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Herding Ferrets

January 8th 2009 10:26 pm
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So, I don't know if any other pup out there knows about these things... Vicious little creatures they are! Here I am minding my own business, just trying to get mom to throw my tennis ball for the thousandth time, when out of nowhere one of these fuzzy things jumps across mom's lap, grabs my ball and scurries under the couch with it. My BALL. IT TOOK MY BALL!!!
I gave chase, but it was too late, the little weasel got it tucked away half way down the couch. I tried to get to it. First one end of the couch, then I raced around to the other. I jumped up on the back of the couch, then tried to crawl under it. All the while barking at the scurvy little beast to bring it back. I looked to mom for intervention, but I have the sneaking suspicion she was chuckling when I turned around.
Well, don't doubt for a minute that I didn't give mom a piece of my mind. I barked, I begged, I whined... While my back was turned the smallest fuzzy bandit came out from under mom's chair and nipped my hind paw. I spun and it dove under the couch. Chicken!!! I returned to begging when up pops the third one from where it was curled on mom's lap and nips my nose! Then it darts off to join it's partners in crime under the couch.
You know what mom did? Do you KNOW?!? She laughed out loud. Not just a little, she laughed until tears came out of her eyes, as I was pleading my case. Oh the indignity of it all.
I turned my back on mom as she was trying to pull herself together and stormed to my bed. With a loud exaggerated sigh I plunk myself down with my back to her. How could she betray me this way. That is my tenny ball. It's mine, mine, mine.
Mom finally took the hint and got up to retrieve it from the scoundrels. She pulled out the couch and saved it from the little villains. I still hadn't forgiven her for her lack of understanding, but she did get my ball back which I rushed to retrieve. Thanks goodness it was safe! It didn't appear that they had done any permanent damage to it, but I couldn't be sure. I took it back to my kennel for further inspection and safekeeping.
I peaked out as I heard mom moving the couch back into place. The three devious ones were peaking out the other end of the couch and eyeing my kennel. I barked at them again that sent them darting back into hiding, but I know their shenanigans now. I know they are just plotting their next abduction of my helpless tenny ball. Never fear my comrades, I have it well hidden now under mom's pillow. But you musn't tell the little beasties where its at. Its very survival depends on complete confidentiality...


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