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No, I did NOT do it.

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"No, I did NOT do it."

Hailey & Hannah's mummy gives us an American snuggle

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"Hailey & Hannah's mummy gives us an American snuggle"

My regal look, which is rarely seen let alone captured on film

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"My regal look, which is rarely seen let alone captured on film"

Sitting watching Mummy at the computer

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"Sitting watching Mummy at the computer"

Skye & Finn's mummy prepares to take me home to the USA with her!

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"Skye & Finn's mummy prepares to take me home to the USA with her!"

With my handsome boyfriend, the dashing Sir Oliver

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"With my handsome boyfriend, the dashing Sir Oliver"

Me with my wonderful Dotty Twin, Hailey

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"Me with my wonderful Dotty Twin, Hailey"

Exploring the new 'zen garden' border with Amber.

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"Exploring the new 'zen garden' border with Amber."

Laptime for Amber and me

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"Laptime for Amber and me"

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January 11th 2008

Toys, playing and food.

Sitting still for photos, being gromed, bedtime

Favorite Toy:
Whatever Amber has got

Favorite Food:
Absolutely anything that's edible, plus things that aren't!

Favorite Walk:
The park, where she can meet lots of people

Best Tricks:
Flopping onto her back and playing dead when we need to pick her up

Arrival Story:
Amber gradually stopped eating after we lost Emily, and became more and more withdrawn. I had intended to re-home an older Cavalier, but Amber was so sad that suddenly one morning, after she'd refused to eat at all, I sat down at the computer and checked for puppies in our area. I found one litter of black and tans only 40 minutes away by car, phoned the lady and found that the pedigree was similar to Amber's. There was just one little girl left out of a litter of five, although the advert was just two days old. I explained that I'd have to get a taxi out to see her, as my husband is so ill, and she offered to bring her over, with no obligation to buy, within the hour! She brought her, plus food and papers in case we liked her, and she seemed to know that she had found her home the moment she arrived. She and Amber took to each other at once, and she never even looked at her human birth mummy and daddy again! Amber became like a puppy herself within an hour, and the house is once again filled with happiness and lots of laughter. She is a real 'character', and I believe that Emily was behind it all that day. She saw that Amber couldn't cope, and sent me to a site I've never heard of before and can't find today either! The breeders were lovely people, I was able to check everything out and now Amber is eating again. Thank you, dearest Em.

Tragically, on Wednesday 21st December 2011, Poppy was called to the Rainbow Bridge to be reunited with Amber. She had a tumour on a nerve root in her spine, and had been on morphine for nearly four weeks yet was still in terrible pain. She was only three and a half and we all miss her so much, but at least she is now running again and pain free. She was such a special little character & we will never forget her. Thank you for being part of our family for those three precious years, Poppy.

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A Letter to Amber c/o The Rainbow Bridge

October 8th 2011 8:52 am
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Dear Amber,

After four weeks of coping with Jemima bouncing around all the time, chewing my ears, yapping in my face, jumping on my back and BEING FED MORE OFTEN THAN ME, I would just like to say that I am very, very sorry if I put you through all this. In fact, I am very, very sorry that I continued to put you through a lot of it right up until you went off to the Rainbow Bridge, where I expect you are having a peaceful life with Angel Emily!

On the plus side, I am a lot bigger than Jemima (which is a duck's name, so Mummy must have had some kind of brainstorm when she named her, unless it's because of all those little puddles she does, making her a Jemima Puddleduck!) I can smack her round her face with a paw when I want to stop her playing, start her playing or wake her up, and I am never, never bored. Tired, yes; feeling my age, yes; bored, no!

I also now have someone that I can throw bark from the new raised garden down to, so that she can eat it and get into trouble. I didn't bother doing that once you'd gone. All the fun went out of it. Although I can't go out for walks at the moment, as Jemima has a tummy problem and can't be vaccinated yet, I get lots of exercise just running away from her, jumping on Mummy's lap or chasing her round the plant pots - and sometimes being chased myself!

I still miss you a lot, but I am very happy and Mummy says that I've grown up quite a bit. I think I'm still the same size, but I suppose she knows best.

I hope you're as happy as I am. Mummy says that you are, and I send you lots of love, and lots of rather belated apologies, although I'm quite sure I was a better behaved puppy than Jemima.

Lots of love,
PS Mummy says I behaved much worse than Jemima, but at her age she tends to get things wrong quite a lot, and that has to be one of those things.


