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June 8th 2010 3:03 pm
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Hope has had so much love sent her way, and I have to believe that is what caused this miracle. One day, not too long ago, she just started walking again. And then she was running! And then playing!! She's not in pain anymore, and her happiest moments are in the sun. Maybe her heart's just too big to let go of life!


A New Journey Has Begun

April 8th 2010 4:36 pm
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Hope has started a new path in her life. All life has its beginnings and all life ends. Hope's wheel has turned for the final time. My sweet baby has grown old and grey; her little body barely has the strength to walk across the room now. I fear her clock is finally winding down, slowly, moment by moment, to her final hour. This diary entry is a little candle lit in honor of such a good old dog who brought so much love and beauty into this world. Her life is sacred, and now the memories and these final moments are all that is left. Let the hours be filled with love. For little Hope, I raise a glass, and I say a prayer. Thank you to everyone who has been her friend over the years. Bless you ... and bless her precious life.


Dog Of The Week!

September 28th 2009 1:19 pm
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Well, it is a beautiful fall day. It's one of those days my mama calls a puppy dog day. The sun is shining, the sky is blue, and the birds are singing. I've spent almost all morning outside in the sunshine. I didn't think today could get any better. Then, I learned that I was chosen Dog Of The Week by my group, Got Spots!! I was so happy! I jumped around and wiggled my butt in my happy dance! Now, I'm going to go take another nap. I'll have the sweetest dreams, because I have the sweetest life! Love, Hope


I Was Tagged! :)

June 2nd 2008 7:50 pm
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Name 4 Jobs That You Have:
Patrolling the backyard for those crazy squirrels
Protecting Mom from the big bad vacume cleaner
Making sure all the kittens in the house are safe
Eating my dinner as fast as I can

Name 4 Places That You Have Lived:
The streets
The pound
With my Mama

Name 4 Places That You Have Been:
The park

Name 4 Places That You Would Rather Be:
Curled up next to Mama
Anywhere the kitties are
Lying in the sun
In a warm blanket

Name 4 Friends To Tag:
Sweet Little Chickita
Handsome Lloyd
Huggable Cajun
Brave and Beautiful Jake


Thank You

March 6th 2008 7:30 pm
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I just wanted to thank everyone who has shown love to Hope. Sometimes, if your doggie's profile is graphics heavy, I can't open it to thank you personally, or to send you a gift. So, to you and to everyone who has cared about her, many many thanks. (Hope's mom) --- Wait, mommy...I wanna talk, too!!! Lots and lots of kisses to all dogs, especially all of the dogs who haven't yet felt love. You're in my heart. Love, Hope

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