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Thankfully, there is always a plan "B"

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Thank you

January 14th 2014 8:43 pm
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For all the goodwill and love, to our pals.. Thank you for the gifts on our pack's behalf and in support of DOGster on a special anniFURsary for them.

They do good work. We wish we had more time to partake in the fun and festivities.

Once again, we thank Dogster and our pals for including Angel Mica, Mirra and the Purple Girls of Oregon, in this. Many of you are very special to us.
With LOVE,

The M's


Artemisinin for Canine & human cancers

May 1st 2013 10:04 am
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We like this and also know several dogs who have been using this effectively. It's ONE more sign of HOPE.. We hope and PRAY. With special KUDOS to our friend Guillermo Cuoto, who is a favorite IMHA researcher of ours, mentioned in this piece too. God Bless you..

Ad no, we cannot make any guarantees, nor do we stand to benefit from posting this. We hold no stock or financial interest of any kind. We just want our FURRY friends to be healthy and HERE..
Mel, Mirra & Angel Mica, aka the Purple Girls of Oregon, and the Girls of May..

SUMMARY of artemisinin
Artemisinin is an herb that helps kill cancer cells in the body. It may be used in conjunction with chemotherapy. It may be used before radiation treatments, but should be discontinued when starting radiation therapy, and not resumed until two months after the last radiation treatment. Dosages for each individual dog are usually determined by the owner with the help of his or her veterinarian, oncologist, or by consulting one of the sources at the end of this article. It is given away from food or supplements containing iron, and is cycled, that is given for a number of days, and then not given for a number of days. It has been used for years as an anti-malarial drug, and does not have toxic side effects at the doses recommended. It may decrease the effectiveness of seizure medication. One should monitor blood chemistry, kidney and liver enzymes, while on this drug, as with most other medications.
More information, including suppliers and researchers willing to consult about the drug with you or your veterinary practitioner are in the following article.
Artemisinin is an herbal drug that has been shown to kill human and canine cancer cells in the laboratory. It is also being used to treat people and dogs with cancer.
It has been an effective anti-malarial drug in Asia for decades, so there is long standing knowledge about its effects and side effects. It works because the malaria parasite collects iron from the blood and stores it. The Artemisinin converts the collected iron into a chemical that releases a free radical, which then kills the malaria parasite.
It is one of four compounds derived from the herb Artemisia annua L., also known as sweet wormwood, annual wormwood, or sweet Annie. (It is not the same plant as perennial wormwood.)
Cancer cells also collect and store iron because they need extra iron to replicate DNA when they divide. Therefore, the cancer cells have a higher concentration of iron than normal cells, and can be differentiated from normal cells. Two researchers at the University of Washington in Seattle, Professors Henry Lai, PhD and Narendra Singh, MBBS, began to study the use of Artemisinin in human patients. Then, in l999, working with a vet, they began to study its use in dogs with cancer.
Their experience has confirmed that Artemisinin helps stop the growth of cancer cells in dogs. Numerous anecdotal reports from people using Artemisinin for dogs with osteosarcoma, lymphoma, and metastases from osteosarcoma claim that it has extended their dogs lives beyond what was expected.
Artemisinin has two derivatives: Artesunate, which has a relatively short half-life; and Artemether, which may be a more effective derivative, because it stays in the body longer. It also may be more effective than Artemisinin alone in brain cancers, because it penetrates the blood-brain barrier more readily.
A product called Artemix is available from Wellcare Pharmaceuticals. It contains Artesunate, Artemether, and Artemisinin. The combination capsule may be more effective than Artemisinin alone.
The optimal treatment regimen has still to be determined, and researchers are conducting trials to determine the best combination of derivative form, dosage and timing. In the meantime, the following protocols have been recommended.
Dosage: Initially, Dr Lai recommended a dose of 2.2-4.4mg of Artemisinin per pound of bodyweight. More recently, he has said that it may be preferable to use only Artemether and give it two times a day, 12 hours apart, keeping some in the blood stream at all times.
Dr.Singh believes taking all three forms of Artemisinin at the same time (bedtime) once a day is the most effective treatment protocol.
Dr. Cuoto recommends 6.6-8.8mg Artemisinin per pound.
Holley Pharmaceuticals is recommending up to 11-16mg Artemisinin per pound.
(For kilogram dosages, multiply the dose per pound by 2.2)
Timing: Again, there is some variation in timing. Some people split the dose, giving some in the morning and some before bed. Some give it all just before bed.
There is agreement that Artemisinin should not be given within 3 hours of food containing iron – for example, meat. It may also be better given away from anti-oxidants since it works by creating free radicals that attack the cancer cells, and anti-oxidants are harmful to free radicals.
Giving it with some fat is recommended, but not necessary. Many people disguise the capsules in cream cheese or other dairy product, or peanut butter. If your dog won’t take capsules, it may be emptied into whipped cream or other non-iron containing food. (It is quite bitter tasting.)
