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Sam I Am !

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Angel Sammy April 6th, 2015

April 9th 2015 11:57 am
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This is very hard for Mama to write, but I succumbed to TCC Bladder Cancer ! I was diagnosed on 2/27/15 and passed on 4/6/15. It started as what was thought as a urinary tract infection. They treated it with antibiotics. It didn't clear up and the vet thought he should do an Ultrasound. He found a large mass and knew what it was. They still sent in a sample for a biopsy. He said Piroxicam did wonders for shrinking the tumor and we would try that. I took that plus my seizure meds. I seemed to be feeling fine, but the urine was still very bloody and clots were passing. I ate well until the last week. I didn't want to eat and I kept vomiting for 4 days. Mama and Daddy knew. As much as I wanted to stay, I was tired and weak. They took me in, Daddy took me for one last, short walk and I wanted to go in the van. I looked at Mama with pleading eyes, she will never forget that look and broke down. We had to go in and went to the nice special room. My doctor pet me and I relaxed after a first shot. I gave one last look at Daddy and laid my head down and dozed off. When the doctor came in, he pet me and gave me my final shot. I was free of pain, bleeding and this ugly disease. Mama, Daddy, Maizy Pongo and Anabel are all sad. Soon my ashes will be home with them. I know Mama and Daddy gave me a great home and did everything they could. They didn't want me to suffer. I am free Mama and Daddy , I can't wait to see you again ! We so loved you Sammy, our hearts are breaking and the sadness is overwhelming ! God bless you Sammy !

Thank you to all for the Rosettes and special thoughts !


Mama is worried !

March 16th 2015 6:09 pm
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Mama is really worried lately. Daddy noticed that when I went potty, the urine was reddish. Mama made an appointment at the vet. He thought it was a urinary tract infection & gave me an antibiotic. It wasn't working, so back we went. This time they did an ultrasound & found a large mass,,,,not good ! Mama was told I have Transitional Cell Carcinoma , an incurable, aggressive cancer . Mama & Daddy were heartbroken . They won't do surgery because of my age & it would only spread it more. He put me on Piroxicam , hoping it will give me a longer life & stop the growth of the cancer. I've only been on it a couple of weeks & I still pee red urine. Mama will call the vet tomorrow & ask how long it takes to start to clear up. I don't appear in pain, I eat really good & I still love to play & go to dog parks. The vet said sometime the medicine gives you 2 or 3 more years. Mama said we can only pray & they will know when it's time. Hopefully I'll be around for awhile :) I know Mama & Daddy are doing what's best for me .



January 2nd 2014 6:50 pm
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Now Mama just tried to let everyone know in ConnectTheDOTS about the problem and it happened to the Group Page !!! All the background is gone ! Yikes....Tipper is going to be so mad at me and I can't do anything about it ! I'm afraid to touch anything now :(



January 1st 2014 9:58 pm
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I've been on dogster forever and never realized this other group was here: DOGSTER AND CATSTER ALL POINTS BULLETIN !! If it wasn't for them, I would never have known what was wrong ! I just started working on Sammy's page and couldn't figure out why all my stuff suddenly disappeared. I thought it was me and here, on Sammy's birthday yet ! I wanted to give an update on all his seizures, etc. I spent so much time trying to figure out what I was doing wrong. Now I know ! Tipper didn't know why all her stuff was missing , either. I'll have to be around dogster more, like I used to be, so I can stay in the loop. Thank you for all the well wishes and rosettes....I appreciate every single one of them !



What's wrong with Dogster ?

January 1st 2014 9:22 am
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Is it Mama or what ? She wanted to delete the falling objects on my page because it's my birthday ! She wanted to make my page all pretty and stuff . So she deletes the falling objects and comes back to my page and EVERYTHING is gone !!! No background, no pictures, no music.....NOTHING !!! HUH ???? Mama is so mad because it takes her forever to do a page. She's not all techy and stuff like Flicka's Mama ! Mama will come back later and see if it's working better or is it her ???? Sorry !!! See ya' later :)



March 26th 2013 4:18 pm
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Just thought I'd give a little update, as everyone was so kind with all the rosettes, thoughts and prayers. Mama is giving me my special pills twice a day....12 hours apart. So far I am doing well, haven't had a seizure yet. Mama says I seem to be more relaxed and I actually played outside with Maizy and Tipper ! They were chasing me and I was running around and wagging my tail....Daddy was so surprised to see that ! Normally I kept my distance from those silly spots and would only play with Daddy. Mama really hopes this is the problem and that there isn't another underlying cause . We are all keeping our paws crossed. I will see the vet in another week and I'm sure he'll do a blood draw to see if the pills are helping or need to be increased. Now I'm just waiting for Spring to get here, so I can lay in the warm sunshine........Bye, bye :)


Royal Member of the Day (3/21/13) & an Update :)

March 22nd 2013 8:38 pm
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First of all, I want to Thank Bailey for picking me as Royal Member of the Day yesterday ! It was a great honor and it did help cheer us up. She made a lovely picture for me, also ! I also want to thank all my lovely pals for all the beautiful Rosettes and well wishes for my special day and for the prayers ! They must be working (Doing the Happy Dance), I have good news !

We are back from the vet :) He checked me out, I got my shots, did a blood draw and said he would call us. If I get more seizures lasting 15 minutes or longer or cluster seizures, take him to the Emergency Hospital immediately ! We were only home about 45 minutes and Mama got a call. He said everything just about showed up pretty good except my thyroid was on the low side...this could very well be the problem. As he said, if this is causung the seizures, we are lucky because it's treatable :) We'll pick up my meds tomorrow and start on it. Bring me in again in two weeks to see if the dosage is correct or needs to be adjusted. After that, check ups every so often. We're praying this is the cause and the meds will help me. As usual, I was an excellant patient ! ♥ Thank you for you good thoughts, help and prayers ♥ Will keep you updated ! Hugs & kisses to all my special friends.......I am so lucky to have all of you to pray for me and wish me well!

Labbie Love to you all xoxoxo


Another Seizure

March 19th 2013 10:29 pm
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Mama and Daddy are very worried, I had another seizure tonight ! This is my 3rd one in a few short weeks. Mama is calling the Vet and we hope we can get in on Thursday, as he is off tomorrow, It is scary for me and very scary for Mama. Daddy was a firefighter and EMT, so that helps me. He tries to keep me calm and focus on him. Mama is worried it could be a tumor or Kidney failure, as I have been wanting to go out a lot. Mama will keep you updated. She won't be in her groups much, because she can't really concentrate on the games. She may be on FB to update there........Please keep me in your prayers....Thank you !

Hugs, Sammy xoxoxo


Thank You !

February 15th 2013 9:28 am
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Mama said I should be very polite and Thank everyone for all the Happy Valentine's I am saying "THANK YOU " to all my pals for thinking of me and I hope you had a great day also ! It's a nice sunny day now, so I am going for a ride in the van with Daddy and Grandpa ..........Bye, bye ! :)


Featured Diary of the Day.... What an honor !

January 12th 2013 8:04 am
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Look, look,look, my picture is on the main page of Dogster ! I was picked as the featured Diary of the Day......whoooo-Hoooo ! Daddy will be so proud of me, I know I'm his special boy ! I am so honored to receive this and all the special Rosettes from my friends. Redford even made a special picture for me....Thank you ! Now I'll have to work on Daddy for some really extra special treats, like a piece of steak...Mmmmm ! Wait 'til Maizy sees this, her spots will turn green with envy ! Again, a big Thank You to Dogster and all that sent Rosettes and well wishes....Love you all !

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