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Gotta Love Me!

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July 15th 2008 4:28 am
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It was the most romantic proposal....the proposal of my dreams! Stewart and I flew down to Florida for dinner and a stroll on the beach.....when we got to the beach the sun was setting, it was so beautiful...down by the water there was a vase with my favorite flowers in it....we walked down the beach paw in paw....and when we got back to our spot...Stewart reached in the flowers....sat up and said "Zoe I love you...Will you marry me?" I immediately said YES!!! He gave me the most beautiful charm! It was attached to a pink ribbon ( favorite color) is the shape of a heart with diamonds all the way around the edge, pink enamel in the center and has a gold bow going across it....on the back *sniff sniff* it says "Zoe & Stewart Furever". Before we left the beach...Stewart gathered some sand and shells and put them in a jar for remember our magical moment in time! We flew in late last night and I couldn't wait to tell my family! Ahma and Papa were so excited.....aparently they already knew...Peanut was jumping up and down saying "I KEPT A SECRET!!!" "I KNEW THE WHOLE TIME!" Everyone is so happy that I have found the love of my life....the fur of my dreams...and the brightest future in the world! I love you Stewart....thank you for making me the Happiest Girl in the World!

The Future.... Mrs. Stewart Weekley.....Zoe Weekley I LOVE the sound of that!!! EEEK! I'm so excited!!!


My Love Stewart

July 12th 2008 7:19 pm
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Oh Stewart you are my true love.
Sent as a gift from up high above.
No matter where our lives may stray,
By your side is where I'll stay!

I'm making a wish.....a wish that your gift....
Comes in a box that says.....Forever!

MUAH to my Love!



June 15th 2008 7:53 am
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Hi is with a sad but hopeful heart I write this entry! Our fellow furs In Cedar Rapids need our help! They are scared, hungry and in serious need of help. We have put the call out to the furs in our group....and are hoping that those who are not in our group can spread the word too! Special Thanks To My Wonderful Boyfriend Stewart for caring enough to get this all started!
************************************************** **********************************************

Thanks to SULLY'S Mom for this information:

PetSmart Charities Helping Cedar Rapids Pets
Courtesy PetSmart Charities

PetSmart Charities will dispatch its Emergency Relief Waggin' stocked with emergency pet supplies to Cedar Rapids, Iowa today to help the pet victims of recent flooding. The 53-foot trailer contains enough pet products, food and supplies to support up to 500 companion animals.

The trailer will be dispatched from PetSmart's Ottawa, Illinois distribution center loaded with food, crates, beds, bowls and other items required for the animal relief effort. The ER Waggin' will be received by the City of Cedar Rapids at the Kirkwood Community College, 6301 Kirkwood Blvd. S.W. in Cedar Rapids later today.

Additionally, PetSmart Charities will be donating pet food and supplies to the City of Waverly, Iowa, the Brown County Humane Society in Indiana and the Dodge County Humane Society in Wisconsin.

The public can make a tax-deductible donation to help support the rescue and pet victims of the Midwest flooding and future disasters in one of two ways:

Make a credit card donation via the PetSmart Charities Web site at:

Mail in a check donation directly to:
PetSmart Charities
Attn: Emergency Relief
19601 North 27th Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85027
(Please write "Emergency Relief" in the memo section on the check.)

PetSmart Charities provides immediate emergency relief funding and supplies to assist pets affected by hurricanes, earthquakes, fire and other natural disasters. PetSmart Charities also provides emergency relief for pet victims of man-made emergencies including pet hoarding situations and puppy mill rescues.

Funds raised will be used to aid pets affected by this rescue and other future disasters.

More information:

Subject: More contact info for Petsmart Emergency Charity Sent: Sun Jun 15

PetSmart Charity Web page a contact for their Emergency relief fund, so here it is:

Trish Spencer
Communications Facilitator
e-mail: tspencer@PetSmart

The Petsmart Charities webpage is at:

http: //www .petsmartcharities .org/newsroom/news-listing.php?id=46&contact=1 (to use this link, take out the spaces)

There's also some updated info on that page about what they've done already to relieve the severely overcrowded shelters.


I would have never imagined!

May 29th 2008 9:07 am
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Hi Everyfur! Not in a million years could I ever imagined one of my dreams could come true! I have always loved to scrapbook the ones I love, and now I have a group of my own (well, I share it with Peanut, Cocoa and over 100 of my closest friends) to teach furs (hopefully, got my paws crossed) how to capture their memories, feelings, hopes, dreams, passions and have them for a lifetime to come! I would have never imagined I could have so many friends! And I feel like I have known them forever! There are some real Genuine Furs on here! I feel so special, so blessed, so incredibly honored! So to all of my PALS I would like to say.....Thank you, for including me in your lives, in laughter, in tears and in joy!




Simple Scraps 4 Dogs & Cats!

May 26th 2008 1:37 pm
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Simple Scraps 4 Dogs & Cats

HI EVERYFUR! I have started a group! It's called "Simple Scraps 4 Dogs & Cats!....Whether you like to scrapbook traditionally or digitally or not at all....please come by and see us! We will have games, drawings, contests.....It's a Fun Fur all! Hope to see you there!



Diary Pick....OMD!

May 26th 2008 6:18 am
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But...before I begin my is Memorial Day!