Cycling: Herbal remedies are thought to be more effective if they are “cycled” or “pulsed”, that is, given for a certain number of days, and then not given for a certain number of days. It is believed that if the body rests between doses, it will be less likely to build up a resistance to the herb, which will then be more effective for a longer period of time. Artemisinin may be cycled or pulsed by days or weeks.
Examples: One protocol for a 70-pound dog with OS consists of a 100 mg capsule of Artemisinin (Art-E) in the morning, and a capsule of Artemix before bed. This course is followed for two weeks on and then one week off.
A 60-pound dog is given 200mg of Artemisinin in the morning, and 40 mg of Artemether in the evening, 5 days on and 2 days off.
Another dog has been given mega doses one day per week.
Each person needs to determine the amount and frequency of giving Artemisinin and its derivatives to his or her dog, taking into account how the dog responds to the treatment, and other factors. Your holistic or conventional veterinarian or oncologist may be willing to help you with this. (There is contact information in the resources at the end of this article for further individual help, either through email to Dr Lai or Dr Cuoto, or through the BCD members or the Artemisinin yahoo group members.)
When Artemisinin was tested with monkeys, they showed no toxicity after they received up to 292 mg/kg (642 mg/pound) of Artemether over 1 to 3 months.
Animal research has shown neurotoxic results with massive doses of Artemether—150mg/kg/day (330mg/pound).
Generally, at the lower recommended doses of 2-16 mg/pound, there is no reported toxicity.
It is recommended that kidney and liver enzyme levels be monitored though out your dog’s treatment with Artemisinin or other herbal or alternative therapies.
Reported (Oral): Artemisia may cause abdominal pain, bradycardia, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, decreased appetite, flu-like symptoms, fever, and decreased reticulocyte count. (Bradycardia is a resting heart rate of 60 beats or less.)
(BCD: One assumes these oral reports were from humans!)
Radiation releases iron stored in cancer cells into surrounding tissue. Therefore, it is recommended that it be used before radiation treatments, be discontinued during radiation treatments, and not resumed until two months after the last radiation treatment.
Artemisinin was tested in combination with 22 chemotherapy drugs and was found to enhance the drugs’ effectiveness. If used in conjunction with chemotherapy, it should be taken several hours after the chemotherapy treatment ends. (Artemisinin does not alleviate possible chemotherapy side effects.)
Butyrex or Butyrin
May increase the effectiveness of Artemisinin, but there is no certainty of this.
Professor Narenda Singh, MBBS is reported to have developed an instruction page for physicians considering intramuscular injections of Artesunate.
Holley Pharmaceuticals 1-866-846-5539, 714-871-7070
Wellcare Pharmaceuticals 1-877-728-2073
International: A person in Germany was able to reach an International Pharmacy that ordered Artemisinin from: Nutricology
Make sure the Artemisinin product you buy comes from a source that certifies the strength of the dose as there is wide variation in the amount of Artemisinin collected from plant to plant.
As with other complementary or alternative therapies, Artemisinin’s effectiveness is enhanced by a good diet, high in protein and low in carbohydrates. (See files.)
Antioxidants help to clear the body of the waste from Artemisinin’s action on cancer cells. Dr. Singh recommends Vitamin C for its anti-cancer properties, but does not recommend glutathione, which may reduce the efficacy of Artemisinin.
Herb-Drug Interactions
Antacids: Artemisia interferes with antacids, sucralfate, proton pump inhibitors, and histamine-receptor antagonists because it increases the production of stomach acid.
(BCD Note: Many OS dogs are on some form of over-the counter antacid for other medications they are on. You might want to add one if your dog exhibits gastrointestinal symptoms when taking Artemisinin, or if the drug is less effective while the dog is on it. Pepcid AC is well tolerated.)
Antiseizure medications:
According to Dr Lai, after long term use at high doses, Artemisinin increases an enzyme in the body that makes some anti-seizure drugs less effective. He recommends increasing the dose of the anti-seizure drug, if possible, or stopping Artemisinin for several days, and the enzyme levels will return to normal.
(BCD Note: One person using Artemisinin for her seizure grey reports no ill effects from the herb. Consult with your vet if your dog is prone to seizures.)
Dr. Lai; Professor; 206-543-1071; Email:
Questions About Artemisinin: (Dr. Lai’s group); Email:
Dr. Singh; Professor; 206 685 2060; Email:
University of Washing Link to research articles misinin.html
Dr. Cuoto; Veterinarian (Conducting Artemisinin study at Ohio State University, and a friend of Greyhounds); Email:
Yahoo Artemisinin_and_Cancer Support Group
Information about a clinical trial at Ohio State –not necessarily in effect currently, but one might inquire.
Whole Dog Journal;New Hope for Treating Cancer, May 2003
Dr. Singh’s recommendations:
Keep a record of the animal’s weight, before and during therapy;
Diagnostic x-ray or biopsy before and after two months of treatment;
Measurements of maximum and minimum tumor sizes before and after 2 months of therapy;
Observe for fever on 2nd or 3rd day and make a note to give enough water during the night;
Keep Artemisinin in dark, indirect light, and keep in cold – 4 degrees centigrade, or 37 degrees Fahrenheit.
Avoid iron-rich foods such as meat 3 to 4 hours before Artemisinin dose. Make sure dog has an adequate supply of vitamin A D and enough exercise. (Active, healthy, younger dogs are said to do better with the treatment, but older, less active dogs have done well also.)


