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That's a fact, Jack

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I've been tagged!

November 11th 2009 8:17 am
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I’ve been tagged by my pals Abbie and Luke!
This means I have to tell what my favorite treat is:
When Dad makes Hamburger Helper he rolls up little balls of raw hamburger and tosses them to me. Yum!

I also need to tell 7 things about myself:

I live at the Rainbow Bridge, but spend most of my time with my pals at Dogster.
I have the coolest sisfur, Molly.
I love making music playlists for Yappy Hour Bingo.
I’m afraid of thunder, but not as afraid as Molly.
I loved going for car rides and walks with Molly and Dad.
I love running all my games at Yappy Hour.
I loved giving face washes.

I’m going to tag:
If you don't have time to play, or If you don't wanna participate, I'll definitely understand.



Today I reached the Next Level

August 11th 2009 2:20 pm
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Dear Diary,

Today my Dad dug a hole. He said he was digging it for my shell, that my shell had tired and could no longer go on. It was a deep hole. He said that was so my shell could rest in peace, without fear of being disturbed. It deserved that, because it has worked so hard for the past eleven years. I asked him how I could still be talking to him if my shell was no longer useful. He said the shell may be gone, but the spirit remains. It is my spirit that will travel across the Rainbow Bridge, and back again to see all my friends. That is the great thing about Dogster, he said. Here I can still play with all the great furs I have become friends with. Only now I have wings. I can move among the threads more quickly. I asked will the wings make me smarter? He said, no, that I will still suck at trivia. That’s alright, I said, as long as I can still play with my furiends. So I can still look forward to Camping, and Roulette and Friday Casino Night, and Bingo and all my playlists. I guess death isn’t so bad. Dad nodded, as a tear fell from his cheek.

R.I.P. Jack (5-1-98 to 8-11-09)


What a Year!!

March 2nd 2009 8:38 pm
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Well Diary, Today marks my one year Anniversary in Dogster! What a year it's been. I've met so many great furiends, had all sorts of fun, and learned all about dressing up my page. I went camping all over the world with some pawtastic furs, Made my own Monster, went troll hunting, and played lots of really fun games. I learned to make music playlists, which I debut every Saturday night at Yappy Hour Bingo. Speaking of Yappy Hour, I was in on the inception of Yappy Hour, and remain to this day an Admin there. I even made up some games that some of the members play.

On top of my anniversary, Today is the beginning of the week I have been chosen as Doggie Amigo of the Week at The 3 Amigos!!! How Cool is That!!

Yes, it's been quite a year, and I have had one swell time!! I'd like to thank all my pals for making it a great year, but I wouldn't be able to type that long. I will thank my best dogster friend, Cailey Mae, who I met when she ran the camping trip. She has been the most pawsomest friend a fur could have.

So the moral of the story is, I Love Dogster, I've had a great first year, and am looking forward to many more. Oh yeah, and I got my cake today too!!


Another Tag

February 8th 2009 1:40 pm
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Welcome to the new edition of 2009 get to know your pals.
Copy this diary entry and paste into your diary and delete my answers - then you can fill in your own.. We can get to know our pals better!! Have fun! Then send a rosette OR send p-mail to 4 pals and ask them to post in their diary!!!!

I've been tagged by good furiend Thumper

1. What color is your collar?
It’s basically black with a zillion other colors, kinda psycheldelic.

2. What kind of food do you eat?
I eat Fromm Adult Gold

3. What are your favorite treats?
Medium sized Meaty Bones, and any thing else I can talk my human out of.

4. Do you have a Valentine or significant other?
No, I am a single, independent bachelor!

5. Do you get Table Scraps?
Dad says I have a sensitive stomach,m whatever that is, so he doesn’t let me have table scraps, unless it’s a small piece of meat.

6. What is your favorite toy?
The Cats.

7. When is your Birthday?
May 1, 1998

8. How many times a day do you get to eat?
Dad fills my bowl with 2 ½ cups of food, and I free range all day, or until it’s gone, or until Molly eats mine.

9. Do you have a favorite color?
White, of course!
10. Do you hope all your pals put this in their diary?
I sure hope so!

I am going to tag:

1. Kewpie Doll Dancer
2. Chloe
3. Zoe
4. Oreo Fluff Cabrera

Have fun furs!


Super Weekend

February 1st 2009 6:48 am
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What a pawesome weekend! Yesterday Dad brushed me all morning, then we went to the Exposition Center at the Wisconsin State Fair Park. There must have been at least 100 Rescue groups there with all sorts of cool doggies, cats, and even lizards! We were there to work the Playing Again Sams (Wisconsin Samoyed Rescue) booth. We were in a prime location, near an entrance and at the end of an aisle so we could spill out of the booth. We were quite the hit, especially with the kids who could not get enough of petting me and my 8 Sammy rescue furiends. What a great time I had! I sure slept well last night!

