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Herding Ferrets

January 8th 2009 10:26 pm
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So, I don't know if any other pup out there knows about these things... Vicious little creatures they are! Here I am minding my own business, just trying to get mom to throw my tennis ball for the thousandth time, when out of nowhere one of these fuzzy things jumps across mom's lap, grabs my ball and scurries under the couch with it. My BALL. IT TOOK MY BALL!!!
I gave chase, but it was too late, the little weasel got it tucked away half way down the couch. I tried to get to it. First one end of the couch, then I raced around to the other. I jumped up on the back of the couch, then tried to crawl under it. All the while barking at the scurvy little beast to bring it back. I looked to mom for intervention, but I have the sneaking suspicion she was chuckling when I turned around.
Well, don't doubt for a minute that I didn't give mom a piece of my mind. I barked, I begged, I whined... While my back was turned the smallest fuzzy bandit came out from under mom's chair and nipped my hind paw. I spun and it dove under the couch. Chicken!!! I returned to begging when up pops the third one from where it was curled on mom's lap and nips my nose! Then it darts off to join it's partners in crime under the couch.
You know what mom did? Do you KNOW?!? She laughed out loud. Not just a little, she laughed until tears came out of her eyes, as I was pleading my case. Oh the indignity of it all.
I turned my back on mom as she was trying to pull herself together and stormed to my bed. With a loud exaggerated sigh I plunk myself down with my back to her. How could she betray me this way. That is my tenny ball. It's mine, mine, mine.
Mom finally took the hint and got up to retrieve it from the scoundrels. She pulled out the couch and saved it from the little villains. I still hadn't forgiven her for her lack of understanding, but she did get my ball back which I rushed to retrieve. Thanks goodness it was safe! It didn't appear that they had done any permanent damage to it, but I couldn't be sure. I took it back to my kennel for further inspection and safekeeping.
I peaked out as I heard mom moving the couch back into place. The three devious ones were peaking out the other end of the couch and eyeing my kennel. I barked at them again that sent them darting back into hiding, but I know their shenanigans now. I know they are just plotting their next abduction of my helpless tenny ball. Never fear my comrades, I have it well hidden now under mom's pillow. But you musn't tell the little beasties where its at. Its very survival depends on complete confidentiality...


I Got Tagged by Heidi!!!

December 31st 2008 11:23 am
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Write 7 things about yourself others may not know, then tag 7 of your furriends by pmai/rosette. Have fun! Now for the hard part... 7 things people don't know about me...

1. I have 3 ferret siblings: Haka, Moko, Tuki. They are little demons who love to attack my feet as I walk by the couch!! Grrr...
2. I have found out how to escape the living room by climbing on the back of the couch and jumping through the pass thru window!! Shhhh... mom still doesn't know how I do it!
3. Mom feeds the strays cats in the neighborhood, but when I'm outside, I secretly eat all their food.
4. Mom is a volunteer FF and when I'm good I get to go down to the station and play with all the FF's who like to love all over me.
5. I love going on trips and staying in those big buildings with all the bedrooms... hotels? When we're there, I get to jump from bed to bed and back again. Also, mom lets me choose the channels!
6. I LOVE taking showers!!! I mean love it! Took me a long time to learn that sometimes only mommy needs a shower. When she would wake up, I would zoom into the bathroom and jump in the tub to wait for her to turn on the water.
7. I actually like my ferret siblings and like it when they curl up with me on the couch while I'm watching tv.


OMD!!! I have a BOYFRIEND!! Go check out their pages!

December 28th 2008 3:33 pm
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Jack and I have been play friends for a couple of months now, and last night our mommies gave us permission to date!!!! Woohoo. We had our first date last night, and I got to meet his furbro Jay. Mommy also talked their mommy into joining dogster. Please go check out his and his brother's pages (Jack: 935757, and Jay: 935767)!!!


