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This was my life


May 5th 2012 4:50 pm
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Hey EVERYPUP and Companions
First I would like to say such a wonderful big thank you to all of you who read my story in the Dogster magazine, I think Mummy and the production team and the artists did me proud!!
I also wish to thank all those who have commented and left presents on my page and the new pals I have made! Its always lovely to have pals isnt it..
Now Mummy has been asked by a couple of people if she would carry on my story with the FULL monty in my Diary so she has thought about it and yes she is going to!!
You will find things about Mummy that maybe you never knew and me as well, and then you will fully understand why Mummy and I were so very close.
If you have not read my story please do as Its the first time I have ever shown off BOL **BLUSH BLUSH***
You will find it here





May 17th 2010 1:24 pm
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WHOEVER you are and you are a family, Thankyou so much fur the heart on my page after reading my ADOPT 2010 story.
Mummy was very touched, and so was I!
Mummy has one of her fav pics of me and her englarged and framed on the wall, her bestest friend had it done fur her and she loves it!
So whoever you are thankyou so much fur the comment that went with the heart it meant so much.



April 22nd 2010 4:25 am
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Well I moved to Scotland after I split up in a relationship and got a very small flat, I wanted a dog and had always had rescue dogs, a girl moved in the flat beneath me and we got chatting. She came in one day and announced she had seen an advert in the shop window for a home for a dog. They were also selling the fridge, so she went to look at the fridge and saw the dog and said how gorgeous he was but very nervous and thin!! Well me being me, got all uppity about it and phoned the people and went to see this dog. Well what can I say, I saw him and fell in love right there and then, he was about 18 months old and just an Angel on earth. He was so gentle and loving, but nervous, I had my suspisions! I sat down and asked the usual questions, but I knew I was taking him with me!! The people didnt seem to be able to look after themselves let alone a dog!! I told them I would be back in two hours! The woman, who I might add was under the influence of something, got very angry and grabbed GLEN and started yelling at him in his face, well that was enough for me!! I got the dog put him behind me and turned full force on the woman! I cannot really repeat what happened next but suffice to say I left with the dog and she was recovering when I left. I was much younger and feistier then I might add, but I CANT STAND cruelty of any kind!! Well once we got outside this tail bounced up!! It was tucked between his legs in the flat! But he was so thin! I took him to the shop got food and all the essentials and took him home. I had a cat Jasmine who was the same colour as Glen and they loved eachother on site! they became the best of pals ever... After getting Glen home and cleaning and brushing him and comforting him and all the usual loving, I took him for a short walk to see how he was and he was perfect, so we went home and had a nice sleep. Next day he seemed a bit off colour but I had made an appointment with the vet and put it down to the change. But unfortunately the day after I took him out and he started to fit! OMD I rushed him to the vet and they took blood samples, and checked him over. I noticed when I brushed him that he had scratches and little marks on his butt end near the tail, I showed the vet. We were not sure. The tests came back and horror upon horror the little marks were needle marks and he was withdrawing from drugs!! THEY HAD BEEN PUTTING DRUGS INTO HIM!! I informed the sspca and the police and we went around there but they had left in the middle of the night apparently, What really worried me was they had two beautiful cats! Still I left it in the hands of the authorities and took care of Glen. It took a while but with the vets help I got him through detox and slept on the floor with him for days and nights, hand fed him and cuddled and kept him warm, he had blankies and pillows and all sorts. I dont know if that is what made Glen so close with me but we never were apart in the ten years I had him. He was the most loving beautiful natured dog I have ever had the privelage of owning. I have had many animals over the years and love them all but with Glen he was that little bit different and i still miss him daily, even after all this time. I remember once out walking with him and someone had trapped a baby rabbit I let it go and was going to let nature take its course, But Glen had other ideas! he gently picked it up in his mouth and took it to the stream we were walking by and gently nuzzled it into the water to try and get it to drink but it Died and he stood by it for ages gently pushing it and licking it, I took it off him and went to put it in the bush, but Glen padded about so I buried it there and then and you know every time we took that same walk he would stop around that area as if he knew and sniff and sit a minute then walk on! He never growled or barked in anger in the ten years I owned Glen he loved everyone and every animal he was a nursemaid and friend and my best ally in bad times, He taught me how to love unconditionally and how to see the good even inside the bad. He changed my life forever in ways that can never truly be explained only experienced he made me a much more rounded, tolerant and loving human being.
I miss you my son so very much
Love Mummy