*Zoe sits up, paw on her heart*

I Pledge Allegiance, To The Flag
Of The United States Of America!
And To The Republic, For Which It Stands
One Nation Under GOD, Indivisible,
With Liberty And Justice For All!

*Zoe bows her head in prayer*

"Lord, I ask that you send your angels to comfort the families of our brave men and women fighting for this wonderful Country, I am so blessed to be a part of. I also ask that you bless those who fought so bravely in the past, and comfort the families of our soldiers who were lost and will be lost, fighting to defend our freedom. Watch over them all Lord, for they are the reason I have the freedom to pray, to speak my mind and to live my life without punishment for my beliefs.....In Jesus name....Pawmen!"

---------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------

I can't believe my diary was chosen as a pick for today. I have been so incredibly blessed since I joined this wonderful Dogster family! I have made life long friends, have found true love (Stewart, I love you), welcomed new family members into my life (Sully, you're the best furbrother in the world), and have felt a sense of belonging like I have never felt before! Every single Paw that is my friend brings a new little light to my matter how many I have or how many I will gain...EACH ONE OF YOU have given me something very with no boundaries! I am home, and that is the best feeling in the world! I hope my family will continue to grow...for my heart is very big and there is enough room for everyone!

All my love,



May 25th 2008 6:32 am
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Oh My Dogness....Stewart is so wonderful...did you see what he made me on my page? Oh and his family....they are so loving too! Ahma is so excited I have met such a wonderful family....Amha and Stewarts Mommie have gotten to be friends SO fast! It's like God put them on the same path at the same time! Even my dogster furbrother Sully and his Mommy likes them. It is very important that your brother like your new boyfriend and his family, you know...they have too look out for you and all.

I AM TELLING THE WORLD.....I AM IN LOVE FOR THE LAST TIME IN MY LIFE! Okay..the first time too....but it is going to be my FUREVER love!

*"Peanut...stop looking over my shoulder! This is my diary...its private!"*

*"Uh duhhhhh Zoe...everyone can read it, your diary is PUBLIC...remember?" Peanut snickers*

UGH! Little Sisters! (I still love that cute little thing though!)

ANYWHO.....I am so glad I have found someone! I have waited 5 years for this kind of feeling! AND IT IS WONDERFUL! *Zoe exhales*



I think I am falling......

May 23rd 2008 5:29 am
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I am so nervous even writing this down...putting it into words.......but I am just going to do it! I think I am falling in love. This has never happened to me before. My heart flutters, I feel like I am floating......ahhhh....his name is Stewart Weekley! He is so handsome, and he's a Sheltie just like me! He is a bit younger than me...okay...almost 3 years...but love knows no age, right?!. I can't help it...he is so sweet to me. He sends me flowers, sweet notes, and puts a sparkle in my eye for him only! His family is wonderful and they treat me so nice. I simply adore his Mommie! Ahh....if human love is like a red red rose, then I am in trouble because my love for Stewart is like a big bright star! I have waited all my life to feel this way.....I am so glad I have Peanut to talk to about him....she's the one who told me to "grow some FUR" and let him know how I feel! Ahhhh sweet love....are you here to stay?


Until tomorrow!



May 21st 2008 3:36 am
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It's no secret....we all have to admit it...we're all addicted.....and we LOVE let's tell them! Everyone UP! Let me hear your loudest BARKS!!!....Ready..OK!....

*we all grab pom poms and jump up and down*

Zoe Kennedy says: I love DOGSTER yes I do...I love DOGSTER how bout' you?

Millie says: I love DOGSTER yes I do....I love DOGSTER how bout' you?

Rex says: I love Dogster, yes I do...I love Dogster, how bout' you?

Bella says: I love Dogster yes I do... I love Dogster how bout you?

Lucky says: I love DOGSTER yes I do....I love DOGSTER how bout' you?

Mulligan says I love Dogster yes I do...I love Dogster how about you?

*Zoe* says: I love DOGSTER yes I do....I love DOGSTER how bout' you?

Cashew says: I love DOGSTER yes I do....I love DOGSTER how bout' you?


Monnie says, I love Dogster and I'm a gonna stay ,cuzz Mommy gave me a home so I'm no longer a STRAY :)

Lexus aka Lexi says: I love Dogster because my sister Monnie's here, so how's that for my little cheer? :)

Hunter Says: I love DOGSTER yes i do.... I love DOGSTER how bout' you?

Nikki says: I love DOGSTER yes I do....I love DOGSTER how bout' you?

Cocoa Says: I love Dogster, yes I DO....I love Dogster how bout' you?

Peanut Says: I love Dogther, yeth I do...I love Dogther how bout' you? (tooth missing)

Stewart Says: I love Dogster, Yes I DO...I love Dogster How Bout' YOU?

Sully Says: "I love Dogster, yes I do...I love Dogster, 'cause I met YOU!"





May 20th 2008 5:41 am
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Going to start a CHEER for Dogster! If you want to join in.....pawmail me and say....

_______ says: I love DOGSTER yes I do....I love DOGSTER how bout' you?

I will post everyones cheer in my diary for tomorrows posting! Let's get started!

Zoe says: I love DOGSTER yes I do....I love DOGSTER how bout' you?

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