Ahhh... Christmas

December 26th 2008 10:42 am
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Wow.... I really like this Christmas thing. My other two Christmas days, mom has had to work. Her new bosses must be really nice, cuz she gets a bunch of howlidays off now. But I think Christmas has to be the best day ever!!!
When I woke up, mom was STILL SLEEPING! I got worried, why hadn't she woke me up and taken me out? I thought, "Oh no, she's late!!!" Being late means, no morning snuggles, no morning frisbee, no nothing but "Hurry up and potty Kai!!", "Here's your food, see you tonight." and out the door she goes. Very frantic, I knew I had to take action.
*whimper*... Nothing
*whine*... Still nothing
The situation was getting desperate. Something had to be done...
*THWACK*... Paw to the face gets her every time!
She looks so funny when I wake her up like that :) I pant and grin at her as she fumbles for the light. She looks so funny with her hair sticking up all over the place as she rubs her eyes. She looks at me and scowls, "What do you want Kai?"
I cock my head to the side. What does she mean what do I want?!? I was doing you a favor mom... Geesh, no appreciation at all. I do a quick twirl and super sneaky suprise attack full face lick. She grumbles under her breath, but I heard that curse word she threw in. Doesn't matter though, she's up! I saved the day! I'm a hero!
Out to potty, food in my belly... what's this? The shower isn't going... I needed to investigate.
HOLY SMOKES, she's back in bed! Grrr... After all my hard work? I jump up on the bed. "Come here Kai, snuggle time. No work for me today it's Christmas" Woohoo!
We got to lay in bed until after the sun came up! Then we went out and played frisbee. I got lots fo new toys and treats, but my favorite is another floppy disk!!! After I played with all my new toys, mommy took me over to our friend's house and all the kids there had new toys too! They played with me and loved on me all afternoon. Then all us pups got a very yummy dinner and with our tummies full layed down to take a nap.
Soon mom woke me up and back home we went. Mom got into her jammies and we spent the rest of the day curled up on the couch. I like this Christmas thing. Any chance we can have them more often?


Something Wicked This Way Comes

December 22nd 2008 4:21 pm
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So it has been furever since mom has allowed me on to say hello. She just keeps making excuses about working, blah, blah, blah. HELLO EVERYFUR! I've missed you all!
So some serious stuff has been going on in our lives, mainly surrounding me... I'm going to let mom tell you about it since I don't remember everything that happened.
So, at the beginning of the month, Kai and I were snuggled in bed all cozy and sleeping soundly, when I feel the bed shaking. Thinking Kai was attacking some dry skin I reached over and put my hand on her, only to find her stiff as a board, shaking from nose to tail... I sit up and turn on the bedside light and see that my greatest fear is confirmed: seizure.
I jump out of bed and notice that she is at the very foot of the bed nearly ready to fall off the end. I run to the end of the bed and scoop her up in my arms and begin carrying her down the hall. Stupid mom... it's 19 degrees out and I'm in my boxers and a t-shirt. I lay my still seizing dog down in the hall and run back to the bedroom for my phone and sweatshirt. Frantically throw on the sweatshirt and hit the speed dial for the vet as I race back to Kai's side. Still seizing...
No answer on vet's cell phone. Speed dial home number. No answer there either. Dang it!!!!
Kai stops seizing about the time that I hang up from second call and looks around dazed and confused. Not thinking I lean over to put my hand on her shoulder, and of course the next thing I know my hand is clamped between two very strong jaws, and my sweet dog is growling at me. Remaining as still as possible I gently talk to Kai and try to soothe her. An eternity seems to pass before she finally releases me. She stared with glazed eyes at the floor and continues to growl. I slowly back away and step outside the front door and try the vet again. Not smart... really not smart.
Kai stands at the door and barks and growls at me, and will not obey command to go to her room. Now I'm stuck outside in boxers, flipflops and a sweatshirt... I finally get ahold of a friend who comes over to try to help me, but there is no budging my dogs from her guardpost. We finally get ahold of the local vet hospital who recommend leaving her alone to settle down for a couple hours as long is she is no longer seizing. I get hauled to the hospital to have my hand tended, and when we return my sweet, playful pup is back to her normal goofy self.
No sleep for me that night as I sit in my rocking chair next to her kennel scared to leave her alone in case the nasty seizures come back to claim her. We were on the doorstep of the vet's office when they opened and Kai spent the day being observed, but with no recurrence of the seizures. Of course I was told I needed to watch her and if another seizure happened to let the vet know.
Fast forward a week and a half and the big nasty seizure returns. This time I think Kai understood what was going on a little better, and though she was confused, there were no violent outbursts! Phew!!! Of to the vet we go, but the vet really didn't want to start her on Phenobarb quite yet. Big mistake, within an hour of being home from the vet office, Kai goes into cluster seizures. 4 Seizures over the next hour... Frantic and feeling completely helpless, I race back to the vet where they start a valium drip and PB and put her under observation.
That evening, both of us exhausted mentally and physically we tumble onto the couch and spend the next two days never more than ten feet from eachother.
It's been a week now since starting the PB treatment and so far we are seizure free. While she is more sleepy and is having some minor difficulties walking a straight line, I am greatful for this seizure-free time. From what I gather, we could have a long road ahead of us, but for right now all is good. Countless hours of researching has taught me a tremendous amount about diet and supplements to help with my eplileptic pup. I want to especially recognize the wonderful people at University of Missouri Canine Epilepsy Network, and Epi Guardian Angels for their websites and all of the fantastic information as well as encouragement they provide for us frantic mommies and daddies looking for help.
Kai is taking a nap right now, but in the next day or two I will have her send a woof out to everyone!! Take care and happy howlidays!


