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Giving Paw!

April 16th 2008 5:49 pm
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In other news, his vet apt was great. Got chipped, vaccinated again, and checked out. Gavined 5 pounds since we've had him. Yay! His rabies n' such is on May 6th, and we are planning on fixing him when he is around 14 months. Unless the hernia gets larger or complicated, then we might have too at 8 months...*sigh*

Still no progress with bells. But we can give paw now =D


One week..

April 6th 2008 6:31 pm
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April 5th 2008
Well what a week it has been. I havent seen nan or the other doggies at all all week! Just this other doggy that wants nothing to do with me. She STEPPED on me! She dosnt ever want to play and runs away from me. How dare she?!
The two peoples that came and took me from Nan are alright. They yell at me alot..but then again I suppose chewin on da rug's and chasing the cat is bad...I'm learning..but sheesh all I hear is 'No' or 'Leave it!'.
But the nervouse lady is making me worried...she keeps crying. I'm getting worried over that...
But the guy is taking over. What a alpha he is!
So I've been to da nervouse lady's work...she works at a place with ALOT of pets! And toys! I spend alot of the time in a place where the fur flies...and lots of other dogs are there barking. But I get to play with Katrina and Danali, so its ok. I'm making friends already!
I really wish the nervouse lady would be happier. I really do like her,I just cant focus too long on much of anything...
Well time for me to chew my piggy and go to sleep!
OH! I can make it through the night without peeing! =D



March 30th 2008 3:43 pm
[ Leave A Comment ] there I was at home sitting in da kitchen with Aunty Study and Aunty Sassy. Aunty Sturdy was letting me nurse...though nothing was coming out and I was getting mad. Then these two people came into the house! I've seen dem once before...when I was a little younger. This time they seemed REALLY happy, though the lady seemed nervouse.
I got a bath and was runnin around, trying to dry off and then they wrapped me in this orange thing...and all the water kinda went away. The two people and my na'na talked -alot-...den before I knew it I had dis thing around my neck! YUCK! It was a little itchy...
Den we wentoutside, and I -knew- something was up! Da lady that was nervouse took me into the back of this big black box thing. I was shaking! What de heck was going on? Where was I going? And why was my Nan crying? Befer I knew it...the box thing was moving! Oh I'm not sure what I was feelin...but it wasnt happy. But as time went wasnt so bad. Da nervouse lady was humming and I soon was relaxing with the pretty lady.
We stopped at a place and it was good, I -really- had to go! Den back in the black box thingy..and den I fell asleep for a long time.
Out of the box, and into this biiig yard that had other poopies in it! I sniffed about and did what I had too, then the nervouse lady picked me up and brough me into this warm neat place.
Not too shabby, they even had toys for me! I was so excited! But before I knew it they were putting me in this wire box thingy...and just sat there! I cried and cried..but these fokes were smart...they were not budging at all! Hmph! So I settled down a bit, and wouldnt you know? They let me outta the box! I'll have to remember dat...
I played with these new people for a bit, showing them how its done...and then I was really sleepy..they seemed tired I went into the 'D-E-N' or what ever that is and slept pretty well....
Untill 1:30am because I had to PEEE!!!!

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