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MIA's Time.

We miss you already baby Girl !

February 13th 2010 4:24 am
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My sweet little Mia , God only knows what happend that strange winter day. You went outside to do your business, and we never saw you again .We have walked many miles and called your sweet name untill we are horse. You just vanished ! The whole neighboehood helped us. There are flyers up all over town, all the shelters are watching for you. Baby girl we all love you very very much and miss you more than words can explain ! I pray you are warm feed and safe, where ever you are. We still watch for some sign of you somewhere. Were afraid some bigger animal got you becouse you wouldnt go to anybody but me (momma), if your hurt and lost please please know that i would come get you and fix you if i could !

We all Love you
Momma Cindy, Daddy, Momma Lacy, Brother Luke , and neice and nephew Crissy & Cowboy ! ans your BFF Sally


BOY'S ! !

March 14th 2009 9:07 am
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I just dont know what to do with Luke ! He is spoiled rotten ! Sometimes he says the most embarrising stuff with humans and other furs around ! ! He just dont care ! and if somefur laughs ! OMD boy does he show out then ! Boy i'm hungry again ! ! I am gainning weight and eating everything in sight ? ? Momma say she knows what it is but wont say till we get back from our doctor check up ? hummmmm ? ?


Brother got um !

February 11th 2009 8:41 am
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I miss him sooo bad ! But i can see how happy he is now so i feel much better OOOO Watch out Tucker theres a TREEEE WOW he almost hit a nother tree ! OH NO ! He will be followin me again ! Droppin every stuff on me ! Well thats ok he is my brother and i really do love him but he sure can be a pest at times ! Mia smiles a single tear drops from her eye !


Big Day !

January 31st 2009 3:57 pm
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WOW boy this has been a big day ! We got more fwiends today and momma Lacy got to be somepin she is really proud of. Best day ever since we been here. I wish my brother Tucker could be here to see how happy momma Lacy is. Uncle RandyLane says he can come visit when he gets his wings ! He is probly been rotten is why he aint got um yet. He was never as rotten and hyper as LUKE ! aaaahhgg he is to much. Tony Bull is sweet but i'm fraid Luke is gonna make him rotten as Luke is. LITTLE BROTHERS ! ! ! !



April 18th 2008 9:40 am
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Hi it's me sweet little Mia
My granny calls me that , I love it. Granny was gone to the big doctor for ever and ever but she is at home now boy am I glad to . My momma Lacy was really really sad she wouldnt eat or nothing. We were all scared and very sad but pa-pa said she would be home and now she is and things are better. Granny is still sick but she is getting better & uncle RandyLane said it's becouse efurbody kept on talking to God so he made her better . THANK YOU GOD !!


oooo by my self.

March 1st 2008 7:01 pm
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Hi evfurbody bol bol bol i just made Tucker think momma was commin so he would get down and hide . ha ha bol bol , BOYS !! they are silly ! I see momma and human granny up here all the time , this is my first so i dont know what to bark about but now i can say i did it by myself BOL BOL BOL Hey Tucker found uncle RandyLane, and he's barkin at him i'm goin to play to uncle Randy gets so mad he barks at us but we aint sceered he wont do nothin. He really likes it by-by MIA

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