Then this morning I awake to find I was voted Member of the Month by all my Yappy Hour furiends! How cool is that? Thanks you so much everyfur! It's an honor I have worked hard to achieve, and I will always cherish it and your furiendship! YAPPY HOUR ROCKS!!


Tagged by a football

January 19th 2009 2:34 pm
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Alright Pal! You made it here. I see you caught my foot ball pass. Here is what you should do next! Hurry and pass the ball to 5 of your team mates so they can make a touch down! You are also suppose to write down 5 things about yourself that are funny. Also please leave me a bone and ask all those who visit your diary to leave you a bone so you will know they have been there ok! OK Here goes the play!

1. I copied the above directly from Oreo Fluff Cabrera, who tagged me, along with Coty.
2. I purposely wind my leash up with Molly’s on our walks to make Dad work more.
3. I bark loudly as soon as Dad leaves for work, but stop when he’s out of the driveway. That way he thinks I’m barking all day.
4. I rub my head all up and down Dad’s bed (I learned this from the cats, it really does feel good!)
5. Even tho I’m a Samoyed, I really don’t like lying in the snow like Molly.

Okay, now that that part is over, I need to pass the football off to 5 pals:

I choose:
Wally Wallster (my favorite Kitty pal)
Goliath (my pal in need buddy)
Kansas (my Yappy Hour leader)
Thumper (one of my California pals)
Molly Truly the Sweetest Girl (a displaced Cheesehead)

Ok, That’s done! You all have fun with this now, s’allright!


Tag, I'm it!

November 9th 2008 9:41 am
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Well Diary, I forgot to do this last week when Ernie George tagged me, so I figure I'd better get to it this week.

Goliath tagged me this morning, so I have to write 7 things about myself and tag seven furiends (I hope you’re all still furiends after this is over!)

OK, 7 things about me:

1) I love to bark, and it’s a really shrill obnoxious bark that really gets attention!
2) I absolutely love to go for rides, so I can stick my head out the window, and look cool with the wind blowing my hair back.
3) I love meaty bones, and at bedtime I always make sure Dad remembers to get one for me and Molly.
4) I love going for walks, the longer the better.
5) I love getting petted, all the time, by anyone and everyone. If I see someone coming my way on a walk, I’ll start whining so they know I’m cute and want a pet!
6) I love going to the dog park and playing with all the other dogs, or just walking the trails.
7) I don’t love getting brushed, although I know I need it, Dad does it way too much.

That’s that, and now to tag:

Shiloh (Happy Woofday, Dude)
Kewpie Doll Dancer

and BTW, last week I tagged
Cailey Mae

So, on to the Packer/Vikings game.
cya later



August 24th 2008 9:31 am
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WooHoo! Yesterday Dad took me and Molly for a long ride through the countryside, and I stuck my head out the window and got all sorts of great smells. Molly, being the queen she is, just sat in the back of the jeep and enjoyed the ride.
After a while, we pulled off the main highway, onto some side roads, and things started looking/smelling familiar. Then I saw it! Ann and Gary's house with a fence all around the front yard (to keep bad dogs out, Dad said) and all my pals from Playing Again Sams running around. Zeek (he lives there all the time) barked me a greeting as we pulled in. Then it was an afternoon of all kinds of fun, chasing, smelling, jumping on other dogs (Dad didn't like that, and always seemed to catch me when I did it), and just general barking and howling. Even Molly played with the other dogs and had fun! We went for a walk later, and then everyone lined up and got our yearly group picture taken. The humans had all sorts of food to eat, but I was a good boy and didn't beg much.
The ride home was uneventful, with me and Molly both sound asleep. What a Great Day!


Thunderboomers and floods!

June 9th 2008 5:59 pm
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Today is Monday, and it's been pretty quiet. This past weekend however was a different story. It Lightninged and thundered and rained something fierce! I don't mind the rain so much, but the Thunder was a real drag. Molly was upset too. If Dad hadn't been home it would have been really hard to handle. I might have had to chew something up. Molly likes chewing up hard stuff when Dad leaves us during storms, stuff like remotes and combs and other plastic things. I like ripping up magazines and papers and the like. Anyway, Dad was home and he helped us get through the storms.
Today, when Dad got home, we went out back and the river had crept up more than half the distance to the house from where it was Saturday. Thank God Dad says the forecast is no rain for a couple of days, or we may be living in a puddle.


Molly gave us a scare

April 13th 2008 11:07 am
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Wow! Dad was gonna take us for a ride to the store, and Molly tried running away. She ran down the driveway and then up the sidewalk. She wouldn't come when Dad called to her, just got this little grin on her face and ran up in front of the neighbor's yard. Dad got me in the car, and started it up and we drove up to Molly. He opened the door and told her to get in, and I barked at her cause I wanted to go to the store, but she barked and ran a couple more yards up. Then Dad got out of the car, and coaxed her back to him. I guess she didn't really want to run away, just play, cause she was all smiles when she got in the car.

Then we went to the store and I got to bark at all sorts of people coming out and going in. What an exciting morning!

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