to go it was raining and the wind was so strong I couldn't seem to find my owner I heard her but I could seem to find her. Then my owner came out and she grapped me I don't know where she came from but she brought me in where they were, She sat with me as I shook from fear, I was scared she told me it was ok and that I was a good girl. she got a towel to dry me off and called me Harpie Her nick name for me. But then she put me in the bathroom, my crate was outside. I thought it was so windy that my owner didn't think it was safe to go back out, I was in the dark and I fell a sleep warm. Next day I had to go to a different pen but I still wanted to go to the other one. My friend Blue is in the ground and I am glad he was not in this storm. He is old and the storm could of scared him to death.


Sad day

February 17th 2011 1:10 pm
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My friend Blue has got sick and my owner took him away from me, he was in most of the day for 4 days and he came out to see me during the night but Monday the 14th of Feb. My owner took my friend Blue the father of my pups to the vet he has not ate much and didn't want to bark at anything he just laid down and did nothing I tried to play with him but he got so out of breath. He went with my woner in the car and they were not gone long but when he came back he didn't come back to me. My owner was real upset and was crying, I watched as they dug a hole I saw my owner going to this piece of clothe and I heard her tell my son this is your daddy and he is in Heaven now. I lowered my head as they dug in respet the my friend. I couldn't believe that he is gone. I saw them put him in the ground. My owner just cried. I know he is there. He is now ok playing in pet heaven.

Owner's note:

Blue had heart worms and I caught it to late we treated him but his lungs got inflamed and he got out of breath I thought he had a respritory infection and thought he would get antibiotics, but the vet said she could run test but it would be the same Blue was at the end of his life he was 11 years old had been a daddy and true friend a protector and companoin I truely am to miss him, and weep much for him still.




August 8th 2010 5:52 am
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Been really hot but we are in the shade all the time and have a bucket of cold water to drink. We now have some other people living with us and my owner don't let us in as much since we don't like strangers. But that is ok my owner comes out and plays with Us. We are safe and sound and just get to play all day or sleep when ever we want. Blue My companoin had to go to the vet he hates the vet they seem to always check him out and put there fingers where they don't belong but blue was nice and didn't bite any one.


Death of a friend

April 19th 2010 7:40 pm
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Yesterday was a hard day for my owner, We had two female goats on the land, I heard their name Daisy and Patunia I got to see them when she had them out to graze. The one Daisy looked rather thin I thought she was sick but she ate the grass maybe this is the same for them as it is why we eat grass. I heard my owner tell her mate that something was wrong with one of the goats, I din't know which one, I heard the one was real sick and passing blood from her butt. I don't know but this doesn't sound to good. I sat and listened so hard my ownwer was so upset why? then yesterday she had the goat out and I found out what it was and why my owner was so upset. She was to let Daisy's life go. Her mate was going to do this. My owner went to the fence and talked to the next door neighbor and told him he will hear a gun shot and it is because Daisy was so sick and suffering. Yesterday was Sunday and the day before she called to ask a vet what it could be, I know she would do anything to help the goat but she has never let any of us suffer. She took Daisy so her friend could do the deed and it was over in seconds. My owner wept so hard it was like a part of her family had past. Daisy is burried with all the other pets they have had. My owner is still upset. I wish there was something I could do but I only could lay my head on her trying to comfort her.


Summer is almost here

March 22nd 2010 7:37 pm
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Days are getting beter they are warmer me and blue are still outside I need abath to go inside my owner has a back problem and she tells me she will get me in for a bath but her back hurts so much I know she is trying. The people that was living with my owner has finanally moved out so anytime I should get inside once more. We are down to 2 cats I know they belong with us.

We had it snow 3 times but my owner made sure we had plenty of hay to keep use warm me and Blue slept together so we could keep each other even warmer. I see our pup he is close by but Blue will not let him stay with us. Our pup is a male and Blue doesn't want any other male around me.

They are building a rabbit cage tomorrow my owner tells me everything I hope I get to get a bath tomorrow to.

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