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Age: 8 Years   Sex: Female   Weight: 11-25 lbs

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Katie Bug, bunny butt, Katie doodle, Cute Kate. SEE MY DIARY

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not playfulvery playful

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February 28th 2008

I like to be outside.

Not knowing were every one went.

Favorite Toy:
Everlasting food toy and Larry's Liver Treats.

Favorite Food:
Evo and Chicken

Favorite Walk:
I like to walk with my mom when she feeds the horses.

Best Tricks:
I don't have many but soon I will be older and have many!

Arrival Story:
I searched for Kate for over a year. We found a breeder and stuck with her but passed on many little girls. There was something about Kate's Cute little face we could not pass up. She came from Mississipi on a plane and is now with us in Colorado.

My mommy is Kreeda and my daddy's name is Zander. I my first human mommy was Tina of Tina's Aussies. (tinasaussies.com) My granddaddy is a beautiful blue Merle named Copper.

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Bunny Bottom

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What Food Do You Use & Recommened?


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March 12th 2008 More than 8 years!

Rosette, Star and Special Gift History

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My Diary

Home at my new home for 2 weeks.

April 11th 2008 7:55 pm
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Well, I have been here for a couple of weeks now. I am almost 12 weeks old. I was really nervous when I first came. I was mostly nervous about the things that were new around me I loved the people. Especially the kids! I was so glad to see kids! It made me think of the kids I left before I got on the big Plane thing. I was also scared of the big dogs. I think they call them horses. I am not so scared now and love to go out with my new mommy and feed the horses. The cats have been okay to get to know. The black one would like to clean my clock but I am too smart.
I am learning where to go potty. I think mommy wants me to go outside the house and not inside because she growls If I start to do it inside. It is fun to go outside and go potty. Mommy always gets me really excited after a potty outside.
I went to mommy's school. I think I got in trouble when I ran a long way across a lot of grass to see the kids that I heard. I loved to see them and they were happy to see me. Mom didn't let me stay long though.
I like going over to the neighbors house and playing with Tessa and Max. Mostly Tessa she is a big puppy like me. We play and roll. She is what they call a mut. But I love her.
Well I am sleepy and am going to bed. I sleep beside mommy in my crate. I can tell her when I need to go out. I am getting a lot of sleep. Because I am not drinking a bunch of water before I go out.
Night Night Woof.


That Yucky Commercal Doggie Food...

March 23rd 2008 9:06 pm
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I have researched dog food for the last month. Rules, No corn, no corn gluten, no wheat, no wheat gluten. No preservatives. All very difficult on doggies tummies. The kibble that I found that was the best and got the best reviews from several sites was Ultramix by Castor and Pollux.(Petco sells it suprisingly) I started Kate on it but she didn't like it. My friends dog really does. One of my dogster friends turned me on to Evo. Kate really likes it. She is still in the mixing with the old food stage.I will feed some of the kibble with some cooked canned chicken breast. There are many other possibilities and a ton of sites online. Leerburg.com is one or search the dogfood story there is a video about what commercial companies put in our dogs food. I was appauled. Good luck and your pet will live longer because you took the time to get wiser! Great Job! Remember not to over feed... and exersise is fun!

Sites to visit and make your own judgement

Sear ch your food and put in Ultra Mix if you like kibble. or Innova Evo.

If you want to know more about Raw Diets.
http://healthierdogs.com/dog_food/a-na tural-diet-improves-your-dogs-health/#comments
Recommended by many:
http://healthierdogs.com/dog_food/sojos-homemade-dog- food-mix-and-more/#comments
This is a mother and a dog owner that has done a ton of research.


How mom teaches the lead in a pup. Have a fun safe walk with- no pulling.