Mom's New Job

May 27th 2008 7:59 pm
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So life around our house has been frantic!! Mom lost her job a couple of weeks ago at the hospital :( The same day she lost her job though she got a call offering her a new one!!! With better pay (this translates to more treats!!!!!). The horrible part is the she hasn't let me get on Dogster since she started her new job... She is working a whole bunch to learn everything she has to, but I miss everyone... Hopefully in the next couple of weeks things will calm down and I will be able to join the fun once again. Hope everyone out there is doing pawsome!!!


Were are you Mom?

May 8th 2008 1:22 am
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So, here I sit. Dogs barking all around me. I don't know what they are all fussing about. I whine and look around at all the furry strangers around me. Where is she...?
I had to sleep in some strange pen last night. I didn't have my blanket. I didn't have Quackers. AND NO MOMMY!!! I didn't sleep very well, I was scared and whimpered for mom all night. Finally some other furless came down the stairs and all the other furries started barking. That just scared me more. I just want my mommy. Why would she leave? She said she was going to see her mommy. She said a week. I'm sure it's been that long and she will come for me soon. Won't she?
If anyone out there sees her, will you tell her I miss her?


Getting "Fixed"

April 13th 2008 11:19 pm
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So mom came home from work Thursday morning, and was acting all strange. Mom works the night shift at one of hospitals in town, so I figured she must just have had a bad night. She let's me out of my kennel and bends down to get all lovey with me, but all I wanted to do was go out and go potty. I zipped through the door and out in the yard to do my business, when I realize mom is following behind me with a plastic bag. Strange, she normally only does that when we are out on our hikes, or at the dog park.
Then, instead of going inside so mom can sleep, she says we are going for a ride. WOOHOO!!!! My whole body was shaking cuz I was so excited. Where to.... the fire station where mom volunteers...? Over to JJ's house...? Oooo, oooo maybe a hike...? Then, dash it all, mom says, "Calm down fuzzybutt, we're going to the vet to get you fixed." Fixed?!? What's that supposed to mean???
She starts rattling on to me about how we're going to the vet, which doesn't sound so bad to me cuz that's where the nice ladies love all over me and give me treats. Then she talks about how she's worried but says she knows I'll be fine. She still sounds pretty nervous and suddenly I start feeling worried. I know this is no ordinary visit. She says I will be staying overnight cuz I won't be awake to come home until she needs to get to work. Not be home with mom?
We get to the vet and of course, I ladies at the front counter give me lots of loves and treats. I was so excited that I ran for a quick check in with mom, and when she told me goodbye, I didn't realize she actually did leave right away.
Fast forward to today. I am miserable. My tummy hurts, it feels all swollen and warm. This doesn't make any sense cuz my fur was all shaved off of it. Mom picked me up on Friday, but I don't remember too much of that day. I remember curling up on mom's bed right before she got in next to me, then mom put something nice and cold on my tummy. It made me feel a little better, but I felt so achy and sleepy, that I curled my head into mom's side and slept until late that evening when mom woke me up to go outside. Saturday we cuddled on the couch all day and watched movies until mom had to go to work. Sunday I starting to feel a bit better, so we did play fetch for a bit before mom went to be.
Then last night, I didn't feel so good again. Mom says I have a fever, and is worried because I am whining alot even though I didn't at all since the surgery. There was a bit more swelling on my tummy before she had to go to work, and mom's hoping isn't an 'fection. She say's we will go back to the vet tomorrow and have my tummy looked at if it isn't better. Don't think I like the idea of going there again..
All I do know is that I sure am sleepy still, so I guess I'll go to sleep for now. I don't know what mom thought was wrong with me before, but I don't think I ever want to be "fixed" again.


Just a Start

March 29th 2008 2:42 am
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So hello everyone! I'm very excited about joining this new community! Mom thinks it is wonderful that I have started getting invitations to be friends already, and I am really excited to be able to talk with everyone and learn what's going on in their lives. Mom recently had surgery on her shoulder, and while it was great having her home ALL the time for the past few weeks, I am starting to get anxious to get out and play with my frisbee and tennis balls. She says it shouldn't be too long now. After such a long winter it is hard to be patient, especially now that we are having some nice days from time to time. But I'm trying to be good! To help pass the time we decided to join this website so we can see what other folks are up to. We look forward to meeting you all!

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