I have lost my best friend in the whole world

September 4th 2011 12:30 pm
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Just over four weeks ago, Amber couldn't stand up to eat her food in the morning, and Mummy and some friends rushed Amber to the vet's. She had something called a brain tumour, or so Mummy tells me, which meant that she had to go to the Rainbow Bridge and be with Emily again.

I still don't really understand what has happened, because although I know that Emily was lovely, and that she and Amber were best friends, I loved Amber so much and without her I don't know what to do any more. Mummy says that Amber didn't choose to leave us, but she had to go because she was in pain and would never have been able to do doggy things again.

At first I waited for her to come back from the Rainbow Bridge, and at night I would bark (most of the night) to try and get her to return, but nothing worked. Emily's rose grew a big new shoot with flowers on it, and Mummy said that was Amber's way of telling me that she was safe and well again, able to stand and run around with Emily & Daisy and all our Rainbow dogs, and that I mustn't be sad because she can also see again.

I am sad though. I am frightened of everything; the dark, the garden, the dogs over the back, and I don't want to do anything. I don't even jump up and eat the bark off the raised border any more. I just lie around and wait, and I still bark a lot in the night and from VERY early in the morning. I am just very lonely, and Mummy gives me lots of extra walks and cuddles, and she sometimes cries a bit - so I know I'm not the only one who wishes Amber wasn't with Emily again - but try as she might, Mummy isn't much good at playing chasing games.

Now something strange is happening. Mummy has put a long crate without a top in the kitchen, and she said it's called a Poppy Pen, or that's what it sounds like to me. Maybe it's a Puppy Pen, whatever that may be. She says that after Wednesday afternoon I most certainly won't be bored or lonely any more, in fact I will probably wish I was! I don't know what she means, but there are some new, very small toys appearing and there is a basket in the long run - big enough for two Mummy says - and I get the feeling that perhaps things are going to become a little bit better, although I'm not sure how.

Whatever lies ahead, I will never, ever forget Amber, who was my best friend in the whole world, and who took care of me and helped me be naughty and happy from the moment I arrived here. She used to encourage me to do all the things she couldn't do, and it was great fun. Maybe one day I will go to the Rainbow Bridge and meet up with her again, but I think I'd like to put that off for quite a long time, because of all this excitement that's going on around me. Mummy said 'I said never again, Poppy, but because of you I've had to change my mind.' That's good, that I can get Mummy to change her mind!

I will tell you all more after Wednesday, but for now I will close and send a big thank you to Amber for everything she did for me, and for my furless family. She was such a good girl - because I was naughty for her! She will never be forgotten.

Be happy now Amber, and I wonder if you know what's going to happen on Wed? If so, perhaps you could send me a sign of some kind - like food???


I've just taken Mummy, Amber & Alex for a nice walk!

June 25th 2011 10:08 am
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Alex is home this weekend, to celebrate Mummy's birthday. He is a week late, but that's because of his work, or so he says! They were gone quite a long time, but the food must have been good as Mummy was very happy when she came back. She said she hadn't had such a liquid lunch for a long time. I have no idea what she meant.
Daddy is home from the care home for the day, so he went as well. When they got back he needed a rest, so I took Mummy, Alex and Amber for a nice walk! Amber and I are on one lead, and she says that she's getting tired of being dragged along, and that now Mummy is able to take us out more often I should have less energy. Maybe it's all the liquid I drink from our bowls, since liquid appeared to have energised Mummy so much today.
Mummy had the end of the lead. She offered it to Alex after about 15 minutes, but he said he had a bone in his arm and so couldn't take it, bol! He probably thought he would look a little silly being led around by me! We met lots and lots of people on the walk, and of course I just knew they must all be thrilled to see me, so I quickly lunged at them trying to scrabble up their legs and lick them. I don't know why Mummy drags me (and Amber with me of course) off them. Perhaps she's jealous. She kept saying 'not EVERYONE thinks you're wonderful, Poppy' to me. How can she get something like that so wrong I wonder?
When we got home Alex said 'that dog doesn't improve with age'. Poor Amber, he's quite right as she's going deaf now as well as blind. 'Better than daft' she told me, when I just mentioned it. She can be quite cutting at times, even though she looks very soft and cuddly.
All in all it's been a very nice day, and when Daddy goes back to the care home tonight, Alex will stay here for another day as he doesn't go back to London until tomorrow night. I sense another nice long walk coming on. Mummy said it might be too hot, and Alex said 'we can but hope'. He must have meant he hopes NOT, but he forgot to say the last word.
Sometimes I think I'm the only sensible, intelligent being in this house now!

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