March 23rd 2008 9:01 pm
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Okay, so this is that answer to the leading question on the answers open question page.
One of the first things we need to do it to know how the dog thinks. If a dog is in front they are thinking they are in control. It is a pack thing. If you are the leader of the pack you are incontrol. When mom goes for rides (horse)we go with her but we always stay behind her. We have a ton of fun sniffing and running around but she is the leader and always is in front. Everything smells the same wether in front or behind. If you have a thousand plus pound horse it is easy to realize that you are out of control when their tail is in your face and they are leading. Think of the same with your pup. Beside or behind you. That is why we usually chose beside you. Beside you mostly and walking behind you when going through doors. It is the pack way.
Next, rule. Make the things you want your pup to do easy and the things you don't want them to do difficult. And, make the things you don't want them to do uncomfortable and those that you do VERY rewarding and fun.
Note, uncomfortable does not mean pain, it means not comfortable. Like a small pebble in your shoe, you can still walk but it is better when you don't walk and stop or remove it. Pebble just a little tiny pebble, no physical force a small child can do all of this. Okay, so you start in a small space and practice before you get somewhere that is more difficult with lots of stimuli. We do this with horses in round pens or or small corrals because we don't want to look like idots being drug when we get to a show and the horse is so excited because there is so much going on. So start small and Practice and teach yourself before you can teach your dog. You can even try it on a person first so you don't mess with our pooch's mind.
Okay, where was I? Oh, small place. Start with your dog walking on a short lead not over 5 feet and a comfy collar. (Unless they are so unruly that it is rediculous but this will still help practicing and teaching them at home). Start walking and say your walking word, I say, "here" because it is a short, quick word to say. (here ,by the way, is right beside you in a 1 foot square)The rule here is you do not touch the lead until the dog does. The next rule is that you start small so you may read your dog and your dog knows the rules. Which are, you will start with a slight,"Hot Potato" Pull and increase the pressure until the dog responds with a slack on the lead. The idea here is to slowly make them more uncomfortable until they respond. Remember some will be uncomfortable when you first touch them and some it will take a bit more like the 5th time when they feel a really good snap on the lead. Always start small and increase first saying here before each "Hot Potato" Pull. Remember the "Hot Potato" pull is much like if you were to open your car door in the heat of the day and it is hot. You don't touch it for very long but you hold it long enough that the door will open abit, if it didn't open all the way then you try again a little harder and so on. (Never hurting the car in anyway but getting the door open with the least amount of pressure.)
Okay enough about the door, and more about the pooch, when the pup slacks the lead reward them with a controlled (not too enthusiastic as to loose the moment) " Good dog" or for me it is just a "Good". You have exactly 1.5 seconds to reward them with a "Good" so that they associate it with the release of pressure. At first stop and reward. As the pup gets it, the reward will be the comfort zone of no pressure and a "Good". At first, only work with your pooch for 5 minutes ( I have a hard time here because I get all excited when things are going good, but it is important to stop, they actually do better in the long run, I use to think someone was coming in and working my horses at night because they usually did so much better after a night to think about it). So you are walking until pressure and then slight potato, more potato, more potato and then bing they slack and "Good". If they pull again it is just the same, slight, more, More, MOre, MORe and Slack, "good". (one hot potato pull every second). Remember it is not a Yank it is an uncomfortable pull. While doing this have in mind exactly where you will not EVER apply any pressure to them. That is right beside your leg, that is the feel good place. Every animal wants to be where it feels good and life is easy. If you are always consistant with that it will always work. I have seen for hard pullers and larger dogs be taught by turning and changing directions each time they started to pull. Again this is working on the pack make up. I am in the lead, turn, I am in the lead, turn. Remember: NEVER hold for longer than a second. Then you will never have to hold. If you give them something to pull on they WILL pull on it. Think of them as a 1000 lb horse. (Even the little dogs) and you will love to walk with your doggie and your doggie will be more confident that they have such a great pack leader. This will change a lot of things along with other bad behaviors. DOORS: When going through a door, at first always have your dog sit. Then open the door. If they get up have them sit again then when the door is open, you walk through and then your pooch. Be very carefull not to ever let the door get them or hurt them you are the leader they trust you. After they get the idea that you are the DOG they will stop at the door like a kind gentleman and let you through the door. (Chivalry, custom made.) I hope this helps. This is all advice and if you have a really bad puller or a dog with multi problems find a local trainer or vet that can be with you. If you can't find a dog trainer try a horse trainer that has dogs! Always make your own decisions about your dogs and what is best for them. No one knows better than you! Have fun and let me know how things go. KATE.

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