our baby sister is an Angel

September 12th 2010 11:15 am
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she was on earth and is now with Mica.

God speed lovely one..

we will miss you so..
was, is and FURever will be the ZEN cat..
of all time.

catster # 551171

should you wish to pay your condolences..
her sister Whitney and her person, Mckenna- our big sister, could use your love & support..
she rescued Margo & Whitney from the streets of NY and brought them to oregon..
We wished that she could have had more time, as deserving as she was..

mel, mirra & angel mica


Researching toxic chemicals in everyday products..NOW FUR- PETS!!

September 20th 2009 10:37 pm
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come see this FURiends, and those who LOVE us..

our mom was chemically injured & it changed the way we live FURever..
in many ways it can be a curse, but in many more, a BLESSING.

we look at the world in a new way, and oftentimes, we are thankful FUR what we are careful not to be exposed to. tho we're not here to judge, we can share a little of what we know, and perhaps it will enrich your life too.

way too many learned hard lessons by nefarious ways & means with poisons entering our furry loved ones food supply, and cost lives and broke hearts. some made profits by others losses, and it was a cruel undertaking. if it taught us anything, it was to be informed. being informed in this world is not always the worst way to approach life. it may cost time and PAWhaps money, but hopefully, will pay off in the long run. that knowledge is power is a motto we live by. we don't expect everyone to do as we do or so as we say. it's simply a choice. take it or leave it mates..

at the very least you may learn something new. that can never hurt.
so we decided to share what we came across..
let us know what you think if you want.
all the best,
m, m & angel m


danke shein

July 8th 2009 12:05 pm
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we're writing en mass to say thanks to all the pups & their families who have recently written or sent gifts to us. we always write individually, but of late have been remiss. it is not due to neglect, and we aPAWlogize to any & all who have not heard a word of thanks from us.

with woof,
angel mica, mirra, tpgoo & mel


FDA Approves First Anti-Cancer Drug for Dogs

June 24th 2009 10:12 am
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AKC Canine Health Foundation News Alert

FDA Approves First Anti-Cancer Drug for Dogs [Tuesday, June 23, 2009]

The US Food and Drug Administration has announced the approval for the first
anti-cancer drug created specifically for use in veterinary medicine. The
research efforts to develop Palladia, which is used to treat skin-based mast
cell tumors, was led by Dr. Cheryl London of the Ohio State University
College of Veterinary Medicine.

The AKC Canine Health Foundation began funding mast cell tumor research in
2000 with a grant to Dr. London, then at the University of California,
Davis. Since then, CHF has allocated more than $200,000 in support of mast
cell research. Dr. London's original work studied the biological effects of
c-kit mutations on mast cells, leading to a more detailed understanding of
canine mast cell tumors. This early work provided a framework for the
development of new therapies and disease prevention. Dr. London has also
spent time researching the biology of normal mast cells to provide a
platform for future work investigating the genetic basis of mast cell
disease in dogs.

Dr. Elizabeth Whitley, of Auburn University, has also studied mast cell
tumors. Dr. Whitley's research has focused on the physiology of mast cells,
and working to develop a system for matching tumors with appropriate
treatment to improve treatment success.

Erika Werne
Director of Education, Communications & Club Relations
AKC Canine Health Foundation

The AKC Canine Health Foundation, founded in 1995 by the American Kennel
Club, is the largest nonprofit worldwide to fund health research exclusively
for canines. Our goal is to help dogs live longer, healthier lives. The AKC
Canine Health Foundation is the leader in non-invasive genetic health
research, stem cell research, and biotherapeutics benefiting both canines
and humans. Through the generous financial support of the American Kennel
Club and the Nestlé Purina PetCare Co., we’re proud to announce we have
allocated more than $22 million in canine health research through more than
75 schools and research institutions worldwide.



