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December 1st 2012 6:33 pm
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It has been awhile since I wrote in my diary, but I have not felt that good. It my darn old back it has been nothing but trouble. It was so hard to get up and walk. After going to the vet many times he finally thinks he knows what could be wrong with me. A ruptured disk that did not show up on x-ray or a spinal injury that is not showin up. I do not know how I could have any of these problems as I live a pretty safe life.
Oh well, I am on pain meds,steroids, and rest. I seem to be doing better as I am walking somewhat faster and I seem to have more energy. However, I will always have to be careful. No more jumping my human sister has to carry me into car and bed. They will not let me jump anywhere. It does make me mad as I am a independent sort of dog. I believe in doing by myself. I hope I am better by Christmas so I can see my friends in walking group and dog park.


doing good

November 3rd 2012 5:45 pm
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Wow, our weather has been nice. It has been warmer than normal so that is nice. My friend Sammy and I went to dog park and had some fun, we also had a couple of short walks as I can only walk a short distance. I helped mom work outside and that was fun. My back is doing pretty good as it still hurts. Having Sciatica is not fun, and hope it clears up soon.
Oh yes, I am DDP which is a very nice surprise, and I thank Dogster for the nice honor. I hope you all having a good day too



October 31st 2012 5:32 pm
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Hi Furs. I hope everyone is having a Very SAFE day and night. I hope all in the East are recoverying ok. It is Climate Change folks. It is a Very Sad situation! My back is feelin a little better. I hope The East Coast recovers soon. Be Safe and Take Care. Hope your Halloweenis Enjoyable.


Back still bothering me

October 29th 2012 8:05 am
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Well my back is still bothering me. I can not understand why it is not getting better. I got some special halloween treats which tasted mighty tasty. I can hardly wait until the electionisover in 8 days I hope Obama wins it is very scarry. I really do not want the holidays to come it is a very sad time of year with out our momma. I hope Every fur in the way of the big storm is Safe and does not have much damage and electricity stays on. Take cars. I wills ee ya later. we are to get rain on Thursday and Sammy comes that day.



October 28th 2012 9:48 am
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I am back on the computer, it has been messingup again. My back is bothering me. I had to go back to the vet 2 times this week, I have sciatica which is VERY VERY painful! I am on pain meds and have to be on semi rest No hills and only 30 min walks, The meds seem to be helping:) then Have to go back for tests for cushings disease or addisons. Well I can not believe that it is Halloween and little beggers come to the door and beg for candy. when dogs do that we get chased away and ususally get nothing from strangers- why do kids get by with it- and they are so embarressed that they do it they hide behind silly out fits. I wnet to a halloween party it was ok they sold hot dogs for only 1.00, They were very good. Sammy comes back on Thursday for the weekend. I am excited about that. Elections are right around the corner then the holidays which is a very sad time without my momma human. well I got to get going. see ya later. Have a safe day. I hope all the furs on the East coast in the Franinstein storm area are safe and prepared for it. Good Luck and you are in my thoughts.



October 23rd 2012 1:53 pm
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Hi and Happy Tuesday

Today is much less active in the weather department. It is cloudy and windy, but no rain. Everyone is talking about the tornados They spent a whole half hour during the news to talk about the tornados. My human sisters grew up in mid west and colorado so they know all about tornados
The ones in california are not very big. My one human sister and her friend thought it was strange all the time the news spent on the tornados.
The news is still talking about the tornados

My back is still very sore. Sometimes it hurts to much to get up so my human sister helps me, and that is embarassing. My human sister called the vet today, and he is suppose to call, but has not called. She gave him her cell phone number so he could call her if she was at work when he called, but still he has not called. I am tired of being in pain, and hope he can help me.
Well here to tomorrow and lets hope it is a great day
Have a good day



October 22nd 2012 11:29 am
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Well the storm finally came today- Boy did it rain hard which is very good because we Need the rain! Though Rain does ruin my day- I can not go out and play, go on walks or play with friends. When I do go for short walks I get soked! The damp weather does bother my back and my cats RULE the roost will Not help me out. well Not going on , Heard runors of a bye bye Not sure. Waiting for the mail and it is LATE! Silly mail man Nevr count on them being on time anymore! No wonder they are going out of Bussiness Lousy bussiness practices- what will us dogs due with No mail man to bark at! Oh I heard some very scarry news that Michael Vick got a dog- he is one person That should NEVER EVER have a DOG!!! Why would anyone let him have one??? I hope he is nOt cruel to it and some one is watching him.


Back again!

October 21st 2012 9:03 pm
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well the computer is atcing up again! We are finally going to get some rain! I am glad I got to go tothe dog park andplay withe some friends. My back is acting up with this cold weather. Nothing new going on. see ya



October 18th 2012 5:05 pm
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Hello all

It hot again here. The temps are in the upper 80's with a light wind. The wind does not really make it cool. However, it is suppose to rain Monday-Wednesday which will be good.

Sammy went home yesterday day, and Ricki went home today. It is kind of lonely here being the only dog. It was fun when it was Sammy, Ricki and me just have fun together. Our walks were a lot of fun. Today it was just Ricki and me, but we went on a nice walk together. Both dogs were fun to have around. I am sure the cats are very happy as they did not like having Ricki and Sammy around. They liked Ricki more than Sammy,
In a couple of weeks Sammy will return so that will be fun.

Well, I am going to go get ready for dinner and my evening walk. Hope you all have a good day.


Diary 2 fun day

October 17th 2012 7:04 pm
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Hi kids
just trying to keep part of my streak by writing 2 diearies 3 times a week to get 365 days , even though the computer broke and ruined my everyday writing streak. I had to start over.
It is hot 88 degrees , way to hot for this time of year. I get to go to the dog park meeting. hey are usually boring. This time Ricky gets to go with me, so if I get bored I will have some one to keep me company. Sammy t back to his mom, she picked him at 11 am today. I miss the little guy. but he will be back Nov 1 for the weekend and proberly some time for the Holidays. Ricky goes home on Thursday thn it will just be me and the cats. ell i got to go I will see ya laer. this silly computer still has Computer Gremlins.

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