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Thankfully, there is always a plan "B"

Researching toxic chemicals in everyday products..NOW FUR- PETS!!

September 20th 2009 10:37 pm
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come see this FURiends, and those who LOVE us..

our mom was chemically injured & it changed the way we live FURever..
in many ways it can be a curse, but in many more, a BLESSING.

we look at the world in a new way, and oftentimes, we are thankful FUR what we are careful not to be exposed to. tho we're not here to judge, we can share a little of what we know, and perhaps it will enrich your life too.

way too many learned hard lessons by nefarious ways & means with poisons entering our furry loved ones food supply, and cost lives and broke hearts. some made profits by others losses, and it was a cruel undertaking. if it taught us anything, it was to be informed. being informed in this world is not always the worst way to approach life. it may cost time and PAWhaps money, but hopefully, will pay off in the long run. that knowledge is power is a motto we live by. we don't expect everyone to do as we do or so as we say. it's simply a choice. take it or leave it mates..

at the very least you may learn something new. that can never hurt.
so we decided to share what we came across..
let us know what you think if you want.
all the best,
m, m & angel m


the purple girls of oregon


Family Pets

Angel Mica-the


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