April 28th 2009 12:42 pm
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PAWlease get involved and help Sto p Puppy Mills in OREGON

Thanks to the actions of advocates, legislation (H.B. 2470) to crack down on puppy mills in Oregon has passed the House by a vote of 46-13 and now awaits action in the Senate. Unfortunately, puppy mill producers are working around the clock to defeat this bill, so it is critical that Oregon senators hear from constituents who support this bill. We are so close to the finish line and your voice could make all the difference!

Puppy mills are large-scale production facilities that churn out puppies for sale in pet stores, over the Internet, and directly to the public. Dogs are treated like cash crops, constantly bred and kept in continuous confinement and horrible conditions. Recent puppy mill raids highlight the need for legislation in Oregon and we now have a chance to make the lives better for dogs at these large-scale operations.

Please take a moment to call your state senator to urge support for H.B. 2470!!!!!!!!!!!!



March 25th 2009 5:21 pm
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Many furry thanks Flicka, Lucas, Angel Cleo & PAM FUR all the wonderful work done on our pages (layouts). You put a lot of HEART in everything you do- but that we can see your HAND here & there around Dogsterland.. makes us smile everytime.

We feel blessed to have your hand IN what we do too, and while we speak on one hand, why not another? may yours heal swiftly & fully, DEAR one. Although my angels, Heavenly & Earth are the sort that never would be considered a problem child, that you put up with their mum speaks volumes about how special you truly are..
Thanks mate.
[i changed it 2 8 & the world is still here]
imagine that

m, m & m


recycling is always a good thing

March 17th 2009 6:28 pm
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we're 'borrowing' this from Sully & Socks, who borrowed it from...
we believe it's a good thing..(to help stop the other thing, that is)

PAWlease, help our ancestral mates.

You Can Help Stop Alaska's Aerial Gunning of Wolves!

March 17th 2009 5:59 pm

Last fall, Ashley Judd helped Defenders of Wildlife expose Governor Palin's efforts to eliminate vital federal protections for America's struggling polar bears. Now, as Governor Palin expands the barbaric aerial slaughter of wolves, Ms. Judd is speaking out once again. "I am outraged by Sarah Palin's promotion of this cruel, unscientific and senseless practice which has no place in modern America," she said to Rodger Schlickeisen, President of Defenders of Wildlife. "I am proud to be a part of Defenders Action Fund's efforts to stop it."

Watch Ashley Judd's new video and please take action today. Governor Palin needs to know that caring people like you from across the nation find her cruel aerial wolf slaughter appalling. Please join me by sending your own message to Governer Palin, urging her to end this brutal practice once and for all. It's fast and easy. The website will show you how.

(Pl ease pass this along to anyone you know who would be interested.)

(Being members of Defenders of Wildlife, we've been fighting this for a long time now, but seeing Lydia's (and other pups' diary entries, we have borrowed it (thank you Lydia) so, hopefully, more people can see it! Sully & Socks)

ditto on members of Defenders of Wildlife..
that is NOT just cut & pasted..


angel mica & mirra


PAWsitively grand ways 2 say thanks

January 8th 2009 11:49 am
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the words THANK YOU can never be overused, but we sometimes wish there was one to go2 that exceeded it, to make sure the recipient knows how special it is intended to be.
we sometimes use art to further that cause.. we don't know what else to do, except repeat ourselves..
*********************************************** *************************************
so we did that with ecollage® "© lovey tree lane"

it shows a group of dogs that deserve an honorable mention, of sorts. we'd like to share the story about why that is, if you wish to know.

ALL those on MICA'S TEAM are PAWticularly special to us!

PAWlease, don't get us wrong.. it's just there are some (actually IF people were allowed, there would be more pictured). that's because some of the mates who belong here don't have any pets.

:( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

they really deserve our attention, because they don't really know how amazing it is to have a furry member of the FURmily, yet they GIVE FUR this cause anyway. in some ways, that is utterly PAWsome, is it not?

we hope that hanging around with us will help them get a furry loved one too. kind of like a shedding phenomenon, only without the fur.

but, this was created to HONOR the mates who not only are card-carrying members of MICA'S TEAM, they have come back, time & again, some.. again, again & again, to DONATE more funds FUR her cause.

******that's WHY we WISH there was a better word FUR THANKS.*******

so we honor them here today.. we hope they won't mind us mentioning them by name. IF they do, just BOL & we'll fix any troubling aspect tout suite.

those pictured are & representing the packs of:

Angel Asena
Angel Sadie & mica's sister Frannie
Angel Killy & Chali -mica's aunt & cousin
Angel Sophie & Hannah the brave
Angel Kiska & Angel Banjo
Angel Max [IMHA]
Angel Pretzel
Angus the warrior [IMHA]
Sully & Socks
& my baby sister

with LOVE & HOPE, FUR awareness & a cure FUR IMHA,
Angel mica-the wonderpup [IMHA/IMTP]

Bless everyFUR & their peeps FUR sure!

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Angel Mica-the


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