April 28th 2009 5:41 am
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I am so Verra honoured to be FPOTD on STAFU GROUP!!
My brothers picked me today cause they thught I deserved it fur being an excellent Angel, awwww
I miss them all so verra much, and i know Mummy never furgets bout me and I watch over them all the time... its what us Angels do da best!!
Thankyou all so verra much fur the rosettes and trophies it means a lot to be remembered.
Now I am off to PAWTAY AT THE BRIDGE**** Watch out fur falling bottles hee hee*****



April 23rd 2008 12:26 pm
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Guardian Angels

When Angels sense you need them
And Angels always do
They come, unseen, from everywhere
To help and comfort you.

They hover close beside you
Till all your cares are gone,
Till they can see you're ready
Once again to carry on.

Then some of them may fly away
And take their gentle touch,
To other hearts that need
The love of Angels very much.

But one, at least, stays with you
As your constant friend and guide,
For Guardian Angels never leave,
They're always at your side.

Author Unknown



March 19th 2008 12:53 pm
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Group: Shih Tzus and Friends United
Subject: Help Find Maggie! Sent: Wed Mar 19


Maggie is a 13 year old Pekingnese Poodle mix, she has been missing since 3:00 am on March 19th. She went missing in the 7000 South 1300 West area of West Jordan, Utah. Maggie cannot see or hear well and needs her family. She is black, gray and white and very friendly! Please call 801-352-0722 or 801-921-0267 if you see her!

Maggie's Dogster page:

Thank you!

PLEASE IF YOU LIVE NEAR THIS AREA PLEASE HELP!! Dogs can roam far and wide.........



March 1st 2008 2:05 am
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After I got my furever home and my first exciting day, Mummy got up da next morning and took me out for a walk, we used to walk miles eventually but that comes later, I digress...
I tried VERY hard to be up and playing when we went for a walk but inside I was feeling very shaky and sicky, but I didnt want to tell mummy in case she didnt love me cause I was sick...
I was running free in the park when all of a sudden everything went black and I fell on da floor, I dont remember but mummy says I was shaking and had frothy stuff coming out of my mouth!! my eyes we bulging too I musta looked scary cause I scared my mummy! I didnt mean to honest!
Next thing I remember was Mummy carrying me in her arms, and I was a BIG doggie, back to the flat and wrapping me in a blanket, then she was on the phone and spoke to a vet, mummy wiped my mouth and was crying and rocking me gently, she laid on the couch with me, but then put me on da floor and got on da floor wif me, in case I jerked and hurt myself more.
We turned up at the vets and I was rushed in to the room where it was all smelly of CLEAN!! I was now just dozy and sleepy and still...
The vet put a needle in my leg and took some of my blood and checked me all over and by this time I was standing and wondering what all da fuss was about! THEN I threw up all OVER the place, I was worried but mummy said no worries and cuddled me sick an all!!
She spoke at length with the vet and he done some swabs and things and mummy took me home with some medcine!!
I was very good and took my medcine but I was weak and mummy slept on da floor wif me for about a week to ten days, we didnt go out much only to the toilet, and not once did I have an accident I tried to be so good!
Mummy never weally left my side unless she needed the toilet, we ate on the floor together and mummy ate the same food as me, chicken she bought and she made soup wif it too that was yummy!!
She washed my face a lot and kept putting liquid in my mouth and let me drink milk mmm that was good, this was a scary time for both of us, I didnt want to leave my mummy yet and mummy didnt want me to go!
Then mummy got a call from da vet during that time they got the results back and I was detoxing off of drugs! soooo mummy knew what to do with the vets help and between them got me all betterer! It was a long time being sick and from that day on my tummy was very particular, and mummy was VERY rigid wif my food but I was BETTER!!
Those were my dark days as we liked to call them and thankfully they were NEVER to return!!
This was way back about 18 years ago so they didnt have all the stuff they have now to help sick pups so I PAWSONALLY think I was loved better! Hee hee
It took a while to get my strength back a good couple of months, and during that time I gained weight too!! I was VERY THIN when mummy got me!
Mummy always says I was a wilted flower who need feeding and watering and I turned into a Golden Rose! isnt that nice!
Mummy thinks she has my sicky pics somewhere and will try and find them to show how I changed into a Golden Rose!
Still that was my dark time, and ya know I never had another fit or anything, I was healthy and happy furever after that!
Mummy got the police involved and the SSPCA and they went to the house to get the cats but the people had flitted in the night or done a runner!! mummy was very worried bout the cats, but at least she got me!
My next entry will tell you bout hats!!
Luff to you all this sunny day Angel Glen


My first memories

February 26th 2008 3:12 pm
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Hello there pups!
So my first memories of meeting my furever mummy are similar to hers but slightly different!
The place I lived where she got me from was on the seventh floor in a high rise block of flats.
The people there were very different from my mummy, the man seemed ok and was quite nice to me but the lady was very strange and shouted and grabbed me a lot which made me very nervous of her and unahappy.
There were two cats who lived wif me and I really liked them and worried about them a lot.
Well I ate cat food until Mummy came and got me, and they used to put a sharp needle in me sometimes it would make me very sick and feel all funny and they would laugh at me a lot but I put up wif it cause it seemed to make my owners happy, but it made me very sick and unhappy.
I was very think or so mummy told me and after she started to feed me properly I got bigger quicker!! AND my tummy never rumbled again so I must have been thin! I thought thats what you had to be like but I was wrong.
I remember the day Mummy came and took me away it was the happiest day of my life.
She came in the door and immediately put her hand out to me and she smelled all lovely and she stroked my head really gently and spoke in a very soft voice to me, I fell in love wif mummy there and then.
Then the man came and spoke to mummy I remember thinking she was really luffly and I so wanted to go with her, and layed my head in her lap.
She smiled at me and then I remember the woman grabbing me by the collar and yanking me over to her and shouting "come ere you are still my dog"!
It made me jump and I put my head on da floor, then I remember mummy getting up and walking over to the Lady and her voice was not soft anymore it had changed very much!
I looked up at mummy and she pointed to the floor behind her and I dont know why but I KNEW she wanted me to get there so I did!
Then she pulled the lady out of the chair the same way the lady had pulled me, and I closed my eyes then there was something falling and crying and mummy gently touched my head and she told me to come to her and I did and she spoke to the man and left with me!
I couldnt believe my luck I was going with my new Mummy!!
She was so gentle with me and when we got outside I was soooo happy I popped my beautiful tail up to show her how happy I was and wagged and wagged and trotted along so good.
Then we got to my new home and it was a small flat on the first floor but it was home and there I met Jasmine my new feline sister she was pawsome so gentle and the same colour as me!
I had my OWN QUILT AND PILLOW can you imagine!! and I WAS ALLOWED on the couch!! I sat next to my new mummy and we talked and chatted and petted and I was finally home!!
This was the first day of the rest of my life!
The bestest thing I remember about that day was I ATE DOG FOOD! mmmm it was luffly!!
AND I got my first TREAT!! A BISCUIT!! can you imagine!! wow they tasted soooo goooood!!
My mouth still waters at the memory of it.
This was heaven...........


Start at the beginning

February 25th 2008 2:37 am
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Hello there pups!
I came down with my new wings and spoke to my mummy last night in her dreams.
I wanted to write about my life from the start that I remember, to the end....Then on upto Rainbow bridge...
I know diarys are a daily thing of the here and now but I dont really do a lot apart from play now, so I asked mummy to write each day about my life as was....
Where I went, what I got upto!
So to give mummy time to think about allll my antics I will start my diary over the next few days and hope that you enjoy reading bout my life as much as I enjoyed living it
Love to you and yours today
watching out for ye Angel Glen

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